Tea Bags


Ok, so this is my first short story. It’s less than 1500 words, which to me was a challenge.


The early sunlight shone through the glass windows. I neared the spoon to my lips, the hot vapor emanated from it, warning me of impending danger. I slowly blew on the viscous liquid all the while staring at the bananas I had planned to eat, still unpeeled and deliciously ripe, next to the few pieces of toast I had previously prepared.


“Could you pass the salt?” a voice called from the corner of the table.

A hand swooped past me with a salt shaker in his hand. “Here. Could you pass me the ketchup?”

Hands moved to and fro along the periphery of my vision.


This was supposed to be a wonderful morning… “So, what in the hell are you guys doing in my apartment?”

“Your roommate let us in,” Jonathan responded. He had stuffed his mouth with flour tortillas.

“We were bored and thought you might need some cheering up. I’ve got a great—”

“No ideas, the last time we tagged along, I got in deep trouble!” I interrupted Marco.

“This time it’s different,” Jonathan replied. “This time we’re going to the university!”

“University? It’s Saturday! Don’t you guys value weekends?” The oatmeal was hot; I stuck my tongue out in an attempt to lessen the stinging sensation. “I’m not going so you guys can watch chicks all morning long…”

“There will be this cosplay competition…” Marco whispered, his face close to mine.

“And why should I give a damn about guys dressing up as Goku? I’ve got my computer… I really don’t need to go outside.”

“You don’t understand. There will be a cosplay competition at the university…” Jonathan finished his coffee in one gulp. “Isn’t there someone who enjoys these types of hobbies?”


Damn it! He’s right! Angela loved to cosplay. What can I do? If I go, I’d be falling right into Jonathan’s plan, to drag me out of my peaceful apartment; if I don’t, then I might not have a chance to ask Angela out. Do I have the guts to ask her out?


I had a big crush on Angela, a third year engineering student. Though I had asked her out in the past year, all attempts had failed miserably. I was a nervous wreck. She straight out rejected me once, though she immediately complimented my persistence. That was my cue to never give up on her.


“So whatcha say? Today could be your lucky day.” Damn those guys!


Once I had finished eating, I got dressed. They had persuaded me so easily. I was so easy to convince, it was embarrassing.


“So, are we ready to go?” I stepped out of the room with a new shirt.

“Atta boy!” Jonathan snickered.


The campus buzzed with activity. A band called Rotavirus played in the middle of the Central Plaza. All the while people ate, drank, and sat on the benches, chatting without a care in the world. Marco and Jonathan stalked any girl that came our way, it was embarrassing.


A tap on my shoulder made me turn around. An eerie looking mask stared at me, with a dark dress to complement the mood. The girl had a short gothic Lolita dress while the white mask had a cross in the middle. The knife in her hand dripped with blood. Her hands were stained by it.


I looked over my shoulder; the scarlet liquid had stained my new shirt. “It was new,” I sobbed.

“I’m sorry, Pablo!” Quickly taking her mask off, there it was- her beautiful face, those lovely green eyes adorned with a red eye-shadow, well powdered cheeks, crimson red lips and a fragrance of a mildly sweet perfume.

“That’s no prob—”

“Actually, Angela, Pablo would like to ask you out on a date but he’s too much of a pussy to do it personally,” Marco blasted away, like a reckless taxi driver at rush hour.

“Why doesn’t he ask me out personally?” she replied, her arms akimbo, tapping her high heels on the floor. Her jade eyes gazed into mine, unfazed by my attempts at hiding my face from hers.

“He’s really sh—” I shushed Jonathan.

“Don’t listen to them. They’re just pulling your leg… Like they always do.” I looked hard at them.

“Are you sure?” she asked, closing the gap between our bodies.

Damn it.

Angela had a smirk on her face. She was up to something. “I like you but I just don’t go on dates with schmucks so… I’m going to give you a chance to redeem yourself. I’m going to join the cosplay competition and if you join and somehow happen to win, I’ll go on a date with you and forgive that spineless attitude.”


This is gonna be a pain in the ass.


“Oh, fuck me! Male Cosplay Category is full. Now, how in the hell are we gonna get you to join this shit?” Marco argued. It wasn’t going to be easy. “We could kill—”

“Before you say anything stupid, let’s analyze the situation…” Jonathan interrupted.

“Analyze? What is there to analyze? I’ll just turn around, ride the bus home, and sulk all day.” Thinking back on this, it was really stupid. I had no clue how this all worked.

“Well, the Female Cosplay Category is still open.” They both stared at me, rubbing their chins and scratching their heads.

“Oh, no… Don’t you even fucking think about it.” I took a step back. “There is no way I’m dressing up like a girl.”


The reflection in the mirror was not pretty… Or, maybe it was. Long white stocking with frills at the end, above knee height, were adorned with tiny black polka dots; an unattached double-layer JSK dress, the outside layer had a shirred back with lacing up above the waist and black embroidery laces and long black sleeves down to my hands, the inside layer had a X-strap that tied around the neck and a frilly trimmed bottom; beneath that I had a black bell-shaped skirt with embroidered details and white frills; a bloomer, hidden within the skirt, with two small black bows; my cuffs had white frills and a neck ornament made of a black leather-like material, surrounded by a small chain and a small silver cross with a red jewel in the middle, held tightly around my neck. Well, fuck!


“Dude, I’d bang you,” Marco commented. Jonathan shook his head in disapproval.

“I’ll kill you if you say that again…”

“So disturbingly cute…” Jonathan replied.


The girls behind us couldn’t stop giggling. The make-up was still in process and the competition was about to begin.


“Guys, I might not make it on time.”

“Well, fuck-a-doodle doo! You will participate if it’s the last thing I do!” Jonathan walked out of the room. What crazy antics was he up to now?

Marco followed. They returned a few minutes later with a blonde wig, a parasol, a tinted half-moon like lens that covered the upper part of my face, and fake breasts made out of some latex material. I don’t even want to know who they mugged to get this stuff.

“This should help you hide your identity.” Marco gave me the lens. It was more like a sunglass in the shape of a crescent moon with two small pieces at each side to strap on to my ‘bangs’. “As concealed as Batman!”

“Crap… The things I do for love…”


The girls blushed. Did I look that cute? Angela walked up to me. “God! Pablo, what have they done to you! If I hadn’t seen the other two stooges, I swear that you would have been just another girl waiting to compete.”


That didn’t help at all. As a matter of fact, if anybody found out about this, my whole life would be ruined. What would the university newspaper say? I can see it now: Young Man Dresses Up as a Girl to Win a Pageant. My parents would disown me.


I walked in high platform shoes, which made the ruse difficult to pull off. As the winds shifted with the season, so did my skirt. The stage was lit. My slim figure helped me carry on with the charade, but for how long? The girls beside me were beautiful and their costumes so creative. Dressed up as their favorite Japanese animation characters, they posed, smiled, waved their hands, all to obtain those precious votes.


I stood before everyone; Angela neared her lips to my ears and whispered, “tomorrow at ten, near the gas station. Don’t be late.”


“How did it feel to be pretty?” Angela commented.


“It’s been five months since our first date.”

“Time sure does fly… I miss wearing a skirt – no, not really.”

“I can’t believe I lost to a guy,” she scoffed.

“You? What about me? I dressed up as a g—” Before I could finish, her lips crashed into mine.

“A kiss a day keeps the doctor away.” She winked at me.

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