A small prompt written from the perspective of Sophia from my work in-progress: Adagio for Canon. Hope you enjoy it.


The agitated waves swayed the boat to and fro, moving me from side to side as I held on to the floor of the boat. Darkness enshrouds everything around me, only the small lights of the buoys that wobble amidst the mist that now covers the water. The wind continues to batter my unprotected body, holding down on my skirt, hoping that somehow that’ll keep my legs warm. As the boat strides through the salty water, I can still smell the gunpowder and treason.  He told me he would return. I believed him; I believed that little white lie.

He was standing before me; his gaze is engraved in the recesses of my mind. I met his eyes with a strong fervent emotion, trying hard not to break down and cry. The pain is still etched deep inside my chest, beating as loudly as my heart is. The light on the horizon, that bright man-made imitation of divinity’s light, signaled his breaking of a promise. He begged me to go; he promised me peace of mind.

Betrayed by the only person who has ever cared for him, he veered towards suffering and regret. Having everything he’d ever want here with me, he placed his trust in a man whom he once called father.

What did he want from me? If it was trust, he had it. Love? There is no stronger emotion that flows deep within my veins. Did he believe that the light of hope would fade with time? His warm embrace would keep hope burning as bright as it has ever been.

He hugged me, his heart beating in synchronicity with mines, almost like clock-work. His hands were so very soft, product of a life without hardships or pain. The tips of my fingers were cold, but his warm body provided me with more than just warmth. His body provided me with strength. As my lips bid him farewell, we crumbled that wall that divided us. His warm lips were enough to keep me in a daze.

Waving goodbye, I saw it. That drastic metamorphosis in his smile, it was enveloped by remorse. At that moment, time had stopped for me. I knew he would never come back.

Now, as tears keep on running down my cheeks, and empty promises caress my ears, where is the future I had so desperately sought to achieve? Who would have thought that a goodbye could be hidden away in a soft romantic kiss?

It hurts, the pain that runs through my chest, tearing apart my ribs, flooding my eyes, ripping my voice and beseeching me to lie down and die. I can cry no more, but my sobbing seems to carry on like a rampant broken radio. I’m naked to the world for a wound of the heart never heals. Must I see his face in every departing cloud, in every fading light, in every shattered glass and in every dwindling glimmer of hope that strikes this mortal wound with fire and ice?

He said he’d return to me. He promised me a future. All I have now is a ground filled with his blood, a breeze heavy with my cries and a deep sea that swallows the light of the sun as efficiently and mercilessly as a black hole.

“You promised me, you liar.”

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