Fate/Shattered False – Chapter 2: Asian Ambassador


This is part two of the Fanfic. 🙂 enjoy.




The room was quiet, disturbed by the girl’s constant yawns and moans. Apparently, she wasn’t a morning person, her hair was all-over her face. There was still a question that lingered in my mind, what exactly was she? “Hey, I need three things from you, if you’re willing to cooperate with me.”


There are seven classes of servants in the Holy Grail Wars and know who she was would be of great use.


“I am your servant; you need only say the word.” Her voice was soft and sweet, like a little girl’s harmonious singing. There was a slight melodic note to her sentences, almost like poetry.

“First, put some clothes on…” I tossed her a pair of socks, jeans, and a jacket. “Second, what servant class are you? And third, can you detect any other servants in the vicinity?”


She struggled with the clothes, asking from time to time what the button or zipper did. She played around with the jacket, commenting on her it felt so cool on her skin. I tried to maintain a calm mind, repeating over and over again that she wasn’t real, that she transcends reality and shouldn’t be considered a normal human being.


“I’m a Caster servant. As a Caster, I’m able to sense other servants and magi from far away.” She abruptly stopped.


I turned around. She had placed her hand on the glass of the window. With her eyes closed, she muttered something too fast and too low for me to catch on. She turned, grabbing my hand and whispered to my ear, “I can feel them.”


A storm of feathers surrounded us, becoming as thick as a jade mist. As soon as it had appeared, it disappeared, revealing a familiar neighborhood. The buildings were box-like, with a small veranda, three glass windows and light peach colored walls. We were standing in the middle of a basketball court, surrounded by six of these buildings, all of which were four stories tall.


My old jeans was a tight fit, sticking tightly on her buttocks, revealing its form. It was difficult to look the other way. The jacket was the only thing covering her breasts, and even then, she hadn’t buttoned it. Her slightly lightened mocha skin only added to her ancient Mayan background, though, being a deity, she was so different from the painting of the ancient civilization.


I knew very little about Mayan mythology, being enamored with Greek, roman and Egyptian mythology; it would be extremely difficult to devise any strategies.


“Hold on, master. They’re coming,” her voice grew cold, like a warrior stalking it’s pray; she was ready to draw blood.

I was regretting calling her an exotic beauty. She was more of a jaguar – wild and untamed. From atop building number eight, the structure directly infront of us, a fully armored knight landed on his feet, the sword on his right arm had pierce the hard concrete, his boots had cracked the dusty floor, and his face was covered by a helmet with a long red fabric handing from atop. His master appeared from within the building adjacent to us.


“I have no intention to fight you.” She was calm. This was unexpected.

“Tell your servant to sheath his sword!” I replied.


She signaled him, mimicking sheathing an imaginary sword with both hands. Her servant complied. He was a Saber class, probably. They were primarily sword wielders but his armor was Asian, medieval Chinese to be exact. I lacked any knowledge on that culture. This was another disadvantage on my behalf.


“So? Who are you?” she asked, holding a small book in her hands.

“I’m a university student and a master.” Being cautious not to reveal any information, this was all I could respond.

“Geez, why so tense? You’re an amateur right?”


“I’m an amateur too! See.” She showed me her book; it was a cellular biology textbook. “I study medicine at the university; I’m not even a magus.”

“What the hell? And that guy?”

“It’s a long story…”




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