Fate/Shattered False – Chapter 3: The Servants


This is the third part of the Fanfic series. So, without further ado… Chapter 3! Till next week, when I upload Chapter 4.


We entered a small room, the door lock was rusty and the floor was stained with mud. There was a man sitting on a chair, smoking a pipe and reading today’s newspaper, and a strange looking person standing next to the kitchen sink. He held a bible in his hands, flipping delicately through each page, smiling to himself.

“Lucian, look who I found,” she called over to the man on the table.

“My, my, he doesn’t look like a magus.” He peaked from over the newspaper.

“I’m not sure what’s going on here.”

“Yes, well, allow me to introduce myself. They call me, The Count.”

“The Count?” I replied. Kukulkan stood next to me, buttoning her jacket. “Then, you must be a magus and that creepy looking guy is your servant, I presume.” By the looks of it, he must be either an assassin or rider class servant.

The girl walked past me and into one of the bedrooms. The guy standing near the sink stared at me. His body was covered in old tattered pieces of garment. He wore sandals and had a small knife hanging from the left side of his waist. His beard was short and unkempt, as his long hair and his long dirty fingernails. Now, more so than before, I was sure that he was an assassin class servant.

“Now that we are all here, how about we introduce ourselves properly,” The Count commented. “I’m Lucian Brandt and my servant is an Assassin Class Servant.”

“My name is Clare Covington, and my servant is a Saber,” the girl added to the conversation.

“Okay then, I guess it’s my turn. I’m Francisco Cabrera and my servant is a Caster.” I cleaned my glasses with my shirt.

“The odds seem to be in our favor. A saber for close range fighting, a caster for support, and an assassin for traps and sneak attacks,” Lucian added.

The Count explained that he was from Europe, and so was Saber’s former master, before she was murdered. Saber formed a pact with Clare, who happens to be nobody in the magi world. I was born from a normal family with no magical background, whatsoever. When I found on the internet some information on magic seals and the grail wars; I couldn’t wait to become part of such a legendary event. Truth be told, the only expert here was Lucian.

The last grail war took place in Romania, and now here in Guatemala though there was something different about this war. There were two other factions with servants who were fighting for something other than the grail. This grail war was put on hold by the Mage’s Association so as to address this issue.

As the hours passed, new members joined us, namely: Cristina De La Rosa and her rider servant, Abigail Mathews and her archer servant, Pietro Agnoli and his lancer servant and finally, Rudolph Hunter and his berserker servant. They were all prepared to fight each other for the grail, but today, we were to investigate the other two factions. After this was over, the seventh grail war could proceed.

Everyone was fighting for the Holy Grail. The Grail was an artifact of mystical, if not, divine properties that could grant you any wish. This artifact would not materialize into the real world unless six of the seven servants had been defeated.

“What have I gotten myself into, this time?”


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