Adagio for Canon – Chapter 3 (Fragment)

Another fragment, this is from chapter 3, enjoy!



Michelle’s home covered a whole block; pretty impressive, not to mention it was three stories tall, overlooking the Macal River that ran alongside the town and beneath the oldest bridge in the district of Cayo. Amidst the many homes in the colony, the Langley’s home was the grandest; constantly surrounded by guards and an endless array of security measures. Getting past the front door had always been a pain, even for a member of the ruling house.



Her room, undisturbed, even amidst the strict security measures employed by her family. She preferred peace over constant observation, much to her father’s dismay.



Built around a tall mahogany tree, the room was never without leaves or the fresh smell of vegetation. The tree’s roots were buried beneath the surface, submerged in a crystalline pool filled with a wide variety of exotic fish. She’d normally sit near the edge, feeding the fish or admiring the grand beauty of the tree.



“Michelle? May I come in?” I called for her outside the door.

“Come in.” Her voice was weak.


I hope she’s okay.


As I opened the door to her room, a wheelchair came into view. Her slender figure leaned next to it, mesmerized by the rippling of the water.


“What’s with the wheelchair? Are you okay?” She had always been weak and sickly.

“I had a mishap the other day, nothing to worry about.”

“A mishap?”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not very often you come and visit me, besides, you seem to be in a worst condition.” She called me over to her side.

“Me? It’s just a few cuts and bruises.”

“That’s my excuse! You look as if you’ve wrestled a lion! What happened to you?”



I sat down next to her and explained everything. She made me promise to never do that again. Sadly enough, I’ve never been able to keep my promises; especially to the people I love.



“Father asked about you.” She had a grin on her face.

“What did he ask?” Her father had rarely spoken to me, except for one or two occasions in the past.

“He asked…” She cleared her throat and deepened her voice, “when’s my son-in-law going to have a nice chat with me? I haven’t seen him in a while. “

“Your father is definitely a bit strange,” I said.

“Plenty strange if you ask me.” She smiled.

“Your father just wants the best for you.”

“He wants me to get married soon before I—”

“Don’t even say it!” I quickly rose to my feet.

“But, you know it’s true. I’ve never been a strong person.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“I’ve been taking my medications.” She tried to keep a strong front, even if her own weakness discouraged her from time to time, “I have it under control, and in a month or so I’ll take part in an experimental procedure in Guatemala City.”

“That’s great!”

“—but I’m scared. I’m scared of carrying this curse for the rest of my life.”



She had inherited a burden and has shouldered it ever since childhood. Every year, her body became weaker and ever so fragile. As ephemeral as the glimmer of a star, that’s how she described her life.



“Father didn’t mean to burden me.” She played with her copper locks all the while staring into my eyes. She was quite lovely; it was a shame that our union was more of a business venture than a deep emotion.

“You’ll be okay, besides, I’m here to protect you, aren’t I?”

“Yes, you are,” she tied her hair into a ponytail.

“Now, allow me to carry you to bed. You need to rest.”

“Rest? Are you my fiancé or my brother?” She giggled. Somehow that felt as an accomplishment; her smile meant the world to me.

“A little bit of both.”

“Do you love me?” She stopped me in my tracks “I love you. Even if we can’t form a family, I will still love you,” she said.

“I hope you get better.” I ignored her completely.

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