Fate/Shattered False – Chapter 4: The Axe and the Swords


Here it is! Fanfic #4! Right on time, as usual! 😀 Enjoy.


“Christina, do you know this place?” Rudolph looked around for a familiar landmark. “Everything looks the same, God how I miss Canada.”

“Shush, I can’t detect anyone if you’re talking.”

“You’ve been at it for half an hour…”

She waved him off. “I am an exorcist, not a magus.”

“Geez, lighten up a little.”

“I can’t, one false move could mean the end of us.” She placed both middle and index fingers on the ground.

Cristina De La Rosa was an exorcist from Spain, though she was quite able to detect servants in their spiritual form, finding a magus was a whole new ball game. Rudolph Hunter was magus, though after living in Canada for so long, his skills were mostly crystal-based and sealing spells.

They were deep in Zone 1 of the city, a place plagued by robbers, prostitutes and people involved in illegal activities. Death was a common occurrence in this zone, not to mention kidnappings. Here is where a trio of masters would normally hang out.

“There, I can see the servants. There is an Assassin, a Caster and a Berserker. Esto no sera facil.”

“Could you repeat that last line, Miss Cristina?”

“I said that it would not be easy,” She scoffed. “Aren’t you bilingual?”

“Yes, English and French, thank you very much.”

“So, what’s the plan?”

“I can handle that team’s Berserker, but seeing that a Caster servant is weak against close combat and an Assassin servant is in a disadvantage when faced head on, I’d say we’re evenly matched.”

“Ok, I’ll drag them out of that bar.” Cristina took out a few pages from what looked like an old bible. Saying a few words, the pages turned into sharp spears.  “Lanzas de la Divina Escritura!”

The spears flew through the windows, but their Berserker was able to block them all. Now that they had their attention, all that was left was to fight them. Three men wearing boots came out, their command seals were in the strangest of places: rather than in their hands they had a seal in a gun, a rosary and a belt buckle. They looked like drug traffickers, also known as Narcos around these places.

“Who is stupid enough to try and attack us in plain daylight?” One of the men called out. He wore a cowboy hat, two long pointed boots; a big belt buckle with a bull design, a dark shade and a golden rosary where he had his command seal. “Come Berserker, show’em who’s boss. Pinches putos.”

“What did he say?” Rudolph asked.

Cristina looked at him and smiled. “He called you gay.”

“Well, he’s mine. Damn son-of-a-bitch. Come forth, Berserker!” Rudolph shouted.  A large man, probably two stories tall appeared, wearing black lumber jack clothing, a blue fur coat, two large horns on his head, a bull’s skull on his left arm and a giant ax on this right arm. “This is where the fairytale ends and the terror begins!”

On the other side, a being materialized; he was tall, by normal human standards, wearing iron armor with fur pieces at the extremities. He had no helmet, his hair growing down to his shoulders, and a large sword on each hand.

The golden-rosary-wearing Narco walked into the middle of the street. “I will be merciful, run away or Beowulf will slaughter you all with his bare hands.”

“How stupid can this guy get? He told us the name of his own servant.”

“I know, Rudloph, be very careful. That’s Beowulf, meaning he’s not going to be easy.”

“Yeah, I have to look out for Nægling and Hrunting, the famous swords he used in the past to defeat the ogre Grendel.”

Beowulf rushed at Rudolph, his Berserker interceded. His swords crashed into Berserker’s ax. Berserker pushed Beowulf back with a powerful swing, forcing his master to call upon his servant’s Reality Marble. “Go, Beowulf, use Heorot!

Flames surrounded Beowulf, expanding and changing the street and surrounding sidewalks into a large hall. A vast variety of plates and cups lay on the floor; tables, walls, and a large throne at the end of the hall, this was Heorot. There on the throne was Beowulf with a large crown over his head and a cup of wine in one hand.

“Greetings, my brethren.” Beowulf invited us over. “Let us have a feast, may your blood be the wine to fill my cup and your flesh, the meat to fill my plate.”

“Why is he so intelligent? A Berserker isn’t as clever as other servants. They lose IQ for strength, endurance and power.” Rudolph took a few steps back as Berserker covered him.

“This is the power of Heorot! It grants my Berserker, for a limited time, a class change from a Berserker to a Saber.”

Rudolph had a big grin on his face. This was going to be a challenge. Oh, well, it’s time to get down to business! “Go, Berserker!”

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