They Call Him Luck



Something I made on my spare time… Anyone up for a simple romantic short story?


There I stood, amidst waves of expensive looking scents and echoes of fancy music, bombarding my five senses. Everyone was well dressed, tuxedos and delicately decorated dresses. Wine glasses in hand and extravagant conversations on every lip and ears. Diamond rings in most fingers, gold necklaces and silver pendants; everything glimmering under the light of the chandelier. The host was giving out intricate boxes filled with elaborately adorned sweets.


The stares of the people, as I walked in, were a heavy burden upon my self-esteem. Looking down at my sneakers, all the way to my black jeans pants and my sleeveless black shirt, nothing about me was elegant. I looked at my wrist watch, it was eight past seven, too early to be walking home.


“I can’t believe no one said anything!” I shouted over the phone, Elizabeth laughed. She told me to be here at seven sharp, but she never explained what sort of party this was. “You told me that this was going to be a small reunion!”

“Relax. Besides, Eunice asked me to invite you. She’s the birthday girl, you know.” I imagined the sly look on her face.

“Eunice is nowhere to be found and I’m getting paranoid with all the nasty stares these people are shooting at me.”

“It’s a high-class party, what else was supposed to happen?”

“You knew this was going to happen? Then why didn’t you give me the heads up!”

“Does it even matter? Why are you so agitated? Eunice wants you there, that’s all that matters.”


I flipped the phone and placed it in my pocket. She really needs to pay for this. For now, I need to find Eunice and get the hell out of here. These people don’t like me; I can feel their stares looking down at me as if I was a stray dog. I was, wasn’t I? A dog that had wandered off into a place where he was not welcomed, Eunice wouldn’t understand this.


I sighed, looking for an exit; I stumbled into a dark hallway. Searching for a door, I found a pathway into a garden. The smell of roses and mayflowers filled the air. Lemon bushes and Ixtabay flowers enticed the already established scent into a festival of luxurious fragrances. I could hear the sound of pouring water, falling upon a deep reservoir, well, that was what I gathered.


Beauty sat near its surface, weeping in solitude. An elegant pink dress tucked between her legs, adorned with frills and tiny crystals. She quickly turned to face me, our eyes met.


“Eunice?” I whispered.

“Peter?” She replied.

“What are you doing?”

“You came.” Her smile was as bright as the rising sun, adorned by her glossy lips and powdered cheeks.

“Of course I did, why wouldn’t I?” That was a lie. “What are you doing here? Isn’t this your birthday?”

“It was. Father isn’t’ here, I have no one to dance with.”

“You mean, like a chamberlain?”

“Yeah, well sort of.”

“Can’t you find one?”

“I just did.” Her eyes shone with such optimism. “Peter, can you dance just one song with me?”


She hit me with the fastest curve ball anybody has used. The chamberlain would dance in the middle of the ceremony, surrounded by the guests, with the birthday girl. Everyone’s eyes would be on us. My stomach started hurting, my ulcers were acting up.


“I can’t, I’m gonna break down in a nervous sweat.”

“Please, do it for me.” She extended her hand. A small white glove with floral decorations adorned her smooth skin. Elizabeth planned this!

“All right.” Damn it, she knew I’d say yes.


She took off one of her rings and laid it on my hand. She placed one finger on her lips and shushed me. What was she thinking? I can’t be a chamberlain, I’m sorry.


“I’m no good. Look at me; I’m not even dressed for the occasion.”

“You are enough. You’ve always been enough. Trust me; you are the only thing that made me happy. I don’t really care about the gifts, but if you would allow me to indulge on one selfish pleasure, then let it be a dance with you.”

“Then, go out with me. If I don’t mess anything up and if you don’t mind your guests laughing at you.”

“Let’s call this our first date, our first dance and the ring is your first gift.”

“You’re one crazy chick.”

“And you’re one lucky tiger.” She winked.


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  1. calliehunter says:

    As usual. I love your descriptions! Lovely work, Mr Chantal.

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