Adagio for Canon – Chapter 4 (Fragment)

Another fragment from my work-in-progress: Adagio for Canon.


The early morning sunlight managed to filter through the brown closed curtains, much to my dismay.  My head was still spinning from last night’s awful migraine. My eyelids were heavy and the only thing in my mind was returning to sleep. I was determined that nothing would get me to wake up.


Everything was so still. Everyone must have left the room; finally able to enjoy a little alone time, in contrast to the events of last night. Anastasia wouldn’t leave me alone for a second and Sophia wouldn’t let me fall asleep. Was I in such a bad shape?


As I moved my arms around, I felt something soft, warm and smooth with my right hand. Perplexed by what it could be, I continued to feel around till a hand gripped mines.


“If you go any lower I will kick you off the bed.” I instantly opened my eyes, only to meet Sophia’s gaze and a mischievous smirk on her face.


She wasn’t upset; it was more of a serious expression with a hint of surprised amusement. I quickly rolled to my side and slipped off the bed. There, on the floor, questions ran through my mind. How did she get there and when? What had I just touched?


She rolled over to where I lay and looked down at me. “Good morning! How was your night?”

“When did you invade my bed? And how long have you been awake?”

She smiled, sat up and wrapped the bed sheet around her slender body. “Don’t worry, I just woke up. I felt someone touching my waist.”



I rubbed my eyes, everything had happened so fast.



“You little pervert,” she whispered, tossed the bed sheet over to a side and walked up to the window, “you collapsed yesterday. Anastasia and I dragged you to your bed. You were trembling! We thought you had a fever.”

“That’s never happened to me before. Wait, what do you mean ‘dragged’ me?”

“I was up all night watching over you.” She tied the curtains and opened the windows. A gentle breeze filled the room.

“When did you fall asleep?”

“I’m not sure. All I did was close my eyes for a minute.” She was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday.



I sank back into my pillow. She kept on talking.



“The morning is so beautiful and I feel like doing something fun! You know? Like going downtown—”

“How about we stay inside and go out tomorrow? I told my friends I’d meet them down by the old mall.” I could hear her walking all over the room. “I need to rest, I’m still pretty exhausted.”



She sat down on the edge of the bed. “We have so much to talk about.”

“Yes! We do. Now go and freshen up, you need to relax a bit. After all, you watched over me all night long.”



She got up and moved towards the window, turned around and smiled. Her dress danced with the passing breeze. “Okay, so would you give me a chance to change?”

I looked up, the frills in her dress swayed with the passing wind.  “What?”

She pointed at the door. “The guest room is occupied, Anastasia is still sleeping, and I never change in the bathroom.”

“Are you serious?” I buried my head beneath the pillow.

“Or I’ll tell Anastasia that you wanted to sneak a peak of me changing.” Her face was full of mischief as she tapped her boots repeatedly on the wooden floor. That twinkle in her eye made me realize that she was up to something.


I grabbed my pillow and shuffled out of the room. Leaning against the door, slowly, I was falling asleep when a familiar ring awakened me. The door opened, falling back on the floor. Sophia quickly took a step back. “I presume this is yours.” My cell phone was on her hand. She tossed it on my stomach, pushed me out and closed the door.



Alex? Is that you?

I yawned and replied, yes, it’s me. What’s with the early morning call, Sam?

You sound so worn out.

Tell me about it.

Are you free today? Richard says that we should go to that new game place downtown.

I yawned again, I’d love to, but I’ve got a visitor who just won’t leave me alone.


It’s an old acquaintance but thanks to her; I wasn’t able to wake up properly.

Oh… I see, well, you go get’em tiger.

Wait! It isn’t like that! But too late, Samantha had already hung up.


I got up, still drowsy, trying to fully awaken. Anastasia came by with a tray and on it, two cups of coffee. “Here brother, drink the one on the right, it’s stronger.”


I thanked her for it, and took a sip. The smell of coffee, early in the morning, was one of life’s tiny pleasures.


“Where’s Sophia?” She asked.

“Her? She’s in the room.  Somehow she managed to kick me out.” I replied.

“She hasn’t changed one bit.” she giggled.

“I’m not sure, I don’t remember much.”

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