Fate/Shattered False – Chapter 5: Miss Rider



Ok, as promised, a new fanfic chapter. 😀



Her rosy cheeks emerged from within her veil. It was semi-transparent and adorned with a red floral pattern. She was naked, hidden beneath said material. Kneeling down to reach for a tiny coin, her red hair emerged from her slightly covered body; the Narcos on the opposite side of the street gazed in amazement.


“Look at her! She is the last woman your eyes shall gaze upon!” Christina shouted.


Both men laughed. Tossing the beer bottles they had in hand; shattering on the floor, spilling their contents and covering the ground in brittle shards as one of the men took out a golden revolver. His magical seal was on that revolver.


“Listen here; there are two of us and only one of you. How in the fuck do you expect to win?” He puffed smoke from his dry pealing lips.

“I guess she wants to get some of this.” His companion grabbed his belt buckle, insinuating something more, to which Christian looked away in disgust. “Miss, I hope you enjoy our company after this.”


His command seal was on his belt buckle.


Christina giggled. “Wow, two hairy, fat men trying to seduce me. Well, this looks more like an attempt at rape. I don’t really care who you are, you’re playing in the big leagues now.”


Rider’s eyes gazed at them and their servants. They could see an ocean of peace and beauty in the reflective blue of her stare. Everyone knows well to heed the warning of the ocean; it can be a cruel mistress. She wrapped her veil around her chest, covering the uppermost part of her body. A big white horse appeared from the ground in a bright flash of light, adorned in sterling silver armor and a golden girdle.


On the other side, the Assassin servant took out a crossbow and a small saber. Holding on to his hat, he jumped over to a side, preparing himself for evasive maneuvers. His long black hair became visible from beneath his dirty old leather coat. The Caster servant stepped a few feet infront of this masters. His body was wrapped in bandages, with pieces of gold covering his shins, shoulders, waist and a dog-like mask over his head. With a small golden scepter, he called forth snakes from the ground.

“I’m not stupid to miss that! Never in my life did I ever think I’d meet Imhotep on the field of battle. Not only is he here but he’s my opponent!” Christina whispered.

Rider looked at her and smiled. “This is becoming rather difficult, is it not?”

“Yes. Very difficult.”


The snakes on the ground merged into a large cobra, striking Rider. She evaded its poisonous bite, kicking its head with the horse’s rear legs. As she stomped on the remaining snakes, Assassin fired a volley of arrows. “Bare Loyalty!Rider’s veil shone in a scarlet light, transforming into twin red wings. She blocked the arrows with them; absorbed them, her wings had a blood-like consistency, and finally fired them back with a crimson bow tied to them. Each arrow exploded on contact.


The Narcos took out their guns and fired at Christiana. Rider’s wings protected her. Imhotep summoned one coffin as he shouted at them – Kheredu-ankh! A being covered in bandages appeared. Christina looked in horror as the being revealed its body. It was… Christina’s deceased fiancé! He wore an Egyptian armor, a shield with a snake insignia and a golden sickle. That ‘mummy’ attacked Rider, as she barely escaped his swing. Christian was reluctant to attack.


“You bastards! How dare you desecrate a deceased human?” She shouted.

“Like what we do with servants?” One of the Narcos replied.

“Madre Santisima, you are a hypocrite.” The other Narco added.

“Well then, if I’m a hypocrite, then allow me to be direct with you.” She used projection magic to create a sword, handing it over to Rider. Rider galloped towards Assassin, who had stealthily positioned himself behind a light post as he fired his arrows in fast sequence.


Imhotep ordered his mummy to attack Rider. Christina took a step backwards. Did she have the strength to see her beloved die, once again?

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