Ne Pleure Pas: Shifting Sands – Part 1



“Rick!” That voice was familiar, like a long lost memory.

“Rick!” That can’t be right…



I turned around. She stood there in the middle of the parking lot, looking beautiful as always. My coworkers and friends shot me puzzled stares. They were confused and at the same time expecting an explanation. What alibi can I give them? I have no idea what’s going on.


Slowly, I made my way into the building, past the reception desk and the guards. Out the front door, I could see her standing on her toes, in an attempt to find me. Her shoes made her look so much taller than how she usually is. Those tight jeans pants, I don’t remember it but her light blue shirt was nostalgic, it was a Christmas present.


The parking lot became longer, each step was being weighted down by gravity’s sudden pull, and my body became entangled with a deep feeling of anxiety. She noticed me, quickly turning toward me. What should I do? Greet her normally? Formally? Or should I… No, it’s too late for that.



“It’s Richard now.” I interrupted her. I kissed her cheek, she blushed.

“That was uncalled for.” she replied.

“I really have no idea how to greet you, but how about we get down to business.”


“So, what do you need me for?”

“You make it sound as if I came back to ask you a favor.”

“You didn’t come back to reconsider my proposition, then it must be something else. Am I being conscripted again?”

“We need you, Rick.”

“We? Who’s we? The military? Kraft? The General? Because I’m pretty sure it’s not you.”

“Don’t make my job any more difficult than it already is—“

I turned around and started walking away. “I’ll make it easier for you. I refuse, bye-bye.”


She grabbed my hand before I could get away. Soft and warm, I remember it well. The memories imprinted in my skin awakened, every cell vibrated with ecstasy and every nerve impulse struck my brain even harder than before.


“I don’t expect you to believe me, but I placed the world before me and you. I knew that we wouldn’t be in peace if ‘this’ wasn’t finished off for good. You must know how much I must have cried, all alone in my bed, unable to sleep, hoping that you’d reconsider.” She placed a card inside my back pocket. “You know me better than anyone. There is a blue home I want to protect, a place not only for you and me. Reconsider, and when you do, give us a call.”


Give them a call. It’s all so simple. Work always came before her own desires. There was a constant yearning to look into her beautiful golden eyes and behold a deep unyielding feeling of love and desire. I know that flame is still there. Yet, her will is so strong that she was able to lock her feelings inside a steel cage of obligation and responsibility.


“You want me to pilot that ‘thing’ again?”  I shouted.

She turned around and waved. “No. I want you to be with me.”


That’s a bit too much to ask of me. I promised I’d never touch my old partner again. We did what we had to do; we finished the job and retired. That was one year ago. Working at a Call Center was all I could do for now, but inside every heartbeat, there still echoes the desire to feel the trigger in my hand and the adrenaline rush of eliminating my opponents.


“Fuck this shit.”


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