Fate/Shattered False – Chapter 6: They Call it The Blues


It’s Fanfic sunday again! 😀 Here is the latest addition to the Fate/Shattered Universe. Enjoy.



Berserker swung his axe, throwing Beowulf over to a side, tossing golden plates and cups on the ground. As Beowulf got on his legs, he swiftly dodged the second swing of Berserker’s axe and struck. Berserker fell to his knees. Amidst such a calamity, Rudolph stood there emotionless. Raising one hand he commanded Berserker to get on his feet and counter-attack. Berserk, once again, swung his axe, missing Beowulf completely but this time he proceeded to kicking him immediately. His foot struck his opponent in the face, flinging him all the way to the golden throne.


“You may have become a Saber, but that only means that your strength and resistance has gone down a few levels from that of a Berserker.” Rudolph commented. “Let’s seal this battle for good. Berserker, now use your Noble Phantasm… Babe!”


The earth began to shake as blue flames sprouted from the ground. The flames danced around Berserker till it eventually materialized into a gigantic blue bull, or was it an Ox? At that moment, Berserker grabbed a lamp post and bent it into a U shape, placing it below the bull’s neck, like a girdle. As he readied his Axe, the bull rushed towards Beowulf. Both horns shattered Beowulf’s armor, piercing his flesh, tossing him out of his very own Reality Marble and into the cold concrete.


“Hijo de—“

“Sorry, I’m bilingual but only because I know French and English. You’d better get your act together, or this next blow will most certainly kill you both!” Rudolph interrupted him.


The Narco grabbed his gun and aimed it at Rudolph who proceeded to impaling him with crystalline shards. As his body fell lifelessly into the ground, Beowulf looked up at Berserker and said his final words: “Well done, warrior, well done… Keep safe, we shall meet again someday.” With this, his body disappeared into tiny particles of light.



One of Rider’s crimson wings transformed into a big arm, grabbing the mummy in mid-air, smashing him into the ground; Christina looked away. As Assassin fired a barrage of arrows, Rider’s other wing absorbed the arrows and fired them at Imhotep. Cobras came forth from his left arm, blocking each and every arrow. Assassin climbed the light post, jumping from atop, Imhotep summoned his mummy again.


“Damn it, if I block Assassin, the Mummy will get me but if I block the Mummy, Assassin will surely incapacitate Rider.” She bit her lip.

A voice shouted from behind her, “Block Assassin!”


A great blue bull swept the Mummy into submission with its powerful hooves. Rider’s wings grabbed Assassin and tossed him into a building. No sooner had they recovered than they disappeared, their masters were nowhere to be found. They were probably using their servants as decoys. Ignorant bastards.


“Did we beat them?” Christina commented.

“Only Berserker…” Rudolph sat on the sidewalk.

“I was unable to defend myself from a Caster and an Assassin class servant.”

“Don’t worry about it, two against one isn’t fair. Plus, Imhotep… You faced off against Imhotep. That’s pretty impressive.”

“And you defeated Beowulf.”

“Nah, we’re both great.”


They laughed. The battle had proceeded as planned, though defeating a servant was not on the list.


“I hope the others are still alive.” Christina looked at Rider who smiled and disappeared along with her steed. She placed both hands together and prayed for the soul of her lover. “Rest in peace, love.”

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