Ne Pleure Pas: Shifting Sands – Part 2


Ok, this is the second chapter of Ne Pleure Pas. It’s a Sci-fi story, not a fanfic (just clearing that up). Ok, I hope you enjoy it and comment on it. 😀


The alarm clock started ringing. It was 4:45 in the morning, time to get ready for work. I sighed; the monotony of it all was something I had yet to grow accustomed to. It was only a year ago that I was running for dear life, living the rush of never knowing if tomorrow I would be alive. Adrenaline coursing through my veins, pain inhibiting my senses, everything covered in red and the cold surface of steel. God, I miss those days.

Nowadays, I work a full-time job at a Call Center and study in the afternoons. It’s nothing too difficult, compared to where I worked before. Why is she still working for Kraft? They should have disbanded by now. She would be living with her parents; a quiet life.

My cellphone started ringing. An unknown number; someone truly wanted to bother me today.

“Hello, this is Richard.” I held the phone close to my ear, hoping to hear her voice once more.

“ExTS-00789, long time no see.” The voice replied.

“General McCain, I didn’t expect you to call me personally. To what do I owe this honor?”

“You know why I called you.”

“Don’t you have other lackeys to shove ar—“

“There is no one, they are all either dead or have deserted.”

“Well then, I guess I’m a deserter too.”

“You’re the closest and the best option we have, son.”

“Oh, I see. Now, after a year of silence, you send Charlotte to fetch me.”

“If things weren’t dire, we would have never even tried to call you back.”

“Well, find someone else—“

“You have twenty-four hours son, meet me across the street from where you work.”

The phone clicked. Damn him! He pops out of nowhere and demands me to return. I miss it, but I’m nobody’s lap dog.

Checking my drawer for that ‘thing’ I used a few months ago, I placed it inside my pocket and walked out of the apartment. The sun was not out yet. The trees swayed to and fro, battered by a cold early morning breeze. The moon was still out, peeking from a distance, as clouds streaked by. I still can’t believe it’s been a year now…


“Son, you’ve been selected to form part of a top secret experiment.” The man was probably in his mid-fifties, his face was well shaved, his gray hair was neatly trimmed and his eyes were adorned by the after effects of a lack of sleep.

“Or so I was told. What is it anyway? Is it my blood? Do I have something? Am I sick?” I asked. What did a military officer want with me if I was not a threat to the general public? I was probably infected with something and this is his way of saying that I’d be quarantined.

“Son, it’s not something in your blood, it’s something here.” He pointed at his head. “You’ve got something interesting inside your brain and we need it.”

“Are you going to cut me up?” I was growing uneasy.

“No, we are going to use your brainwaves to our advantage. There is something sick moving along the shadows. Something grotesque and dark, you’ll understand better if you see it yourself.” He stood and walked to the door. “Come with me, let’s meet experiment 0.”


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