A Tiny Preview! Experimental, Though.


This is a fragment piece of a chapter I’m writing. I hope it works as well as I imagined it would. I promise it’s very important to the plot so don’t fret. 😀



She looked away, her face was still flustered. His body over hers, holding both her hands against the mattress; fingers laced together. She swallowed hard, her heart beating faster and faster; submerged in a sea of uncertainty, engulfed in a wind of ecstasy.


“Don’t look at me, please. It’s embarrassing.” She closed her eyes.

“You’re so beautiful; I envy the man who shall lie with you ‘til the end of days.” Viktor kissed her cheek. She turned her face to him. “I’m truly envious.” His voice was soft.


Her Golden Fleece slid off her rosy skin exposing her young face and delicate shoulders. With a gentle stroke, he uncovered her soft skin, as her locks fell upon the sheets, adorning the surface of the bed. Viktor kissed her soft lips, sliding his down her chin and neck till he felt the soft silk of her dress. Caressing her skin, he loosed his grip on her hands and started unbuttoning her dress. She reached out, touching his face with the lightest of contact. Her eyes stared into his mask. This masked man had seduced her beyond what anyone had previously tried to achieve.


“How do you do it?” She asked.

“Do what?” He uncovered her slender figure. Her body moving slowly to the rhythm of an erratic breathing; shallow breaths at the sight of his deep blue yes, deep breaths at the sight of his long jet-black hair.

She held her breath as a slight chill ran down her back. “How do you win a maiden’s heart?”


Running his finger down her chest, obstructed by the front hook of her bra, he lowered his face to hers, sliding his mask to a side, kissing her lips. She gave in to his demands. Exposed, she covered her chest with both arms, beckoning him to stop yet unwilling to maintain her own demands.


“I’m so scared,” she whispered.

“Of what?” He replied.

She laced her fingers together, thwarting his advances. “Of showing you something I had promised no man would ever see.”


He slowly kissed her fingers as she slowly loosened her grip. She gently ran her fingers through his hair. Lightly, he traced around her small breasts as she turned her face away. Her mind was racing, like a fast-forwarded home movie. Echoes of desires filled the recesses of her mind.


The scent of strawberries flooded the room. The slight glimmer of candlelight produced a myriad of shadows, each telling a different story; each protruding from their mind’s thirst for more. They sand a lullaby as she gazed at them. He softly kissed her breast, slowly nearing her nipple, gently caressing the other breast with the tip of his fingers.


She stretched her body, exhaling deeply. A moan escaped her, quickly closing her mouth, embarrassed by something so revealing of her vulnerability before a man she desired. He slid his lips, slowly, down her body, stroking her bellybutton with the tip of his tongue. She closed her mouth, promising to not repeat ‘that’ again.


She closed her eyes, hoping he wouldn’t go any lower. Trying to control her heavy breathing, consumed with ecstasy, she grabbed on to the bed sheets. As his movements sank below her womb, she grabbed his hair.


“Please, don’t. Don’t go any lower.” Her eyes, widely awake, agitated. “Not yet. I cannot let you indulge on something that is so precious to me.”


She could not see his expressions, but somehow an image of a grin filled her imagination. There was something so familiar about the way he moved his head, his grip, and the way his lips played with her body. There was something that emanated from his pores, like an intoxicating scent she could not get enough of.


A small silver cross lay flat on her chest. The gloss on her lips still lingered and the sweet fragrance that once permeated from her clothes now overwhelmed his senses. Pulling her legs together in a tight grip, she gradually traced her finger along the scarlet cross depicted on his white mask. What lay behind this persona? He pulled away, denying her the rights to know. She turned around; he grabbed her arms, and kissed the nape of her neck. She squealed as she felt his hand on her buttocks, quickly relaxing her body to his whims. Is this what they call ‘giving in’? 


One Comment Add yours

  1. calliehunter says:

    I know this chapter 😛 Love it. You’ve managed to nail it, in my opinion. Very much in her head, explaining her emotional and physical response without dwelling on the physical element – which puts me off sex scenes that do this.

    You’re awesome. Love it. Can’t wait for more.

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