Ne Pleure Pas: Shifting Sands – Part 3


Here it is! Finally! 😀 Another chapter… enjoy!


A man sat alone inside his white padded cell; his arms, legs and neck bound by thick chains holding him stationary to the middle of the room. From his back protruded eight large blackened cylindrical tube-like appendages. His hair, shaggy and unkempt, his eyes glaring at the bulletproof glass; he snarled, showing two rows of metallic teeth.

“What is that thing?” I asked, as the general ordered that the man be put to sleep.

“That is experiment O, son. He’s something we like to call a Noir.” The general brought a book with a compilation of photos from other specimens.

“Noir? Are they… ummmm, mutants or something?”

“It’s still unknown what they are. We do know that they are born from a virus that selectively infects its prey. Their body crystalizes into metal, and they become, in simpler terms, living weapons.”

“Like some X-men story?”

“Exactly, except they thirst for blood and death. Their brain is rewired.”

Was this some sort of anime shit? Called for some checkup, enlisted in some secret military unit and what next? I looked around, as scientists walked to and fro with top military officials and politicians. What would they ask me to do?

“So, what was this thing about my mind? What do you want to do with my brain?” After seeing how they treated that thing, I started fearing for my own well-being.

“No. Your brainwaves are the only things capable of synchronizing with an anti-Noir system we have implemented. We make our move before they make theirs.”

“How exactly does that work?”

“Son, let’s meet Experiment 002.”

Walking down a darkened corridor we reach a door. Z-26, the door opened after scanning the general’s fingerprints. Inside lay a young girl, sleeping peacefully on a small white bed, barren of any sheets or covers. Her skin was as white as snow; her hair was of pure white, and she wasn’t very tall, judging from her size on the bed. Like a living Barbie doll, she seemed so delicate.

The general called her out, “Neige… Wake up now. You have a visitor.”

She slowly opened her eyes, sat up and yawned; all the while stretching her body. Her small pink lips twisted as she grumbled. Her hair was a mess.

“Son, her name is Niege and she’s going to be your partner, if you choose to join the cause.”

“Is she one of them?” I asked.

“Yes and no. She was artificially made to have a perfect symbiosis with the virus.”

“So, how do I come in to the picture? Are you going to turn me into one of those things?”

The girl giggled. “You’re no good; too weak, too fragile.”

Her small body seemed so fragile; never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that a little girl like her would be able to break me in half whenever she wanted. Combing her hair, she jumped off her bed, grabbed her slippers and walked towards me. She gazed into my eyes and kissed my cheek.

“My name is X-002, but you can call me by my code name: Niege,” she said. “I don’t know what the outside world is. You’re my guide now.”

“Sir, I don’t understand…” I asked the general, he immediately presented me with an ID card.

“She’s staying with you for the time being. We require a complete synchronization before we explain anything further.”

“What happens if we don’t synchronize?”

“She’ll erase your mind.”

“Now, let’s go outside where she can show you what her ‘abilities’ are.”


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