Nanowrimo Day 1



So, it has begun! I’ve written my first 2006 words, carefully planned and meticulously divided time all into a compact Microsoft  Word document… Yes, I know… There has to be some proof of this, right? Well, here you go! The first piece of my Nanowrimo Project: The Everlasting Rondo.


Canis Minor was a conundrum of paths, streets, roads and corners. Having lost his way, he heard something. It was very far away, but his ears had never deceived him; cries for help. What should he do? Call for backup? Wait for hi supervisor? These people would never understand what it means to be helpless. He made a run for it, transforming in mid rush. His body, elongated and soon covered with a coffee brown fur beneath his body and a dark chocolate hue on his back and snout; his ears shifting, pointed and standing tall; his furry tail, swishing to and fro, preserving his balance; only heaven knows what will happen next, because he sure as hell didn’t have a plan.


Standing atop a ramshackle old five story building, he observed them. This wasn’t good, a pack of mobsters from the Hyena Clan. He had dealt with them before, no; it was way before that incident too. His mother was killed by the Rex Fang members who desired absolute control of their neighborhood. People stood up to them, his mother and father included. Sadly, there are always casualties in war, and his mother was one of them. Her fellow co-workers, Doggies of the same childhood, turned their back to his family, leaving him to fend on his own. The world desires nothing of a stray dog.


This isn’t an easy situation. Hyenas have a fearsome bite to go with their keen sense of smell. Being atop the building, he had eluded their sense of smell with the low lying smog falling from Canis Major. They had cornered a girl, though his eyes couldn’t quite see who she was. Probably a Doggie as myself; those bastards never pick on someone their own size. Never giving his actions a second thought, he jumped. Falling atop one of the mobsters, leaving him lying on the floor, defenseless and stunned. He snarled at the Rex Fan members.


“Look here, you mutt. This is Rex business, so get your ass out of my sight before I turn your low grade dog meat into an all you can eat buffet.” The guy was tall, dark skin hidden away by his expensive-looking suit, and a hat covering the dark shades that shielded his eyes. “Mutt, I don’t want to go rough on you, but I’ve been thirsting blood for a while now.”

“Mr. Familiaris, I’m sorry to give you trouble, but it would be wise if you left. I don’t want anybody getting hurt because of my mistakes.” A hand fan covered her face, as she peeked from a side. Looking at the crest drawn on the paper, a heart shaped flame; he knew immediately who she was. “Mr. Familiaris, I don’t know how life works around here and I’m scared but prepared to face my just punishment.”


What was she talking about? She was obviously from the Zerda Clan. They were the priests and priestesses of the Nine Path Religion. Foxes whose strict discipline involved meditation, chastity, fasting and rituals.


“You’re a priestess, am I right?” Kayleb asked the young girl.

“Yes, I am.” She promptly replied.

“Then, allow me to escort you back to your temple.”

“You mustn’t do that, Mr. Famili— ”

“Call me Kayleb. Too many formalities make me feel awkward and out of place.”


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