Nanowrimo Day 6!


Okay, so far, 12,000 words have been written. That’s 12,000 of the 50,000 goal. Yes, I’ve been absent for a while now. So, before you grow impatient, here goes… Fragment number two of The Everlasting Rondo.


Renardine couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing! Large clouds of smoke filling the sky, bathing the ground in flames and screams. Her ears could pick up screams and cries for help. Her smell was dulled by the scent of death and fear. What was going on? John dragged her down the stairs.

“What’s going on?” Renardine asked. Her fingers were cold as ice.

“It’s nothing you should concern yourself with.” He replied.

“John! You clearly are filled with fear, I can smell it. Now, how should I not concern myself with this?”

He sighed. “It’s nothing…”

“John! Tell me!”

“The members of Canis Minor have started an uprising. They are marching into the city as we speak.”

“What? How come?”

“The Familiaris and Hyenas are spearheading this insurgency. Now, let’s get you to somewhere safe.”

She could smell something different. It was acid, no, it was sour. Treachery? Treason, perhaps? It was emanating from him. Deadly intent, yes, he was planning something against her. She pushed him away. He stood still, never once did he try to look into her eyes. They were filled with guilt.

“What are you going to do to me?” Renardine asked.

“We need to preserve your bloodline and ensure that there will be successors.” He stared at the three copper tails that adorned her figure. “You’ll breed with one of us and ensure the purity of the race.”

“No! I won’t allow that!”

“It’s not a choice.”

“I’ve imprinted someone. If I must breed with someone, then it’ll be him! It’ll be Kayleb!”

“That mutt?”

She closed her eyes and screamed out, “He’s not a mutt!”

Her mind invaded his. John fell on the ground, screaming in pain. Renardine was dealing out extreme mental torture to the person who had tainted Kayleb’s reputation. She probed for information and noticed something. The Dirus Clan, a clan of mercenary wolf creatures, had been contracted to kill the entire Outer Rim Operations squad. How could he do such a thing? I must warn them! She transformed into her fox form, leaving everything behind, running out the front door; past blood covered wolves, growling dogs, brawling hyenas, running coyotes and fleeing jackals. She needed to stop the Dirus Clan from doing anything rash. She could buy them and if her money wasn’t enough, then her body would have to do.

Flames sprouting from windows, fallen debris on a ground filled with blood, ash and death. Her smell went berserk. Renardine needed to find him with the gift she had hated for so long. The so called ‘miracle’ everyone called Divine Unity. Her mind needed to find him amidst the great pool of consciousness that enveloped reality. She was pretty young but there was one person she could find even if she’d been stripped of her senses, and that was Kayleb. For years, she’d astral project into his dreams, that’s where she saw it… a memory of a past before his own existence ever came to be. A white medical bed, a girl and a pocket filled with chocolate bars.

She shook off those images, and continued rummaging for something that could give away his location. His mind was in chaos, there was something bad happening. Fear and regret, surprise and relief, these conflicting emotions surged through her mind and down her spine. What happened? I can’t read him! 


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