Nanowrimo: Day 9!


So, this is day nine of Nanowrimo… I’m proud to announce that I’m 13,000 words so far into the project. Here is a fragment of the second story in The Everlasting Rondo. It’s still undedited (fellow nanowrimoers will understand).


As I closed the car door, I noticed something was amiss. Was I with someone, or was it all a dreaming? My overactive imagination would always take the best of me but this time I swore someone had caressed my hand. Somehow, I had managed to fall sleep beneath the pine trees that adorned the university campus. The scent of a cold morning beckoned me to return to sleep.

Shaken by a strange dream, I awoke from my slumber. It was a cold morning; too cold for someone like me. The idea of a warm cup of coffee was tempting enough as it is but my bed called me to her bosom. Reminding myself why I had to awaken, my cellphone sounded. Falling asleep in class was one than, but sleeping before even reaching class, that required skill.

Shaking the tiny branches off my jacket, I finally found the day to use my mittens and scarf. It was chilly; the wind brought a cold draft into any location even as the sun tried to warm the earth. Falling from the mountains, this cold would not dissipate that easily. Taking baby steps, I stepped inside the classroom. Only half an hour left, being tardy was a natural ability I was born with. The images of the dream are all blurry and fading fast… Being with tails and teeth, eyes that glow with ferocious intensity, running in a forest unlike my own, being chased by these teeth; it was a nightmare.

“So? Who was she? How did she look like?” The girl’s eyes followed my every expression.

“Ummmmm, let’s see what I can remember… Tall, around my height, extremely long hair—”

“What do you mean by extremely?” She interrupted me. “Like longer than usual or longer than it should be?”

“Like, if she kept it untied, it would drag on the floor.”

She giggled. “That’s long!”

After giving her the full set of descriptions she flicked by nose with her long slender fingers and laughed. I didn’t see the humor in it. Taking out her phone, she showed me a picture she had taken a few days ago. It was her, a couple of our friends and a girl!

“Everything you’ve told me describes her to a certain extent.” She moved through the pictures, showing me a video. “She’s really shy.”

“Who is she? A friend of yours?” I was intrigued.

“No, she’s the new kid. She transferred over from someone place in Europe. Maybe it’s destiny?”

“Maybe you’ve been reading too many romantic novels.”

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