Nanowrimo: Day 9.8!


Okay, the final fragment for the present part of my story…  15,803 words so far! Still going strong! 😀 Like I said before… it’s still unedited. Just typed and never looked back.


The crystal clear water flooded his shoes as she advanced through the shallow edge of the river. Asenneth would hide near a small cavern near a water purifying facility. She found tiny quartz crystals adorning the roof the cave; it became her secret base. Grabbing his pocket flashlight, he shone on the inside of the cold hole near the cliff. The twinkling of the crystals reminded him of a beautiful night sky, probably that’s why she enjoyed this place so much. Like the vibrant crystalline glass-like floor of her home and her glimmering skin, it reminded her of the place where she was born.


His body was cold. How could she stand this temperature? Her slender body would not be capable of taking this. Asenneth’s race was strange; so delicate, so beautiful, so intelligent and strange, yet they were inferior in so many aspects. They had very little emotional attachment to things and beings, unable to find the deeper meaning of a relationship yet they instinctly knew what they should do with it. Was it genetics? The moment they touched Earth we were scared, baffled, surprised but above all: attracted. They were humans.


The silence of this mysterious cave was enough proof that his beloved was not here. He waddled through the water and mud, eventually reaching the outside world. If she’s not here, then Kindsworth must know where she is. He grabbed a hold of himself; ideas of finding her body in some gutter flooded his mind. Asenneth was a strong person. Not only was she Aeonean but she was brought up on the Earth. She had the purity of a beautiful race and the determination and strength of our barbarian race; she’s strong, even if she doesn’t look a year above seventeen.


Aging was another mystery of that race. When Ioseph first met her, she looked like a nine years old, but in fact, she was fourteen. It was strange to find someone that looked so young and yet, her mental age was years beyond his. They were a race where maturity was a fact of life, no nonsense, straight facts and beliefs. He walked along the riverbed, in hopes that he would not be found, when all of a sudden the Tesseract turned on. Her Tesseract reacts to me?


Analyzing genetic make-up…




Match Found: 2.



In light of these recent events, your DNA has been added to the OS as a means of authority and accessibility. This genetic material was obtained from the tissue of the entity growing within the body of Asenneth. DNA analysis complete. Welcome to the interstellar compendium Oracle 6745, modified for Earth usage.


“What the hell?” Ioseph take a closer look at the Tesseract. “Did you say you took tissue from my baby!”

“Genetic material lingering within her blood.” Oracle replied.

“What in the world? You’re sentient?”

“My program is in the learning process through observation of subjects one and two’s everyday life.”

“You mean me and Asenneth.”

“Correct. How may I assist you today?”


He scratched his head. What could he do with Asenneth’s Tesseract? It was supposed to be like a large library or a journal of sorts. He gazed at its deep blue crystalline surface. Would it be alright if he took a brief look at Asenneth’s inner most thoughts? I won’t intrude, well, not for long at least. “Show me archives up to a year.”



Found: 9


1st January 2017

14th February 2017

10th May 2017

28th June 2017

29th June 2017

10th September 2017

15th September 2017

21st September 2017

17th October 2017

Videos: 1

12th November 2017

Sound: 2

18th July 2017

24 August 2017

“There are so many files! Let’s see… Oracle, show me file: 1st January 2017.” He slowed his pace; it would take some time to reach Kindsworth’s shop.

“Accessing… Expanding.” A large burst of light revealed a massive hologram with letters floating around. It was a letter to her father.

Father, I’m in need of your help. Ioseph asked me something today… What is love? What is that emotion? Have you ever felt it? Is it normal for your race to feel such a thing? A desire to belong to someone and at the same time to be your own person? To choose another being before yourself, to fight, to deceive, to grieve and laugh for another whom you consider an equal. To be sure about sharing your DNA and giving birth to a being with your own body, like a kangaroo or a dog. Is it natural? Is it normal? Have I ever been in love? I have so many question, father. Please, replay as soon as possible.

He could believe it. She was struggling with a simple emotion, something that on Earth was as common as the rain and the blue sky. Was the idea of love so alien to them? She must have been in pain for her to ask for her father’s aid. Asenneth was fiercely independent.


“Okay, show me File: 14th February 2017.”



The sheer number of colors scents and sounds… It’s amazing. Everywhere: love, love, love. I have yet to comprehend this emotion but it’s becoming clearer with each passing minute. A unity of heart and soul, it’s a bond that fixates the physical and the spiritual. It’s amazing what Earth people believe in and how much they believe in it. It’s not just amazing, it’s contagious. My heart beats faster, my legs begin to shake, I become light headed and all I long for is his touch.


“She was going through this and she didn’t tell me.” He sighed. “It’s impressive how strong she is but it appears that even this has limits.”

“Shall I precede sir?”

“Proceed? To do what?”

“To continue with the other files.”

“Show me Sound File: 18th July 2017.”


“Honey, what are you doing?”

“Honey? As in that viscous material produced by the Earth bee?”

“No, it’s a form of expressing something of admiration and love to your significant other.”

“Like a nickname?”

“A cute nickname.”

“Strange, but why honey?”

“Because it’s sweet? In the past, honey was very expensive.”

“So, I’m sweet and expensive?”

“No, you’re sweet, cute and valuable.”

She giggled. “Why are you so caring today?”

“Am I not this way every day?”

“Well, yes, but today you’re too sweet.”

“Should I be sour?”

“Like a lemon?”

“Like a grouchy old man?”

“Is being sour another nickname?”

“It was a nickname I made up just now.”

“That’s strange.” There was a sound of a kiss. “You don’t taste sour.”

“I’m delicious, baby.”


“It’s a nickname… I won’t explain anymore.”

“You’re too Ztir.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m not explaining that either.”

“I remember that. She was opening up to me. It was a strange 360 degree change on her part, from being slightly distant to a total sweetheart. What happened? It must be in one of those earlier archives.” He hid the Tesseract at the sound of sirens and Hid behind some bushes. At this pace, he would be unable to reach her in time. He needed to speed up his pace.

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