Magia -II-


Here is part II! 😀


The Mopan River was flowing as wild and untamed as ever. Sitting near a fallen tree on the river bank, Carlota covered her body to prevent any outburst from the creature. Just as Mrs. Pinto had instructed her, she brought the stuff along, hiding the rum bottle, tobacco and a comb inside her jacket. The coin was inside one of her pockets; El Duende wasn’t someone to be taken lightly.

“To have such a beauty in my presence, this should be interesting.” A voice echoed inside her head. “Tell me, Carlota, what do you want? It is not normal for someone to come looking for me. It usually is the other way around.”

“I have a few questions, if you’re willing to answer.” Moonlight shone on her slender figure, illuminating her hazel eyes. “I have nothing to give in return; it would only be if you are feeling charitable today.”

“Give me a kiss and we have a deal.”

She hesitated. Mrs. Pinto had warned her about that. The moment he gets his thumbless hands around you, your body belongs to him. “How about you tell me what I need to know, and you’ll have more than just a kiss.” She opened her jacket down to her cleavage. Take the bait. Take the bait. Take the bait.

“Okay, ask…”

“A three headed black dog with a serpent tail. What is that thing?”

“It’s the manifestation of evil and ill will. It hunts specific persons under the disguise of El Cadejo. It’s just a hollow being created by someone.”

“Okay, next question: Magia, Obeah, Voodoo or Goozzoo?”

“One question, one kiss.”

“Okay, sure.” She neared him.

As the tiny being wrapped his arms around her, he combusted; dropping on the floor, spinning around and around, till the flames had disappeared. He stood, after a while, grabbed his big straw hat and glared. Carlota knew what would come next.

“You aren’t human.”

“Or course I am.”

“Then, why is Lucifer’s mark on your soul?”

“My great grandfather made a deal with the devil, in exchange for the power to make the impossible, possible.”

“And what has that got to do with… Wait… I get it now. He used his family as a form of mortgage.”

“Not quite. He placed the soul of the first born of the fifth generation as compensation. I’m the third generation.” She blew a raspberry at him. “So, I’ve gotten what I need. Get back or you’ll be dealing with someone greater than you.”


“Here, knock yourself out.” She gave him the rum bottle, tobacco and comb. “It’s no fun being all alone and having nothing to do.”

The night was almost over. The scent of Ixtabay flowers filling the night with a sweet perfume as tiny pink petals dance to the rhythm of the cold evening breeze, showered with light from the full moon. It was a beautiful night… Too beautiful, it was an excellent moment to go and do a small visit. After all, she was late anyway. Her mother would still be pissed.

He lay on the ground, just next to the old public library near River Side Street. A large being in deep slumber, his body was a shadow bound by a large chain. Carlota neared him, rubbing his nose with her soft palms. He opened his eyes, staring at her hand.

“Your touch soothes my spirit,” he commented.

“I’m glad you’re okay, Negro,” she replied.

“What do you want of me?” He snarled. “I’m frustrated as it is.”

“He’s being grouchy…” A voice called from over her shoulder. “Someone is using his name to spread panic, after all.”

“Blanco, what are you doing here?” She rubbed his nose too

“Wondering what happened to El Duende. I saw the flames from afar.”

“Yeah, he tried something funny with me.”

Negro scoffed. “Duende never learns.”

“Have you seen that three headed dog, Blanco?” Carlota picked up a stone, playing with it. “Mrs. Pinto has no idea what it could be.”

“He reeks of hatred,” Blanco replied.

“Fear and ill will,” Negro added.

Their words still echo in her mind. Ill will and hatred… Tomorrow was the first day of November and the peak of the full moon’s power of the spirits. Mr. Punjab’s coin was still in her pocket but tomorrow would be a day of preparation. The night will bring deathly machinations into being, especially for a young Bruja as herself. A sudden rumbling startled her as the light bulbs on the light posts systematically began to explode. Sparks flying in the darkness of the night as the shadows enveloped her.

A loud snarling alerted her. He just couldn’t resist seeing a lonely damsel in the middle of the night. Carlota turned around to meet a creature’s gaze. Three heads with multiple eyes, like a spider, and a tail with a snake’s head at the end. She could feel it, it wasn’t Magia.

“Hey there, doggie! Where is your master? No dog is without a master.” She started retreating, slowly, without once giving her back to the creature. “Do you know how to fetch?”

The dog growled. “I see, then… Fetch!” She tossed a large stick filled with special natural herbs. The creature gasped and turned around. She ran as fast as she could to her home. Does it know where I live? Things were getting serious; this was a head on assault. No skirmish is without casualties… Her leg was injured. The snake shot something at her. The smell of the goo flowing out of the wound was putrid, like that of a corpse. I see, now I’m one step closer to deciphering who you really are Doggie!


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