Nanowrimo: Day 16!

Okay, another piece of the story I’m writing… Tired… I need some rest… It might have some grammatical errors (can’t stop to edit).


She yawned. The gentle movements of the machine kept her from fully awakening. To and fro, swaying like a boat. There wasn’t much she could see, the pilot of the suit had those privileges but by the feel of the gentle elevation she knew the terrain had changed.

“Where are we going?”

“To find your family,” Alessandro’s voice had become cold. Icy words filled her ears.

“But, they’re inside the city. We’re outside, I can feel it.”

“I’ve gotten a message from them that they evacuated successfully to some place just outside the perimeter of the northern Crossbard Automaton Base.”

She maintained her silence for a while but curiosity overwhelmed her. “Why are you acting so cold?”

“Because a 17 year old girl seems to know stuff that even a seasoned military officer fails to know. Who are you? Are you really who you say you are?”

“It’s nothing like that. I just have a condition.”

“I’m all ears.”

She sank into her seat. Where to begin? There was so much she wanted to tell him. Convincing herself that Alessandro didn’t need to know the details, she started down a road of revelations. This was the first time she had opened up to anyone.

“Do you know about the Chernobyl Psionic Institute?” She played with her fingers while she continued, taking his silence as a no. “It’s a laboratory where the Ruthenians do psychic research.”

“Are you talking about the card-reading psychics or the moving-objects-with-their-minds psychics?”

“I’m talking about foresight, psychokenesis, pyrokenesis, cryokenesis, astral projection and all those forms of ‘special’ abilities.”

“Okay, I’m following.”

“I was kept inside a room, within the perimeter of the research facility, for psionic amplification. When I was little… I could see into future.”

She still remembers the smell of latex, its texture on her skin. It makes her shiver in fear. The pain of needles, piercing her skin several times a day; cold tubes inserted into her body, filled with substances that made her sick; cables connected to her head, electrical shocks when results were not met; pills that made her vomit and feel woozy all day long, all to regulate her cerebral waves and constant impregnations to force her to produce psychic offspring. Patricia was thirteen when she was first inseminated, she aborted. The second time she went through the same procedure, she had a still birth. After the fall of the Ruthenian to the Socialist Party, she was freed, that was three years ago.

The many apparatuses inserted into her body still linger deep within her skin, causing pain and inflammation. She had to take her pills every other day of the week, holding her own if she forgot once or twice a week, but more than that could have serious psionic backlash. Watching the future came at a prize: her body was weak, and future sight caused her internal hemorrhages in the upper nasal cavity that if left unchecked could kill her.

Holding a small piece of cloth close to her nose, she kept on explaining what she was. Patricia was a manufactured psychic. She was unable to have any babies due to malpractice and she suffered from memory loss if she used her ‘gift’ too often.


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