Nanowrimo: Day 23.9!


Okay, here’s another piece. Like before, there are tons of grammar mistakes but as a Nanowrimoer, there is no looking back and just write on till the time is up. Remember, this is for my novel: The Everlasting Rondo.


Turning around and round, he swung her with a might force, tossing her up into the air. She spun around till she grabbed on to the roof. Steading her pace, she walked up to the tiny creature. A small blob, or that’s what she wanted to call him, with three large gems for eyes and a mouth filled with diamond-like teeth. Staring at the creature, it hissed. She smiled and hissed back. The creature giggled its eyes, shifting it along its gooey purple body, and hissing back. She did the same, hissing at it, all the while lifting her arms.


She tried not to get distracted; little devils were difficult to deal with. She opened her mouth wide, lifting her arms even higher, all the while hissing at it. The creature swelled up to a size twice her own and opened its mouth filled with sharp teeth. Gobbling her whole, the creature turned around and smiled.


“Joan! Joan! Stop teasing and slay it!” Francis shouted from over the sidewalk. “That creature uses sleeping gas to keep its prey from escaping its body!”


A large white blade pierced through the top of the creature, slicing it right through the middle. A large cloud of purple gas escaped, turning the creature into a pile of ooze. She slid down the roof and into Francis’ arms, both falling on the concrete. Sticky and smelly, her body was covered in goo.


“There are devils that can’t be played with…” piggybacked her all the way home. Then night was dark, the moon had been hidden way from their sight by darkened clouds. “It’s going to rain soon.”

“Brother… I feel so sleepy and numb… Talk to me, I’ll just take a little nap…” Joan replied. Her eyes slowly closing, her arms became lighter. “You’re… quiet.” She yawned.

“You play around too much. That thing is small but it’s very capable of swallowing us whole.”

She neared her face to him. It was warm, too warm; she had always been warm even when she was scared to the core. There was no other reason for her to use her ‘gift’. “But… I have you.”

“Perfect excuse, no?” He sighed, but still, she was his sister. He couldn’t stay angry with her for long.


Francis tiptoed to their rooms and placed her on the top bunk. A bunk bed, how quaint, he thought to himself. He kissed her forehead as she turned around and got a hold of her stuffed penguin.  He climbed down and lay on his bed, unable to sleep. Twenty devils in a week, things were getting pretty hectic. He even considered the thought of going out hunting without his sister. God know what would happen to him if she received any sort of injury from hunting devils. Their parent’s would bury him alive. He wasn’t crazy enough to deal with them, especially their mother.


Saying his final prayers, he turned around and hugged his pillow. What would happen if she injured herself in some hunting expedition? A big brother’s job was to keep their younger siblings safe, even if he was older only for a few seconds.


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