Zero Hour


A short story… Might use it in a future work of fiction.



<— Experiment 009 —>


The pain was unbearably, as he sat close to a freezer inside an old abandoned Wal-Mart store. The smell of ‘clean’ fresh cool air was something he had been missing for the past three days. His head was heavy, his muscles ached, his body was pretty banged up; things had gone from bad to worse, it appears.


He traced along the reddened-inflamed edges of his ‘wound’. Staples and sutures, it was all bound with mechanical precision. It hurt; a deep burning sensation within the flesh as his insides wriggled, churned and irradiated pain. Traces of blood stained his white shirt, something he had scavenged a few minutes ago. Something was not right.


Last thing he remembers was going to a party. Things got blurry after that. The streets are empty, where is everyone? For how long had he been out? The hospital he had come out of was empty too, save for a few loud banging here and there. Bloody stains filled the walls and pools of coagulated fluids filled the floor. Wal-Mart was no exception to the bloodbath that had transpired.


He picked up a Lipton Ice Tea bottle and slowly pressed the large cut that ran down from his neck to his lower intestines. It provided some relief, but what he needed now was to take a few painkillers and something to eat, before that. Images of a zombie invasion or aliens with tendrils ripping people apart came to mind; too many late-night movies and not enough to do in the apartment.


He sniffed, it was an intoxicating fragrance. The sort of fragrance that would make you drive for miles till you had some, or the sort of smell that gets you aroused if the girl next to you tries to wink at you.What is this feeling? Is it hunger? Do I need to eat or is it desire; do I need to have it?


A girl walked in, she seemed pretty lost, searching each isle for something. He dragged my weakened body and hit behind the counter, sneaking a peak. Her hair was short, very short, the type he’d never date, jet-black, like someone rubbed charcoal on it, tight jeans pants, what appears to be a leather jacket around her body and… a shotgun?I’ve played those games before, she’s gonna try and use my body for food or something.


Too scared to eat or to flee, he stooped low. As she came nearer to my position, he could admire her body. The girl was tall, probably taller than him, not bad for a heartless cannibal.I love tall girls. Trying to move around, he stepped on some aluminum foil. She immediately turned around and shot, he ran for it. The pain had disappeared, in-fact, he felt so full of energy and strength.


Admiring this new found physical state, he hadn’t realized that she had prepared an ambush. His last moments were pretty darn impressive, jumping in-front of her as the shot gun fired at point blank range straight into his chest. He was flung a few feet from her location. His heart stopped beating.


<— Alexia —>


Holding the shotgun tightly in her hands, she couldn’t stop from trembling; another close call from those monstrosities. It’s been a month since they appeared: creatures from nightmares that consume the human population. She marveled at this one, though. He was around her age, his skin was not yet decomposed, his teeth were normal, not like a sharks at all, and the huge gash running down his body seemed pretty old. The clamps were encrusted with old blood stains.


“I’m so sorry but I pray you will be in God’s mercy today.” She genuflected. “Please forgive me; I only did it to protect myself.”


His body started shaking.Isn’t he dead?They need to lose enough blood to die, yet his wounds were healing. His veins became prominent on the surface of his skin, the large gash healed in an instant, burning through the clamps and sutures. He suddenly opened his eyes; they were golden, unlike the green hue she had grown accustomed to. She didn’t know if shooting was a right option.Point blank didn’t kill him, then what will?


“Stand back, I can smell them.” His words distorted by the loud growling of other creatures. “Hide behind the counter and cling well to that gun.”

She ran, jumping over the counter. “Who or what are you?”

“I don’t remember, but I feel my body knows.”


His legs became inverted, like legs of a chicken; his skin became silvery like steel, reflecting the artificial light from the roof fixtures. His toes fused into a single appendage. Two large blades sprouted from the heel of his feet and an even large blade sprouted from where his toes should have been. He ran straight for them. She peeked from the counter.


She saw something beyond what she had come to terms with: he moved at blinding speeds, creating the sound of a horse’s gallop, swinging his feet in mid-air, chopping their limps and finalizing with a high jump kick, slicing their heads clean off their shoulders. He had reflexes of a cat but those blades were as sharp as a scalpel.


As soon as he had finished the monsters off, bullets rained from outside the windows. Soldiers? Yes, five of them! The boy gazed at them as the bullets found their home within his body. After the barrage had ended, his body spit out each bullet. His healing rate was ridiculously high! Letting out a piercing scream, his left arm was ripped apart by five silvery tendrils that sprouted from deep within his shoulder. Jumping at the soldiers, his ‘organic’ knives pierced all five soldiers at once. She hid once again deep within the counter.


“I hope he doesn’t do that to me.” She whispered to herself. “What is he? He kills Menos and people.” Peeking again, he had disappeared.


A loud scream pierced the silence once more.


“Oh God, who is he after now?” Peaking again, she let out a loud scream. She gazed into the eyes of the being. “Don’t kill me. I have three little sisters, two cats and a dog I need to take care of.” She whimpered.


He neared her, smelling her hair, sniffing around her neck and cleavage.


“Please, you can do whatever you want, just let me live. I need to get back to them. They need me, and I can’t live without them.” Tears fell from her eyes. He grabbed his head, shaking violently for a few second and fell on the floor. His body reverted to its normal state. “Thank you.”


He didn’t respond.


She slowly tapped him on the shoulder and still he wouldn’t react. “Wait, am I going to have to drag your ass all the way to my house?” Gazing at the clock, it was seven minutes past six, the sun was about to set soon. “Bloody great, you know, you should have stayed like that… Mr. I’m-scary-but-then-I-fall-and-became-a-big-wimp! Damn it…”


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