Mayflowers and Summer Rain


A short for those who are aching to see something new.


The sunset is beautiful as the waves crash into the sea wall, spraying a light salty mist unto star-crossed lovers. She held on to his arm, as if destiny were trying to rip them apart, he smiled. Memories of yesterday still linger, ripping the insides of his cranium, rotting away his mind. In the end, she is the most precious thing to him, and losing her would mean the end of his world.


They met at an old farm, deep within the rural district. It was snowing yellow, as Mayflower petals fell from the trees. The soft breeze played with her short skirt while her hair gathered yellow. She kept plucking each flower blossom, hoping to gather enough to bring back home.


Standing on a small stool, trying to grab a hold of a low lying branch, she slipped. Echoes of silence, screams drowned by a mute reaction to the oblivious, she fell into his arms. Not tall, average, brown eyes, chocolate hair, soft hands yet colder than ice, his body supported her weight; gravity brought souls closer than destiny ever did.


A small shower, silvery-crystal clear drops falling upon yellow flakes, summer loves romance. They hid beneath the grand tree; its branches extending over them, protecting them under a false green roof. He embraced her, she huddled close to him. They said nothing, but time spoke on their behalf. For 157 days, they’ve smiled, laughed and talked, now their communication had transcended the need for words.


Now she stands close to him, the ocean spray gently filling her skin with tiny drops of salt and despair. Her tears were very much like the sea, yet very soon, she would forget this suffering. He gazed into her eyes, a distance that soon became nonexistent, lips caught up in the passion of the moment. Tears filled his eyes.

“I promised you freedom, and I will keep it.” He said, wiping away her tears.

“A fate crueler than death, I can’t call that freedom.” Passing her fingers through his hair, she smiled. “It’s torture. The cruelest form of torture.”

“I’m sorry, it’s time to wake up.”

She pulled away, but his grip was too strong. Crying she asked him to stop. He muttered something she was unable to make out… Everything turned dark. A deep mist that ravaged her past.


“Hello, are you here to admire the sea too?” A girl inquired, her small hazel eyes looked in astonishment at his tears. “Were you crying?”

“I’m sorry. I was going to meet someone here, she loved this spot.”

“I take it things didn’t work out?”

“No, they actually worked out the way I had planned.”

“How sad.”

“She said that the ocean painted a portrait of an endless sky, till the sun set.”

“Till the sun set?”

“Yes, because you then realize the ocean is just the reflection of the sky, a false disguise.”

“She reminds me of me. I hope she reconsiders.”

“I’ll miss her. Bye bye, Linda.”


The girl looked at him in amazement, as he walked away. How did he know her name was Linda?


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