Nanowrimo: Day 27!


Uffff, almost done… It’s going to be one hell of a ride…


Her clothes were inside the drier. Joshua waited outside, hoping that what he had to wear would fit the slender figure of a girl. Julia walked out of the bathroom; it was strange seeing a girl with a shirt that said: “This is my rifle, this is my gun…” but then again, she didn’t get the pun.


Julia had made some hot chocolate while Joshua looked for something good to eat. A fruit salad was currently running atop his ‘what-should-we-eat’ ideas list. It was snowing outside. Julia called home, making some lame excuse as to why she would sleep with some friend. Her parents didn’t mind, Joshua’s… well that would be quite a conflict.


“Okay, so, let’s start…” He wrapped a blanket around his body. “What do you know about me?”

“Wait, you don’t know yet?” She replied.

“Urd told me a few things and others I was able to decipher on my own but beyond that… well… poof.”

“This story starts in the year 1918, I do not recall the town or the city, not even the county but the country was Spain. A young girl looked on at the sky, little starts shining overhead, glittering with hope and beauty. It was such a beautiful sight. Her mother was a school teacher, her father was an engineer and she was on her way to starting highschool… that is, till darkness swallowed the land. They called it the Spanish Flu.” She sipped some chocolate, whipping her lips, she continued. “In the blink of an eye, the young couple had been torn apart by this deadly affliction till only the girl remained. She was taken to a hospital, a place where the night was eternal. Seeing the outside light was a sin, just like the ailment she had. There, after being alone, still ravaged by the pain of losing her family, she met a boy.”

“That’s where my story comes in, right?”

“It’s actually where it ends… The girl spent most of her time with him. A thirteen year old girl had come to the realization that she would not live to see the stars, the fourteen year old boy pushed her onwards.”

“What happened to him?”

“It’s really blurry… He died. Fluids filled his lungs; his body bled profusely, his immune system failed. You could say it ‘crashed’ though the doctors had a bigger term for it. He died in her arms… She lost consciousness.”

“She died?”

“No, she just fell out of reality for a moment, the next thing she knew, her surroundings had changed. It was hell, but to the people outside, it was an incinerator.”

“She was burned?”

“Yeah… She struggled to find the boy that had made her happy. Digging through corpses… Do you know what that is like? Fingers touching the cold tissue of the dead, stained in blood, puss and fluids. Most of their bodies slowly filling up with gas, a horrible sight, not to mention the stench; but she ignored everything to find him.”

“Did she find him?”

“Yes and no… She found what was left of him: a body whose soul had left behind. She cried and cried, dragging him out of the incinerators, but the chamber was turned on before she could climb up.”

His heart skipped a beat. Someone deep inside him was crying. He didn’t know that part of the story and maybe it was for the best. Ignorance is bliss, after all. “The girl was burned alive…”

“Every last piece of her engulfed in an abysmal temperature. Seeing her beloved lighting up in flames, just as she closed her eyes; she breathed her last. It was a sad end.”

“So, where does our story begin?”

“Someone in heaven took pity of us and gave us an opportunity in another life. A limited amount of opportunities to keep an old promise.”

“What was the promise?”

“I don’t know.”

“What happens if we never find it?”

“We’ll be reborn again…”


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