I’m Back!


So, I’ve been a bit busy. I’m working on Adagio for Canon and editing The Everlasting Rondo, not to mention,  Heißen of Eternity. Working is taking a toll on the stuff I create and school is soon going to take the rest of my day. Later today, I’ll be posting the continuation of Fate/Shattered False, Ne Pleure Pas, Mage Wars and probably a very short romance story of which I still have no name for.

Yeah, my silence has been ominous but then again, it was all to build suspense. I’ll be spitting out short stories faster than me eating a watermelon on a hot summer afternoon. I’ve promised myself to make these short stories into small books to publish.

On another note, The Everlasting Rondo is almost finished (editing can be quite hazardous). Eight different stories taking place alongside the main story. After giving it much thought, if this comes out as publishing material, then I’m going to increase the length of each story to stand-alone proportions; making each 8K story into a 15K-20K story for either self recreation or self publishing.

Finally, I’m at the end of my ropes; nervous about my new school year at the Pharmaceutical Chemistry ‘place’, stressing out about my work (call center) and trying to get the hang of German all over again. Writing is really building up slowly, like a small fever. I’m hoping to get these things done and some weekend extra-curricular activities or online courses to boost my confidence.

P.S: I’m really looking for people to ‘edit’ Adagio for Canon, Heißen of Eternity or The Everlasting Rondo in their spare time.  Also, some info on places to give in proposals for publishing would be a plus.


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