The XIIIth Immortal Magix Competition – 00 – It Begins

This is a project depicting the various battles of our protagonist in his attempt to seek revenge on the man who killed his cousin. A competition that places the many magical arts within a city to battle it out – from alchemists to wizards and sages to chamans, there can only be one winner. Let the games begin!


Golden powder, falling from beneath a tower now leaning over the edge of the roof; my life had been spared. The dirt that now covered my back, as I lay on the floor, crackled with my slow shifts in weight. I needed to get out of here or I’d be crushed like a pancake. Pieces of roof falling on the ground, carefully evading the clay projectiles, the ground beneath me became unstable. Was the ground giving in? Sinkholes dot the landscape but to think that one would be beyond this stone floor was too far-fetched – even for my bad luck. Cracking; this isn’t good. The tower creaked; that can’t be good either.

Rolling on my side, the tower fell, shattering the roof that gave way to the sinking behemoth. The structure fell on the floor, as it sank and dropped into an abyss of darkness along with the Wizard that perished within those walls. The competitions had just begun. I nearly lost my life and this was just the first of many battles. Grabbing my Clarice – my trusty side-kick that happened to be a rifle – I patted myself for a small silver coin I had stolen a while ago. “I guess that’s one for me and zero for Mr. Wizard, don’t you think?” I whispered to the coin. “By the looks of things, you’re coming with me.”

The Mage Wars had just begun.

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