Ne Pleure Pas: Shifting Sands – Part 4


Ladies and gentlemen, here we have another small chapter… I really thought I was not going to be able to continue on this one. Proved myself wrong and I am so glad. Here we are, let the games begin!


The room echoed with our footsteps as large rooms covered in steel-like doors and metallic windows with weapon-like gadgets pointing inwards, dotted the passage way. I was scared, no, terrified. This little girl was a monster in disguise not to mention that she could eat me whenever she wanted. What was I thinking of coming over? They offered me money but it’s not worth it if I have to risk my life every day.

“Having your doubts, son?” The general spoke, breaking the odd silence that had ensnared me. “I wouldn’t blame you, men and women who have served for many years have lost their minds inside this facility.”

“And what makes you think I’ll last longer?” I replied.

“It’s inside your head, deep within your brain tissue… beyond neurons and neurotransmitters.” Niege commented. Her voice, serene and clear, it was an ominous feeling.

“What exactly am I supposed to do? Isn’t she like a living antipersonnel unit?”

The general fixed his hat and replied, “You are her cockpit.”

Outside, the rain was pouring hard and fast. Lightning blasting through the corner of my eyes, accompanied by the loud drumming of heaven’s thunder; she was like a goddess of death. The back of her dress ripped, as the rest of her clothes fell down on the floor. Large metallic appendages, three on each side, appeared. Lined in a semi-luminescent substance, bright white blades appeared, like sails made of glass or dragonfly wings made of crystal. My fingers began to tingle as she floated towards me. What was this feeling?

She touched my forehead as images zoomed before my eyes. Too many, too fast, too complicated to even begin to understand; my warmth was hers as her heartbeat was mine. Strange black lines appeared on my wrists, burning their way up my arm. The pain was almost unbearable, that was if my senses hadn’t been dulled. Echoes of voices and strange tastes filled my body. A cold that was too strong to bear and warmth that was too deep to care; were these her innermost feelings or was I going nuts?

“Niege, stop! You are overwhelming him! The Synchronization process should be slowly introduced into his psyche.” A doctor interrupted her. “Show some restraint!”

“Why? We need him! We don’t have time to go over the whole process.” She replied, her wings grew bigger and brighter.

“That’s it for today… Everyone is dismissed. Grab the boy and take him to the infirmary, Niege, you and me will have a little chat, and you, Peter, start making a Type 1 Regression Suit for our new member.” The general grabbed my shoulder. My body had grown numb.

I was overcome with a deep grief. Was it my grief or hers? Confusion, disorientation, fear, paranoia, cold-heartedness, pain and loneliness – the emotions of a young girl bred to fight. If she had chosen another life, what would she have desired? I am stuck here, with an abomination, but still… I won’t go hungry; the pay is good and I have no one whom I can say will shed a tear for me if I were to die. Maybe my future was here though; I will most certainly never grow accustomed to these ‘things’.

So caught up in my thoughts was I, that I hadn’t realized that my surroundings had changed. I’m not sure when or how but I was dragged and laid to sleep on a small bed inside a creepy-looking clinic. Saws and blades, needles and spikes; just a few of the things that made this place akin to a mad scientist’s laboratory. This has got to be dream.

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