Cara Mia Addio – 02 – Sapphire, Like A Solemn Sky


Okay, part two of the horror story. It’s about to get weird.


She looked over her shoulder; there was nobody to be seen down the street. It was dark and gloomy, the sidewalk was very humid and moldy, and it had not stopped raining that whole week. Small puddles reflecting the light of the posts, her footsteps echoed in the silence of the night. High heels tapping against the hard concrete, she swore that someone was stalking her. Taking off her ring, bracelets and chains, she hid them inside her small black bag, as she rummaged for pepper spray.

Paranoia had settled in after she received text messages from someone pretending to her boyfriend, holding her hostage after a few pictures he took of her. Phone calls soon followed, with heavy breathing and a low snicker on the other end of the call. He was scared of the night and the only reason she was walking alone was because her friend was too drunk to drive her home and ‘the guys’ were getting crazy with the drinks. She hated getting in a ruckus, especially with those creeps.

She heard it again. Stopping in her tracks, she ran her fingers through her hair, tying it in a ponytail. How much would she take before it got to her; before she made a run for it? Crazy as it sounded, she couldn’t run. Panicking could make her stalker desperate and with that, aggressive. Turning around, all she could see were shadows; the shadows of trees, houses, lamp posts, and creatures that wander the night. Her heart was racing, she was scared. Images ran through her mind: rape, torture, assault and even death.

She had seen the news. There had been young ladies disappearing across town; the police were baffled. Her face was ravaged with terror, just what could a girl do? Desperation settled in: she was not about to lose her life in such a tasteless cul-de-sac. As she turned around, she felt it; someone was staring at her. Not wanting to turn around, she emerged from her own lie. There he was, probably a few centimeters taller than her, covered in black, face covered with a gas mask; she screamed. He grabbed her by the hair, as his arm wrapped around her waist.

A car pulled up. These men covered in radiation suits ran up to her as she kicked and struggled from her captors. Before she knew it, it all turned to black. What’s going on? Why can’t I move? My head, it hurts. She felt something warm trickling down her face. Slowly opening her eyes, she could barely see anything in this gloomy room. Four walls covered in moss and oxide, medical beds that lay in ruins and a floor whose carpet had turned into an ecosystem for fungus. The scent, a putrid scent, the scent of death, as she noticed a dead opossum on the corner of the room; her arms bound by a plastic-like material fastened around an old, rusty utility pipe.

Three barred windows to her left, shattered glass; a chilly breeze entered the room and with it, a slight drizzle. An old metal door to her left, no locks, no hinges, just a door – a common sight for any horror movie. The door opened, as a man in a medical scrub walked in. He was holding a large needle in one hand and what appeared to be a scalpel on the other. His lifeless blue eyes stared into her frightened greens; he had won this mental match. As the needle pierced her buttocks, a squeal escaped her; a weakened cry for help. The last thing she saw were his pearly whites revealing themselves with such delight.

Snapping out of her long sleep, she found herself cold. A bed beneath her body, cold straps on her arms and legs, bound and lost; this was it. The same man walked to a side of her bed. She noticed that a turquoise hospital gown had replaced her clothes. What did they do to me? Did they fondle me? Did they rape me? Are they about to torture me for fun?  He body was too drugged to shake in fear. She tried moving but her muscles would not respond.

“I see you are wide awake, my little sleeping beauty.” He grabbed a scalpel. “Do you know that this thing can cut through your muscles faster than you can say ‘minced meat’? It’s true, let me demonstrate.” He moved over to where her legs were. “This is what this baby can do.”

He sliced her ankles.

“Does it hurt? Of course it doesn’t, you’re pretty out of it.” Walking to a side, he uncovered her body, pressing the tip of the scalpel near her cleavage. “You’re a pretty lady, too bad we’ll sell you for parts. You could have made a nice whore but you have got some pricey items inside of you.”

He grabbed a bone saw.

“What’s beauty but a fading gift? I’ve seen what beauty looks like, well, real beauty. It’s red, sometimes pink or white, it’s covered in goo or mucus and it’s always so warm.” He smiled, as if he had won a medal for something. “I’m flattered that we could find a girl like you. So healthy, unlike women your age, nowadays – drinking, smoking, fucking… such a sad waste of a body but not you. You are so perfect. We’ll make big bucks with your ‘stuff’.”

Placing a breathing apparatus over her face, he injected her neck with something that she could only describe as unbearable pain. Her breathing became harder, he heart slowed down on its healthy pace and she fell into a deep sleep.


“I don’t believe you!” Henri was dying with laughter as Markus looked at him, menacingly. “Stop pulling my leg.”

“I swear to God, this thing was on! It had no battery, it had no power whatsoever and yet, it rang and I got a message.” Pietro continued. “It was scary! I didn’t sleep for shit… I’m telling you, something is trying to tell me something.”

“Pietro, it’s all too much for us to digest. Give us time to think about it and ease into the situation,” Markus replied.

There was nothing to ‘ease in’ in this situation, it was very simple: someone was calling him. It was pretty stupid to think he was being called from the other side, but there was no other explanation. Whosoever was calling him out, it better be good. Using Heidy’s cellphone was a pretty sucky move, even for a ghost. He missed her, she was his best friend. There was not a day that went by that he wished for a world where she was alive. The jokes they made, the fun times they had, the fights they endured; she was more than just a friend, she was a sister. He had even thought of her as a soul mate – a ridiculous concept, by the way.

Classes would not stop till after three, which was three hours away still. Looking outside the window, he saw the tree; a mango tree where he would play when he was little. Bellow it he saw a figure. Rubbing his eyes in disbelief, he saw her. Just as soon he spotted her; she turned around, disappearing in the blink of an eye. What’s going on inside my head?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul Toth says:

    Nicely done, Alex! A compellingly creepy bit of horror. The human body as a collection of spare parts…

    1. kuylenrene says:

      Thank you! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything but if I do… part 3 will definitely be on the list.

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