Cara Mia Addio – 03 – Jade, Like Stagnant Water.


Okay, it’s been really quiet around here. The reason for the lack of activity is due to school (damn pre-calculus) but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about this place. Here we have part 3 of the short horror story.


“It’ll be okay.” The nurse grabbed a bottle and gave him a tiny pink pill. “Drink this; it’ll make you feel better.” Squinting to see what he held in his hand, she grabbed the cellphone. “You shouldn’t be carrying this inside the school compound.”

Pietro had heard those words so many times in the past year. Life had suddenly stopped; Earth’s rotation became as subtle as his very own life. “I promise I won’t do it again. Don’t take the cellphone.”

The nurse paused for a second, rolling her eyes she sighed. “All right, but don’t let me catch you with it again, kay’?”

He smiled, “Yes ma’am!”

Pietro had collapsed a few hours ago, in class. His face was tarnished with a stain of worry and fear. Who was she? Heidy is dead, that’s a fact as clear as the day. No sooner had the nurse left the room than the ‘ghost’ phone vibrated. It was a message:

…The heart that bleeds,

Nests amongst its branches.

Let night fall,

And awaken the sleeping beauty {Incomplete Message}.

Cold sweat fell down his cheeks; a message, no, a poem coming from a dead phone. Things did not only take a turn for the worse but he had no way out, no excuse to leave this issue behind. Looking outside through a small window, he wondered what would happen next. A poem huh? This is pretty easy, it’s actually my poem; that’s the scary part.

He knew the location all too well; it was a very special place. No sooner had he won his biggest gamble than he lost it all – such a cheesy way to fall. Could he tell Markus or Henri about it? No, he wouldn’t want to hear their skepticism or be the object of their pranks. Tonight would be the night, strange… It was partially cloudy today; maybe it’ll rain.


He sat beneath the old almond tree; Pietro knew what this was about. A few years ago, he had confessed his feelings to the person he had a crush on. It didn’t go well the first time around but after some careful planning, she fell for him. Now, as he gazed into its branches, he could see the bleeding hearts. They were a species of pigeons, and at the base of the trunk, vines wrapped around revealing their small golden-white nocturnal flowers. It was a truly majestic place, sadly enough; it was very lonely and cold.

The phone rang; he knew it was time.

“H-H-Hello?” He answered in a shaky tone of voice.

He could hear someone breathing on the other side of the call.

“Hello? I don’t know how you do it, or why you’re doing this, but I’m here… Wwwhat’s going on?”

“P… P… Pietro…” The signal was breaking up. “Hel… Help me…”

That voice, he knew who that person was. “Who are you? It can’t be you! I saw you… You’re not…”

“Please… Help… Me…” The static was subsiding, the voice was clearer.

“I want to admit it… I want to give in to your voice, but I don’t want it to be a cruel joke. Tell me something; prove to me that you’re who I think you are.”

“Abracadabra… Hocus-pocus…” The call was as clear as it could possibly be; they were the names of the roses he gave her on their first date.

“Heidy? Where are you? You’re dead!” Thunder roared as a lightening bolt zigzagged across the sky, lighting up the night. “I buried you.”

The first drops of rain pierced the thin veil of leaves.

“Please, help me go back to sleep…”

“How so? Are you still with us?”

“I am not at peace…” The night was enveloped in a loud downpour, mimicking the static in the call. “I want you to complete me, once more.”

The ensuing silence was hanging by a tread of doubt. “What do you want me to fetch?”

“Find my heart.”

“Find them? As macabre as the situation may be, that thing is inside someone…”

“Find it… My heart.”

Pietro bit his lower lip. “And how will I go about obtaining the heart?”

“We will know when we get there…”

“I’ll have to thin—”

“You’re the only one who can save me… Grab a red rose and bite one of its petals beneath this tree whenever you’re ready.” The call faded as the signal disappeared and the phone’s screen became darker than the night.

Biting a petal: an old and utterly childish afterimage of a promise; she has got to be kidding me if she thinks I can steal a heart. A leaf gave way as a cold shower fell upon him. Soaked in icy water, he shivered as his worries faded. Just how in the world could a person find a heart? That’s the idea that ran through is mind as he walked home in the middle of the night. He’d have to go to the scene of the crime and trace the killer’s steps to where the heart was… or he would find recent available heart donations online…

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