Cara Mia Addio – 04 – Golden Stardust, It Falls on Thee


I’ve been absent for a while… Yeah, I know… but, here is something new! With exams looming over the horizon and homework still pouring in – the only way for me to have some quality time with my writing materials will be summer.



The wind, there was as no wind, there was no sound, no smell or taste or touch… It was bland, it was dark, it was silent; death was an uncomfortable peace. Miles, no, distance was a thing of the past, so was time. Human creations had no place in this inhuman realm. As soon as despair settled in, the darkness was shattered by a sudden burst of light. Matter zoomed in, like a hurricane force wind, as she was soon faced with a very familiar scenery. The tree, the sky, the rain and the lightening – they were all the same as before. Perplexed, she searched for a way out of her fear. Light bathed in crimson and violet, poured on her ‘body’. A warmth settled in, the scent was too much to take… it was blood. Not just any blood, her blood. Never in her wildest dreams had she smelled something so putrid and vile, coated in several layers of colors and lights – her blood was the only marker she could use to find him.


Somewhere in this town was someone who could help her, but how? Squinting, she saw what appeared to be a twinkling star. It was a small glimmer of hope, but that was all she had. Running past cars and rampant street cats, she saw it. That house, she knew whose it belong to. Stepping in through the front door, fazing in was more up her alley. Running up the stairs she saw that room – a tear fell from her eye. Her heart broke at the sight of him. Laying on the ground, crying, she could hear her name being called out; it was a whisper, no, more like a whimper, but she knew that feeling. The heart-wrenching desire to rest her forehead on his, like they did only a few weeks ago – or a few seconds, time had somehow faded from her mind.


The twinkle was as dim as it had been before, it was calling out to her. Looking inside the drawer, she saw it – a flip phone, her flip phone. Why was it shinning? She wasn’t carrying it with her when it all happened, nor had it been stained with any blood or anything of the such. Why would it twinkle when there was nothing of her body smeared or impregnated within that electronic device? She sat on the soft bed, though the impression of softness filled her body, the bed did not sink… she was weightless. As her fingers reached for the phone, the phone began to vibrate. Strange, it shouldn’t be on. The battery as missing, she made sure of it because that phone had been replaced with her new phone; unfortunately, the other phone had been left in the scene of the crime.


Thinking as to what she could do, where to go from here, she was hit with a great idea! Her other phone had been recording what was happening to her, she now remembered. She slid it underneath a crack in the floor. If it was still there, it would contain the voice recording and possibly video recording of everything that had happened that night. She needed to contact him, one way or the other. There was no way he’d play on a Ouija board, even if he did, the chances were pretty high of him contacting some old man from god-knows where rather than her. Could she call him on the phone?


Running to their family’s corded phone, she touched it. It rang. This mother picked up the phone, waiting for a replay. There was no reply on the phone, all that could be heard was static. So, it was a one way street… She could call them but they could not hear anything beyond static. She could not give up, she would not give up; this was all she had to rest in peace, or so she thought. All she knew was that somehow everything needed to be ship-shape before she could head on to the afterlife.




Later that night, she headed on to the cemetery, after finally giving up on making contact with a corded phone. Who knew being dead could be so inconvenient? Faced with an overwhelming curiosity, she set off to find her grave. On the edge of the cemetery, she saw a dark pillar of ash, fire and a dark mist pouring it’s acid clouds over the cemetery. Falling to the floor, the dark haze covered her. She could not believe it, on the tomb stone it read:

Here lays an innocent damsel, taken away by the claws of sin.

Farwell, rest in peace: Heidy Merriam Kerrigan.

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