Ne Pleure Pas: Chapter 2 – Let Them Loose – Part 1

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Another piece… what, two short stories in one day? What must I be drinking? I guess I was either very bored or had too much time on my hands. I’m going to fix a small continuity issue… I did not number the chapters. Oh, and do remember: Ne Pleure Pas is a gore/sci-fi story while Cara Mia Addio is a horror/paranormal story… totally different, keep that in mind while you read either or both stories (short series).



Its insides were still wrapped around my arm. It was soft, sticky, compared to its iron-like skin. Four ribs popping out of its soft tissue, as all other bones had either snapped or shattered by the sheer force of the blow. He gazed at his pray, its muscles were still twitching, lungs filling themselves with precious life-giving oxygen and its heart beating faster and faster – could it be in pain? Must be, maybe tormented by the sheer size of karma’s assault.


His hand, soaked in crimson liquid, running down his palm, dripping from his fingertips; it was an unattainable ecstasy. The night was still young, as he scanned the street for any bystanders – none in sight. The splatter on the walls of the nearby graffiti-infested structure and the organs on the ground could mean only one thing: another Nero was here. He should have known, after all, calamities come in threes and they were no exceptions. Every single shadow seemed to advent an evil that could easily take his life, just as he did to its brethren. Looking down at the creature twitching in agony, he grabbed its heart, ripping it’s aorta along with other tissue, and smashed it in the palm of his right hand.


They would mistake him for prey when the reality of the situation was just the opposite: they were the hunted. The trick to it was choosing the bait. No Nero would dare ignore a young helpless girl in the middle of the street, even more so if she was completely covered in Nero pheromones. Little did they know that that girl was even crazier than him. He was the puppet master not to control the puppet but rather to restrain her from going wild. Intact Nero samples were very valuable, all the more reason to keep a short leash before someone butchers it beyond recognition.


A low sound of metal banging against the floor, footsteps, short and steady; it was going for a sneak attack, like a cat cornering a mouse. Too bad this mouse knows exactly what to do. A black viscose substance crawled up his arm, hardening into for large blade-like fingers and a long fin shaped structure running down his forearm. Light pink connective tissue that held everything together was semi-exposed from the hardened white inner structure that created a cage for support and the black outer skin that provided the external protection.


The little girl’s body changed into a large dog covered in scales similar to those on a pangolin and a large hammerhead shaped cranium that provided the much needed protection to her skull. It growled, sensing a Nero nearby.


“It knows we’re watching.” Her growls hid the icy voice of a stone-cold killer within a little girl’s body. “Let’s eat him…”

“No, he’s expensive and I don’t need something this big coming out of my paycheck,” he replied. Looking around, he walked over to the beast. “It’s being overly protective and focusing on self-preservation. Its link to its overseer might have been severed.”

“All the more reason why we should just rip him apart.”

“A severed neurolink is something we’ve been waiting to study for years! A rampant Nero: a Nero Führer.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Break its legs, but do not harm it’s head…”

“You’re no fun-”

“This is not a play date, this is a mission so act like it’s important even if you’re just enjoying cutting them open.”

“Lie to yourself, lie to the boss, you can even lie to that girl of yours but you can’t lie to me… You love this as much as I do… To cut them open, to rip their beating heart out,” she snickered, slowly moving past me. She knew me too well, it was scary. “So, shall we have one last dance?”

“First, don’t ever assume you know me, Second, she’s not my girl and, Third, yes we may.”




“Son of a bitch!” He tossed his saw on the floor, smashing a shattered test tube into even small pieces. “I told you to leave the goddamned Nero intact!”

“We brought its head and what was left of his torso… intact,” the little girl replied.

“Torso? Only a lung and its heart remained!”

“For what it’s worth, its esophagus and trachea were left connected to their respective organs. Its beating heart was left intact so as to preserve the brain, plus I insisted on keeping a lung.” He was direct and straight to the point. “You got your brain, we got our money and a good hunt.”

“A win-win situation, nevertheless.” She peeked from the corner of her eyes, searching for some other mischief.

“Just go… Let me do my work, you butchers.”

“Call us-” He fixed his tie and buttoned his shirt, “-wolves for hire.”

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