Heißen of Eternity – Chapter 1: Part 1

1184.Yoishi - otherside

This is a very old story which I recently edited and revamped from my Horrible-disasters folder. It was a mess, I couldn’t believe I was that bad, or has my criteria moved up a notch? This was a project I started with a friend but it soon was forgotten and it gathered dust and regret. Initially called: Through An Angel’s Eyes, this was later turned into something more sinister. Well, I’ll check that out for myself but meantime, you can indulge in a very strange story. Comments would be appreciated but if not, then, wait for the other piece.


“Hello? Hello? Where’s everyone?!” His voice echoed through the darkness. It was pitch black, nothing beyond this blind veil. He could feel a solid surface behind him, what was it? He felt around for something that could pop an image into his mind, anything that would help him or keep him at ease… nothing, there was nothing. Waving one hand then the other before him, believing his sight had finally vanished, he panicked.


“If memory serves me right, I was at a party—”small tremors shook the place. Holding on to nothing but a dust covered ground, he sat on the floor. “What’s going on in here? Am I lost? Is that it?” Footsteps echoed in the distance. “If I can hear it, then this place must be a big empty room, right? Was I kidnapped?” His hands trembled with fear.


He was at a birthday party though things quickly got out of hand ;Drinks pouring down into his system, a bit too much for him to handle, as he walked away from the place. His clothes reeked of alcohol, a pulsating headache that would not leave him and a beating heart that would not cease to race. He knew the level of drunkenness he was in; it was too early to even believe that he had lost consciousness and had been captured by someone. This has to be some sort of a bad prank.


“Guys! This isn’t funny!” A small light, ever so faint, flickered a distance away from where he was standing. “Hey! I mean it! What is the matter with you—“ He felt nauseous, all of a sudden. At a loss for words, he held on to his stomach. Churning, rumbling, he kneeled as everything emptied out from within his body; Bitter and smelly, that’s the payment for indulging in that which is harmful and sick.


As he wiped his mouth, with the sleeve of his t-shirt, the light became brighter and brighter till it completely engulfed him. Blinded, he struggled to his feet. They were wobbly; the effects of the alcohol were still going strong. The light soon faded, his surroundings became clear. A football field? What am I doing here? He knew the place; it was the old football field from his hometown. What was this doing here? There was nothing around him, the air was too thick to breathe without any difficulty and the grass was sharp, almost as if they were covered with needles.


“This has got to be some sort of a dream…” He rubbed his eyes with the heel of his palm, trying to wake up. “But, if I’m dreaming, why am I still drunk?” He saw the blood dripping from the tiny punctures in his palms. There was no pain, just tiny droplets of scarlet life-giving fluid. As they fell on the floor, the grass became soaked with it, turning red.

“This is no dream, young one.” A voice echoed inside his head. It was soft and pleasant but why did it make him shudder with fear?

“Who are you? Where are you?” He shouted, but no one responded. His voice echoed; something was definitely wrong. He could feel it. An open space couldn’t possibly produce an echo. After a while he heard her voice again. “Young one, come to me, follow my voi—“

“It’s easier said than done. I don’t know where you are!” He looked around, but to no avail.

“Follow my voice.” It was that voice again.

He was skeptical. “Right.”


He got off his back, and walked around for a few minutes till a figure appeared. Never had he imagined he would feel so disoriented and scared. It was clear this was the same lady that had been calling out to him though her silhouette was too far away to distinguish her. The closer he got, the more he could see, though his vision was still fuzzy. She wore a white semi-transparent dress, the front piece, from her legs to her feet was uncovered, it had no sleeves just strips of some unknown translucent material wrapped around her arms, and a big bulky metallic mask. Her long golden hair touched the ground. She opened her arms. Is she hoping for an embrace? Just who is she?


“Again, who are you? I hope this isn’t a prank!  I know I’m inside something… Just let me out, okay?” His voice made her giggle. It was at that moment that an idea hit him. That voice, so familiar it made him burn red with frustration. Sabrina’s always been a trickster.

“The tiny itsy bitsy prank fooled you, huh! Come here and give me a big hug.” Sabrina? She sounded just like her. Damn you! I almost fell for it.


As he walked towards her, she hugged him. Her body was soft and warm, like the embrace of a plush toy… and just like a plush toy, she had no heartbeat. All of a sudden, massive chains bound her arms and legs, dragged her and restrained her; each chain had emerged from the ground entwined around her slender arms. A crimson cross fell from the heavens. Nails surged from the ground, piercing her extremities, securing her to the cross. He fell on the ground, as the tiny, sharp edges of the grass pierced his skin.


The chains were old and rusty, filled with barbs; the cross oozed a blood-like substance and the nails were blazed brightly as they burned through her flesh. The smell of burned skin filled the air; each chain was seeping blood from the gashes they had opened throughout her body. She struggled, screamed and cried but couldn’t manage to free herself. The chains ripped each gash further apart.


He was in a state of shock, unable to move, frightened that he would be met with the same fate; his hands and legs were shaking uncontrollably. Cold sweat slid down his body. Is she really Sabrina? Can’t be, can it? There is no way that she is slowly dying before me…! No way! I can’t believe it, I won’t believe it. Damn it! Damn it! I need to do something, but what? Move, damn it, move! He was reluctant to suffer the same fate and still, he struggled to move on and save her.


The cross turned upside down, inverting her body. Blood fell down the mask that covered her face, staining her hair. He slowly walked up to her, afraid, powerless to save her. He grabbed her mask in his hands and kissed it.


“Please, oh please, don’t go, I need you. I need you more than you’ll ever know.” As he finished saying this, the mask shattered. The tiny fragments became white roses as soon as they touched the ground.


He screamed out in horror. Trying to crawl away, slipping and falling flat on his chest as the grass ripped through is skin. What was that thing? Is it even human? A monster! The nails popped out, falling on the ground, burning the grass; the chains broke and the cross turned to blood. She appeared. He checked his clothes; they were stained with his own blood. The grass was sharp yet he still felt no pain.


Her face was bloody; her lower jaw had been ripped out by some unknown force and a deep laceration across her face oozed a tar-like fluid. Blood spewed forth from her mouth and seven eyes that gazed at him, all organized in two columns of three and four. A single snow-white wing grew from her left shoulder. In a single flap, the white roses had turned red all burning in a crimson flame. With every petal that touched his skin, it instantly became liquid and burned his flesh. Running away, he grabbed on to something long and hard, covered in dirt and dust… a bone. Soon, he was standing before a field covered in the bones of beings with wings protruding from their backs. Impaled and butchered, it looked like the scene from a massacre.


“Young one, why do you fear me?” She asked. How could such a sweet, soft voice emanate from such a monstrosity!

“What do you want? Who or what are y- y- y- you!” His voice was shaky. Is she going to eat me? Or maybe she’ll steal my soul? Is she even a she?


She looked towards the sky; a majestic moon appeared above them, turning the ground into a great crystalline lake. A drop fell from the moon’s surface. She descended; touching the lake with the tip of her ornamented boot, creating a ripple that glowed in several colors, like a prism. With that he awakened.


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