Heißen of Eternity – Chapter 1: Part 3


Part III a little late… Again, there are typos (hopefully less than before) and well, it’s a work in progress.



Three days have gone by; Jonathan is still perplexed by everything that has transpired. Even though she has explained some of her story, the idea of a supernatural being from a place called ‘Heaven’ was something he had left behind along with his faith. Alexia had yet to return from her ‘field investigation’ and Jonathan felt as if someone was watching him; growing paranoid with every passing hour.


He’d get goose bumps at the very thought of demons and monsters haunting him. These past days, he kept Sabrina and Abby at a distance. Endangering their lives was the last thing on his mind, plus if they saw him with Alexia, they’d probably skin him alive. They were overprotective, possibly even jealous of his female friends. He’d keep busy at the university, telling himself that nobody would attack him in such a crowded place.


“Jonathan!” He knew that voice all too well. He turned up the volume of his mp3 player and kept on walking, hoping she’d give up if he lost her amidst the crowds of students.

“Jonathan.” That voice, it’s as if the voice was deep inside my head. Why now of all times?

“Alexia?” He turned around, and there she stood. She had a beautiful brown sweater on, “Where did you get that?” He pointed at the sweater.

“Alexis lent it to me.”

“What exactly have you been up to?” Turning around he caught a glimpse of Sabrina.

“There seems to be a problem. I’ve sensed a descendant of Enoch.” She seemed worried.

“A Lyenochean?” Jonathan added.


A descendant of Enoch was a being born from Enoch’s flesh. He was neither an angel nor a demon, but a false copy of divinity. Their birth was a mistake. They broke most of the ancient divine laws and after they got caught by the heavenly authority, they were bound deep within the earth, or so she told him.


“That sounds awful…” Alexia giggled. That was the first time she’s joked about anything. Could it be because she merged with Alexis? He could feel her influence growing weaker. “But, at least in the last millennia, nobody’s ever given them a name. I salute you, Jonathan.”

“Yeah, well, you give this Agnostic too much credit.”

“Is that so? I thought you said you were a Catholic.” Her curious stare was too much for Jonathan to resist.

“I don’t believe in most of the church’s teaching but I believe in a God. Well, now anyways… Meeting you confused me somewhat.”

Again, he saw Sabrina closing by. He needed to hide Alexia. “Hey, will you go get me a doughnut?”

“A doughnut? Why a doughnut?” She drew a circle in the air, with her index finger.

“Yes, those. I’m somewhat hungry… I’ll be back in a few seconds.”


The idea is to keep those two from meeting. Damn it, why did I meet such a bothersome angel? Why couldn’t it have been Michael or Gabriel? Sabrina stopped midway, and ran the opposite direction. What the hell? Alexia grabbed his hand. 


“Don’t go after her. Her aura is different.” She whispered.

“Her aura?” Jonathan was confused by the comment.

“Everyone has an aura, it can be one of the seven colors of the rainbow or a variation of each, but hers is different. Her aura has two wings. She isn’t an angel or anything spiritual, but her aura is of pure white; snow white… untainted by man.”

“Is she possessed?” He was afraid that something might have happened to her, seeing that Mariel did the same to an innocent bystander.

“No, not at all. That’s her natural aura. It’s as if she was made, not born. The only beings that are capable of having such an aura are the first of God’s creation.” She was serious. That was unlike her.

“So, you’d have to be hand made by God for you to possess that aura?” Jonathan asked. “Well anyway, she’s my friend. We’ve been together ever since kindergarten. There is no way in hell I’d leave her alone.”


He ran after her, though she wouldn’t slow down. What’s wrong? Is she angry? Checking his watch: it was ten past six in the afternoon; it was already dark. The hallway of each building was overrun by the darkness emanating from a sky missing a sun, illuminated by a few light fixtures. She ran all the way to the third building after the one they were at. This structure happened to be behind the whole university.


He caught up to her.


“Sabrina! What’s wrong?” He was afraid she wouldn’t respond.

“It’s nothing. I was just having a nice afternoon jog.” Sabrina tried to evade his eyes.

“It’s not what you think it is, okay?”

“Why are you keeping secrets from me?” she quickly replied.

“Secrets? You mean Alexia? She’s just a friend.” Jonathan tried to keep his composure; a false move could escalate the situation.

Sabrina’s eyes overflowed with tears. “I haven’t been honest with you, either.”

“About wha—“A growl startled them.


They quickly turned around, a man wearing a coat stood in the middle of the hallway. All they could see was his long hair and his glowing red eyes. The fixtures exploded one after the other till they were enveloped by darkness. He could feel Sabrina’s hair on his face. He grabbed her hand. They dared not talk, staring straight down the hall; in hopes that the ‘being’ would reveal itself. The footsteps grew closer and closer, as if it was in a dash, they held each other’s hands even tighter; praying that someone might save them.


“It’s my fault. Run Jonathan! He’s looking for me!” Sabrina pushed him way.


“Well, I won’t let you have your way, Eve!” A bright flash seared the floor of the hallway, leaving several scorched marks along its path. Alexia stood there before them. She performed some sort of a dance. Before they knew it, a bright wing appeared upon Alexia’s left shoulder. It’s that wing again! “I know your identity, oh treacherous descendant of Enoch! Obey me, Zamzera!” She plucked several feathers and tossed them all around us. The feathers began to burn like torches.


“Forgive me, milady, but I’m on a noble hunt.” The thing spoke. His body took the appearance of a great black wolf, with a single grey wing on its right shoulder.

“Zamzera! Do not defy me! In my arms, I held your ancestors. What made you defy your father’s mother? Cease this fruitless quest and go back from whence you came!” Jonathan had never seen her so enraged.


A few days ago she had expressed her indignation at beings born after the rise of the angels; false angelic creatures born from human will.


He growled, “I cannot go back if I fail. Burn my flesh and crush my bones, but Zamzera shall fall honorably!” He pounced, at that very moment the tiny feathers turned into crystalline sapphire swords. They swooped by, skewering him in midair. His blood dripped over Jonathan and Sabrina, soaking their clothes and hair.

“I pray that you shall find true peace, Zamzera.” With a snap of her finger, Alexia turned the swords into flames, burning him till nothing was left behind.




That night, Alexia called for Jonathan. Sabrina was asleep in his room. He was still shaken from the fight, not to mention the fact that such a ‘thing’ existed.


“Alexia, this is crazy! I never thought this would escalate this rapidly! We had a colossal mutt chasing us, not to mention that Sabrina is the first Eve?”


Jonathan couldn’t believe that his childhood friend was the first Eve in one of her many cycles. When she was too old, she’d be born again by invading a suitable womb: her body would revert back to the first stages of gestation. How this was done still remained a mystery.


“If she did not tell you first is because she wanted to protect you.” Alexia responded.

“Protect me from those big dogs!?” He couldn’t contain his exasperation.

“She wanted to protect you from yourself. What would you have done if she had told you earlier?”

“If she had told me that she’s God’s second creation? I’d still cherish her.”

“You’re lying.” Alexia seemed disappointed. “I thought you were more mature.”

“Well, I’d be mature if I hadn’t just seen a big one-winged wolf! Who was he after? Me or Sabrina?” He was curious. Why the Zamzera did not wish to fight Alexia?

“I’m not sure.” She replied.


“But be careful, he is the least of our worries.” She interrupted him.


The night sky was starry today as well, just as it had been three days ago. Each star, like a tiny glowing grain of sand upon a dark canvas, twinkled with such beauty. The moon was high above the sky, glorifying the night with its elegant silvery glow. The wind was chilly, it was almost the end of September and the elevation of this city made the cold breeze slightly unbearable.


He turned towards where Alexia was standing, and to his amazement, they had split. Alexis was staring at the moon, all the while Mariel was bathing in the moon’s light, both arms extended, her hair dancing in the cold breeze of the night. Alexis turned to Jonathan, her eyes were so small, yet he could see every tiny twinkle reflected in them. They both are beautiful in their own way, kind of like ying and yang; two pieces of the same puzzle.


Mariel walked toward him, smiling. If I didn’t know better, she’s cooking something up. “What’s the matter, Mariel?” She came so close to his face that they were sharing the same breath. She is gorgeous. “Jonathan, you are my right hand. Do you wish to know more about me?” Her voice had changed. It was only natural since she was no longer a part of Alexis.

“Yes, I do.” Though in his mind, he wanted no part in any of her schemes.

“Close your eyes, young one,” she whispered. “Now open your mind.”

He closed his eyes. He felt her warm moist lips upon his. Voices echoed inside his head, growing louder and louder, till he found himself floating in a vast abyss.

“This is the darkness before creation.” He could hear her voice echo around him.

A Cut That Will Not Bleed


It’s been a while since I wrote a stand-alone story. It’s made from something that happened to me recently, yes, I’m a dick but I’ve learned my lesson and so should the reader. Things aren’t always what they seem. There is no good and bad, just appropriate and inappropriate. It’s unedited, so beware the typos.


Dirt and mud particles floating around, rushing past his face, dragging along enough debris to strike him; he wondered if he would die. He couldn’t breathe anymore, what’s wrong with him? Knee-deep in mud, head covered in water; someone was standing on his shoulder. He tried to look, at the human who’d do such a thing to him. A tin veil of murky water still covered his vision, but he could see something: two slender creamy legs, a skirt and a face looking down on him, still smiling.


He woke up, dazed and scared. Checking his pulse, he wiped away the sweat on his forehead. It was all a dream. Choking up on his own saliva, he struggled to the kitchen. A glass of water, crystalline and pure, unlike that within his dream; his heart was beating faster and faster as agitation sank in. He didn’t know who she was but he had an idea. Sliding unto the checkered floor of his three-room apartment, he gazed at the darkened ceiling. Strange, he’d usually cry or beg for some supernatural power to guide him. No, he couldn’t… not after publicly bashing said ideas. He’d be a hypocrite.


Light’s turn on and off, the outside world was a dangerous place. Hearts are broken, spirits are damaged beyond repair… he knew what this was all about. Staring at his hands, he could picture them covered in blood; his blood. No, he looked around, such a stupid idea for such a stupid situation. Nobody was worth anybody’s life, except for his parents. He ran his fingers through his shaggy hair, it was surprisingly long. He had promised himself to get his hair as long as he could possibly bear it. Staring at the front door, he hoped someone would ring the doorbell. A keg of beer, some rum, maybe tequila – that’s all he hoped for.  Should he even get drunk at a time like this? Didn’t seem possible or reasonable, making drunk phone calls didn’t seem like a bright idea to him.


Struggling to his feet, he shuffled to his room. Slamming, no, he didn’t have enough anger to exhort said emotions on a door. He jumped unto his bed, slamming with the bed sheets, pillows jumping around like tiny marbles on a stretchy fabric. Watching from the edge of his eyes, the door was slightly opened as darkness poured in. He was sleepy, very sleepy but his heart was beating faster. No, it wasn’t a demon or a spirit… it was his conscience. It was black, murky, and bottled up within his sad existence. How he longed for things to go back to the simplicity of everyday life. They couldn’t, it was too late, he was alone now and that was what hurt the most.


The alarm clock was beeping, or should he call it his cellphone? Nobody was calling, of course. He swiped the screen with his finger and clumsily walked to the bathroom. He stared long and hard at his face, it was a mess. Hair all-over the place, eyes sunken with sleep deprivation, a half-broken, half-assed smile; something wasn’t right. As he closed the front door, he sighed. Another day, another side of the ugly world he’d have to see. Running past pedestrians, he caught the bus. Right in the nick of time, he wondered how many had been left behind or arrived too late. What had happened if he had arrived too late? A bloody sickening day or that should have been the right answer.


He checked his phone: 6:00a.m and right on schedule. He wasn’t too fond of arriving late nor was he fond of being so crammed inside a vehicle. Looking around, staring at the faces of individuals who might or might not be having a better life. Oh, shit, there it goes again… depression was sinking in. The outside world was passing by but to him everything was rewinding to that one event. He messed up, real bad.


Leaning on one leg, he looked over to the other classroom. Just as he had expected, there she was, smiling away with everybody. Was he the only one who felt pathetic? She should show some hint of sorrow or something, after all, they were close. He sighed again, looking at her one more time. He swore that she did a double take on him, but he couldn’t be sure. Why would she? She’s got plenty of friends will to take her side, he, on the other hand, had a handful of friends who were a few kilometers away. No real support there. Students and professors walking by, some running down the stairs, other going up; it all seemed parallel to him. Shit.



She peeked from a window on the door of the classroom. His heart skipped a beat. Why would she be here? Did she come to apologize? Nah, he was the one at fault, not her. Still, the way he treated him, he was hoping for something along the lines of a hug or a ‘good morning’ to cheer him up. Nothing, she waved at the guy next to him, as he awkwardly lowered his hand. Why did he think she’d wave at him? He still remembers her hazel eyes as he said that their friendship should that… Was she happy or was she depressed? He couldn’t quite catch it though he really wanted to believe that she was depressed. Running half-way through the campus, he found her and thoroughly apologized. He promised it was all a misunderstanding and that his brain had essentially stopped working. Apology accepted, or so he thought.


The nightmares wouldn’t stop, the fears would sink in, and the nervous shaking and the dryness of his mouth keep him preoccupied for the last four days. He wanted to salvage their friendship, or did he want something else? He closed his eyes and wondered what had happened to him. Why had he grown so attached to her? It was faint, the feelings that drove him to her were not friendship… it was attraction. A girl like her: charismatic, friendly, intelligent, beautiful, and an untamed spirit of rebellion and chaos. She had it all, he had none. He wanted to be the first to kiss her soft lips, whenever she’d twist them to prove a point, or to hold her side with both arms, whenever he’d poke them to make her tickle. Gripping his right arm, the trembling became unbearable. He got up and walked over to the next classroom.


He wasn’t doing it for those selfless feeling that generate within your heart, he wanted to be the first and no one else should get that privilege. What a fool, he had been. Shaken by this newfound feeling, the guilt was slowly fading away, now all that was left was desire. A shallow, hollow desire that served no purpose; he shook his head, people must have thought he was crazy. No, he wasn’t crazy; he was sick of himself and wanted to change everything. He knew every well that things with her would never be the same, it was crystal clear, no, and it was a sad, painful reality. But, what is a friendship if no two parties are honest? He’d never admit that to her, and she’d never admit that he was his pillar while things were falling around her, that she used him just as he had used her though their aims were different, the selfishness was still there.


She had told her to find the answer himself. That we were all alone in the world and nobody was there to guide us. He had always thought of friends as being beacons of like and support. Was he wrong? Had he envisioned a world so painfully wrong that his whole spirit would have to be converted to this way of thought? The sun was shining brightly, scorching the back of his neck, yet, his shadow was sad and lonely. Cold and emotionless, he wished for revenged, hoping that she’d come crawling back to him and he’d be there to tell her the exact same thing. He couldn’t… he was unable to abandon someone when they needed him the most, even if it was someone who had taken advantage of him in the past or a friend who had left him when he needed her the most.


Mist covered blades of grass, slightly shaken by the coursing breeze. Glittering droplets, a starry memoir to the lights that illuminates the darkness; he still can’t find the answer to it all but he doesn’t have to. Taking his cellphone, he activated his wifi, called on some friends and acquaintances. He knew the time was ripe to strengthen old friendships and form new ones. People don’t change, not if you’re unable to change yourself. Realizing that the hole in his chest was a void for dark, sickening desires and imaginations; he gazed into the sun for new illumination. If he wanted to be happy, he needed to shake off these feelings. Maybe be it will still linger after a week or two, he had, after all, lost something akin to a competition or a hunt.


Swiping his finger on the phone, the screen lit up. He tapped away as a he made a call. “Hey, how are you? Are you still going there this Thursday? Yeah, yeah, change of plans, I’m tagging along!”

Heißen of Eternity – Chapter 1: Part 2


Here is part II. Again, work in progress but still, I’m really happy with the direction the story is taking.


“Sheesh, you’re a wreck! Are you sick?” Sabrina’s arms akimbo, tapping her shoe on the surface of the pavement. It’s been a week now, and he still can’t comprehend the story. Was it a vision? Or was he so drunk that his imagination went on overdrive?

“I’m not… leave me alone Sabrina, go and do… whatever you normally do.” He was anxious; his heart was beating faster at the sound of Sabrina’s voice.

“That hurt! Why are you such a stick in the mud?” Her girly mannerisms would always irritate him. All of a sudden, she grew serious. “Jonathan, what is it? Tell me. I’m your right hand gal!”

“It’s that dream—“Jonathan was immediately interrupted by her abrupt squeal.

“Damn you Abby! Why do you always creep up behind me like that?” Sabrina’s smile made her lose all seriousness. She was just too happy-go-lucky.

“It’s your fault for being so jumpy!” Abby quickly replied. Jonathan got up and walked away.

Sabrina ran up to him, grabbing his hand, and giving him a quick smile, “I’m here, and I’ll always be here for you. If you need to talk, I’m your girl, okay?”

He blushed, “I’ll think about it.”

“You better!”


Maybe the soft breeze had finally seduced him into finding his apartment or was it the lack of sleep? He was drowsy, searching for his den and sleeping for the whole afternoon. That’d be nice. A well-deserved rest, after all, the air had grown cooler with each passing week. He really wanted to crawl under his bed sheets and take a long well-deserved nap.


His room was dark as he flicked the light switch on, but to no avail. The electricity is out? Or have they cut the services? Wait, I’ve paid my bills. He took out his cellphone and turned on the little LED light. With that he found his way to his room, but alas, he was not alone.


“Greetings.” She sat on the edge of his bed, swaying her legs up and down. Her eyes glowed with a golden sun-like radiance.

“Who are you? Wait, don’t tell—“

She shushed him. “I’ve come to give you my eternal gratitude. You freed me from my prison.” The light turned on as if an invisible hand flipped the switch.


She was so beautiful; her face wasn’t that atrocity from before. Light pink lips, silky smooth clear skin and two beautiful hyacinth eyes.


“Gratitude? I don’t know why someone like you would thank me…” He took a step back.

“Do you fear me? I am, in a sense, the keeper of all of mankind. I took care of the young Adam and the young Lilith.” She stood, curtsied and walked towards him. “My name is Ankamarathaniel, one of the three grand celestial emperors, second only Adam Kadmon. I nursed the many angels that have existed, and saw to it that mankind would be brought up with the outmost care.”

“Angel’s don’t look like creatures with many eyes and covered in blood.” Jonathan took a few steps back, trying to evade her stare. As he looked away he could sense the tension in the atmosphere. It had grown cold and eerie.

“I made a grave mistake in the past. That was my punishment. Have you ever done something so wrong for the person you love?” her voice grew somber.

“Ankathiel? Anka- ankar… Can I call you Mariel?”

“Yes, you may.” She smiled.


Is she really an angel or am I being tricked? Maybe they paid her to come and scare me or perhaps there’s a camera hidden around here.


“I have no reason to lie.” Mariel commented. Did she read my mind?

“Yes!” Mariel sat on the bed.

“I don’t really think you came just to thank me. Seriously, o great angel or whatever you are, why are you here?” He had grown suspicious of her motives. Yes, why would a divine being feel compelled to thank him? He’s the inferior species, he’s the slave.

“Humans are so impressive! You saw through me immediately! Something I’d expect from God’s greatest creation.” She lunged herself unto his bed. “I ask for your help. If I stay like this any longer, the other humans will come after me, and so will the angels.”

“Are you running from someone?”

She pursed her lips. “From my brothers. I’m too weak, you see. If the young ones came after me, I could evade them, but angels and other entities would be far too troublesome! And my brothers are too strong.”

“And who exactly are your brothers?” Jonathan swallowed hard.

“Agnostias and Lucifer.” She lowered her head. “Agnostias was the angel whose duty was to defend the heavens from the old ones and Lucifer was given the task to govern over everything as God’s right hand.”

“And who are the Old Ones and Young Ones?”

“That tale is for another day. Come! Lead me to a place where many come together to adore God.” She stood up again, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him all the way to the street. She had an immense strength added to her already impressive height.




They took a bus to the cathedral in front of the central park. It was smack-dabbed in the middle of the city. The place was filled with people, even at this late in the evening. Lights dotted the landscape and the beautiful sound of the choir singing hymns filled the air. She stopped midway across the park and stared at the heavens. The night was starry; the moon was still hidden in the horizon.


“Why did we stop? I guess the most important question here is: What are we doing here?” Jonathan crossed his arms and stared at Mariel. She still wouldn’t move from there. Hypnotized by the heavens, she was in a deep trance. He tried to hide from the stares of each passerby.

“They built this grand cathedral as a powerful beacon and a place where demon hunters congregate,” Mariel replied. “The Catholic Church and its Holy Inquisition would dispose of me and you if they were to sense us.”


A chill ran down my spine. “Then, why did we stop?”

“I remembered…” She let out a long sigh. “I remember what it was to be free of fear. Now, for someone like me, the Malleus Maleficarum would be dispatched.”

“Malleus Maleficarum?” He was perplexed by such an ominous name.

“-The Witch’s Hammer- I’ll explain it later.”

“And just how do you know all this? Weren’t you imprisoned?” He questioned her. Is it possible she was lying about her identity?

“I’ve been watching over you ever since the beginning of time. I used these little friends.” A beautiful blue butterfly flew over to her hair and just stood there, wings unfolded. “They have been my eyes and ears for millions of years even before the dawn of the third creation.”

He felt disoriented and distraught! “And why have we stopped here exactly?” Fear was settling in.

“There are seals around the perimeter of the cathedral. If I was to step on them, they’d sense me, seeing that I’m trying my best to keep this body the way it is.” Her voice was still as calm as ever.

“And if that was the case, then what are we doing here?” He asked again.

“There, amidst the many believers, there is always someone whose spirit has awakened in a special way. I need that body to rest in and hide from seals like these.” She explained. It all seemed like a badly written plot for some Sunday morning cartoon.


After taking a look around, they rested on a small wooden bench. The wind was growing chilly, and yet, how did she manage in such a thin white dress? That’s barely any protection. She sure is lovely, though. It’s almost as the heavens carved her out of the very fabric of existence.


The church bells rang; it was already nine in the evening. Couples passed by, holding hands or making out under the shades of the many trees adorning the park; it was already that time of the evening. Out of nowhere, Mariel stood up and pointed at someone.



“Who? That girl?” He asked her.


There was a young lady, perhaps a few years younger than him, sitting near a bench, close to the cathedral. She was reading a book. Her short brown hair swayed to and fro, from time to time, when the breeze grew stronger.


“I need to get to her,” she sat again on the bench.

“Can’t you keep your powers or whatever under control?”

“It’s not that simple.” She stood, once again, and walked towards her. Jonathan walked closely behind. He was confused by her actions. She’d say one thing and do another. It’s as if she fears nothing.


As she kneeled on the ground, she bit her finger. A red bead of blood popped from her wound. She drew a small swastika-looking cross. It disappeared into the ground, and just like that, Mariel’s body became whiter than snow. Mariel resumed her march towards the girl.


The girl was sitting there, reading her book. She paid no attention to them. She’s quite lovely, but young too, probably six to seven years younger than him. That’d make her what, sixteen or seventeen years old? He continually stared at Mariel and at the girl sitting on the bench. What are they doing? Mariel’s just standing there and that girl is just sitting there reading. It’s as if they refuse to acknowledge each other’s existence.


“Alexis.” Mariel finally spoke.

“Hmmm?” As the girl looked up, Mariel quickly leaned over and kissed her lips.


What’s she doing! That girl’s expression is the last thing I remember. It was a mixture of fear, shock, and shame. At that moment Mariel disappeared in a burst of red particles. He looked around, hoping nobody had seen this. Everyone was standing still, as if time had stopped. The girl’s olive colored skin turned into a creamy clear complexion, her hair grew to shoulder length, and her eyes became light hazel.


“Mariel?” Jonathan called her name.

“Call me Alexia; it’ll make both of us happy.” Her voice was different: an echo of two voices entwined into one.

“What’ll happen to her? What about her family? They’ll start looking for her.”

“I’ve taken care of that. She’s a psychic. I couldn’t have asked for a better body.” She placed the book inside her bag, closed her eyes and lowered her head. Placing both hands together, she said, “I thank you Alexis, for your help. I shall remember you in the afterlife and no harm shall ever come upon your body or soul.”

As Alexia made her way to the cathedral Jonathan stopped half way. She stopped, turning her gaze at him. “Just who in fuck’s name are you?”


“Don’t give me that shit! Stop acting stupid! You think you’ve got me fooled?” He tossed his phone to the ground, a move he’d probably regret later on. “Who in the hell are you? Tell me, and I won’t take any of that stupid guardian shit any longer!”

“Very well, what do you wish to know?” She stretched out her hand, inviting him over to where she stood.

“Tell me what’s going on! Why are you here? What do you want with me? Who was she?”

“She’s just a vessel.” She sighed, walked over towards him. “Would it surprise you if I told you that God is no longer with us? That for the past 10,000 years, he’s nowhere to be found?”


“There is a complex hierarchy that controls heaven… God is not in it but there is something akin to him. You could say that he’s a replacement God, or a being who happens to be an afterimage of God.”

“I don’t understand…”

“Shhhhh,” she placed a finger on her lips and with that, her voice became a whisper. “All you need to know is that you are an important piece and now that I’m out, we need to stop this false God from destroying everything God created.” She smiled. “Bear with me, okay?”