Heißen of Eternity – Chapter 1: Part 2


Here is part II. Again, work in progress but still, I’m really happy with the direction the story is taking.


“Sheesh, you’re a wreck! Are you sick?” Sabrina’s arms akimbo, tapping her shoe on the surface of the pavement. It’s been a week now, and he still can’t comprehend the story. Was it a vision? Or was he so drunk that his imagination went on overdrive?

“I’m not… leave me alone Sabrina, go and do… whatever you normally do.” He was anxious; his heart was beating faster at the sound of Sabrina’s voice.

“That hurt! Why are you such a stick in the mud?” Her girly mannerisms would always irritate him. All of a sudden, she grew serious. “Jonathan, what is it? Tell me. I’m your right hand gal!”

“It’s that dream—“Jonathan was immediately interrupted by her abrupt squeal.

“Damn you Abby! Why do you always creep up behind me like that?” Sabrina’s smile made her lose all seriousness. She was just too happy-go-lucky.

“It’s your fault for being so jumpy!” Abby quickly replied. Jonathan got up and walked away.

Sabrina ran up to him, grabbing his hand, and giving him a quick smile, “I’m here, and I’ll always be here for you. If you need to talk, I’m your girl, okay?”

He blushed, “I’ll think about it.”

“You better!”


Maybe the soft breeze had finally seduced him into finding his apartment or was it the lack of sleep? He was drowsy, searching for his den and sleeping for the whole afternoon. That’d be nice. A well-deserved rest, after all, the air had grown cooler with each passing week. He really wanted to crawl under his bed sheets and take a long well-deserved nap.


His room was dark as he flicked the light switch on, but to no avail. The electricity is out? Or have they cut the services? Wait, I’ve paid my bills. He took out his cellphone and turned on the little LED light. With that he found his way to his room, but alas, he was not alone.


“Greetings.” She sat on the edge of his bed, swaying her legs up and down. Her eyes glowed with a golden sun-like radiance.

“Who are you? Wait, don’t tell—“

She shushed him. “I’ve come to give you my eternal gratitude. You freed me from my prison.” The light turned on as if an invisible hand flipped the switch.


She was so beautiful; her face wasn’t that atrocity from before. Light pink lips, silky smooth clear skin and two beautiful hyacinth eyes.


“Gratitude? I don’t know why someone like you would thank me…” He took a step back.

“Do you fear me? I am, in a sense, the keeper of all of mankind. I took care of the young Adam and the young Lilith.” She stood, curtsied and walked towards him. “My name is Ankamarathaniel, one of the three grand celestial emperors, second only Adam Kadmon. I nursed the many angels that have existed, and saw to it that mankind would be brought up with the outmost care.”

“Angel’s don’t look like creatures with many eyes and covered in blood.” Jonathan took a few steps back, trying to evade her stare. As he looked away he could sense the tension in the atmosphere. It had grown cold and eerie.

“I made a grave mistake in the past. That was my punishment. Have you ever done something so wrong for the person you love?” her voice grew somber.

“Ankathiel? Anka- ankar… Can I call you Mariel?”

“Yes, you may.” She smiled.


Is she really an angel or am I being tricked? Maybe they paid her to come and scare me or perhaps there’s a camera hidden around here.


“I have no reason to lie.” Mariel commented. Did she read my mind?

“Yes!” Mariel sat on the bed.

“I don’t really think you came just to thank me. Seriously, o great angel or whatever you are, why are you here?” He had grown suspicious of her motives. Yes, why would a divine being feel compelled to thank him? He’s the inferior species, he’s the slave.

“Humans are so impressive! You saw through me immediately! Something I’d expect from God’s greatest creation.” She lunged herself unto his bed. “I ask for your help. If I stay like this any longer, the other humans will come after me, and so will the angels.”

“Are you running from someone?”

She pursed her lips. “From my brothers. I’m too weak, you see. If the young ones came after me, I could evade them, but angels and other entities would be far too troublesome! And my brothers are too strong.”

“And who exactly are your brothers?” Jonathan swallowed hard.

“Agnostias and Lucifer.” She lowered her head. “Agnostias was the angel whose duty was to defend the heavens from the old ones and Lucifer was given the task to govern over everything as God’s right hand.”

“And who are the Old Ones and Young Ones?”

“That tale is for another day. Come! Lead me to a place where many come together to adore God.” She stood up again, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him all the way to the street. She had an immense strength added to her already impressive height.




They took a bus to the cathedral in front of the central park. It was smack-dabbed in the middle of the city. The place was filled with people, even at this late in the evening. Lights dotted the landscape and the beautiful sound of the choir singing hymns filled the air. She stopped midway across the park and stared at the heavens. The night was starry; the moon was still hidden in the horizon.


“Why did we stop? I guess the most important question here is: What are we doing here?” Jonathan crossed his arms and stared at Mariel. She still wouldn’t move from there. Hypnotized by the heavens, she was in a deep trance. He tried to hide from the stares of each passerby.

“They built this grand cathedral as a powerful beacon and a place where demon hunters congregate,” Mariel replied. “The Catholic Church and its Holy Inquisition would dispose of me and you if they were to sense us.”


A chill ran down my spine. “Then, why did we stop?”

“I remembered…” She let out a long sigh. “I remember what it was to be free of fear. Now, for someone like me, the Malleus Maleficarum would be dispatched.”

“Malleus Maleficarum?” He was perplexed by such an ominous name.

“-The Witch’s Hammer- I’ll explain it later.”

“And just how do you know all this? Weren’t you imprisoned?” He questioned her. Is it possible she was lying about her identity?

“I’ve been watching over you ever since the beginning of time. I used these little friends.” A beautiful blue butterfly flew over to her hair and just stood there, wings unfolded. “They have been my eyes and ears for millions of years even before the dawn of the third creation.”

He felt disoriented and distraught! “And why have we stopped here exactly?” Fear was settling in.

“There are seals around the perimeter of the cathedral. If I was to step on them, they’d sense me, seeing that I’m trying my best to keep this body the way it is.” Her voice was still as calm as ever.

“And if that was the case, then what are we doing here?” He asked again.

“There, amidst the many believers, there is always someone whose spirit has awakened in a special way. I need that body to rest in and hide from seals like these.” She explained. It all seemed like a badly written plot for some Sunday morning cartoon.


After taking a look around, they rested on a small wooden bench. The wind was growing chilly, and yet, how did she manage in such a thin white dress? That’s barely any protection. She sure is lovely, though. It’s almost as the heavens carved her out of the very fabric of existence.


The church bells rang; it was already nine in the evening. Couples passed by, holding hands or making out under the shades of the many trees adorning the park; it was already that time of the evening. Out of nowhere, Mariel stood up and pointed at someone.



“Who? That girl?” He asked her.


There was a young lady, perhaps a few years younger than him, sitting near a bench, close to the cathedral. She was reading a book. Her short brown hair swayed to and fro, from time to time, when the breeze grew stronger.


“I need to get to her,” she sat again on the bench.

“Can’t you keep your powers or whatever under control?”

“It’s not that simple.” She stood, once again, and walked towards her. Jonathan walked closely behind. He was confused by her actions. She’d say one thing and do another. It’s as if she fears nothing.


As she kneeled on the ground, she bit her finger. A red bead of blood popped from her wound. She drew a small swastika-looking cross. It disappeared into the ground, and just like that, Mariel’s body became whiter than snow. Mariel resumed her march towards the girl.


The girl was sitting there, reading her book. She paid no attention to them. She’s quite lovely, but young too, probably six to seven years younger than him. That’d make her what, sixteen or seventeen years old? He continually stared at Mariel and at the girl sitting on the bench. What are they doing? Mariel’s just standing there and that girl is just sitting there reading. It’s as if they refuse to acknowledge each other’s existence.


“Alexis.” Mariel finally spoke.

“Hmmm?” As the girl looked up, Mariel quickly leaned over and kissed her lips.


What’s she doing! That girl’s expression is the last thing I remember. It was a mixture of fear, shock, and shame. At that moment Mariel disappeared in a burst of red particles. He looked around, hoping nobody had seen this. Everyone was standing still, as if time had stopped. The girl’s olive colored skin turned into a creamy clear complexion, her hair grew to shoulder length, and her eyes became light hazel.


“Mariel?” Jonathan called her name.

“Call me Alexia; it’ll make both of us happy.” Her voice was different: an echo of two voices entwined into one.

“What’ll happen to her? What about her family? They’ll start looking for her.”

“I’ve taken care of that. She’s a psychic. I couldn’t have asked for a better body.” She placed the book inside her bag, closed her eyes and lowered her head. Placing both hands together, she said, “I thank you Alexis, for your help. I shall remember you in the afterlife and no harm shall ever come upon your body or soul.”

As Alexia made her way to the cathedral Jonathan stopped half way. She stopped, turning her gaze at him. “Just who in fuck’s name are you?”


“Don’t give me that shit! Stop acting stupid! You think you’ve got me fooled?” He tossed his phone to the ground, a move he’d probably regret later on. “Who in the hell are you? Tell me, and I won’t take any of that stupid guardian shit any longer!”

“Very well, what do you wish to know?” She stretched out her hand, inviting him over to where she stood.

“Tell me what’s going on! Why are you here? What do you want with me? Who was she?”

“She’s just a vessel.” She sighed, walked over towards him. “Would it surprise you if I told you that God is no longer with us? That for the past 10,000 years, he’s nowhere to be found?”


“There is a complex hierarchy that controls heaven… God is not in it but there is something akin to him. You could say that he’s a replacement God, or a being who happens to be an afterimage of God.”

“I don’t understand…”

“Shhhhh,” she placed a finger on her lips and with that, her voice became a whisper. “All you need to know is that you are an important piece and now that I’m out, we need to stop this false God from destroying everything God created.” She smiled. “Bear with me, okay?”

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