Heißen of Eternity – Chapter 1: Part 3


Part III a little late… Again, there are typos (hopefully less than before) and well, it’s a work in progress.



Three days have gone by; Jonathan is still perplexed by everything that has transpired. Even though she has explained some of her story, the idea of a supernatural being from a place called ‘Heaven’ was something he had left behind along with his faith. Alexia had yet to return from her ‘field investigation’ and Jonathan felt as if someone was watching him; growing paranoid with every passing hour.


He’d get goose bumps at the very thought of demons and monsters haunting him. These past days, he kept Sabrina and Abby at a distance. Endangering their lives was the last thing on his mind, plus if they saw him with Alexia, they’d probably skin him alive. They were overprotective, possibly even jealous of his female friends. He’d keep busy at the university, telling himself that nobody would attack him in such a crowded place.


“Jonathan!” He knew that voice all too well. He turned up the volume of his mp3 player and kept on walking, hoping she’d give up if he lost her amidst the crowds of students.

“Jonathan.” That voice, it’s as if the voice was deep inside my head. Why now of all times?

“Alexia?” He turned around, and there she stood. She had a beautiful brown sweater on, “Where did you get that?” He pointed at the sweater.

“Alexis lent it to me.”

“What exactly have you been up to?” Turning around he caught a glimpse of Sabrina.

“There seems to be a problem. I’ve sensed a descendant of Enoch.” She seemed worried.

“A Lyenochean?” Jonathan added.


A descendant of Enoch was a being born from Enoch’s flesh. He was neither an angel nor a demon, but a false copy of divinity. Their birth was a mistake. They broke most of the ancient divine laws and after they got caught by the heavenly authority, they were bound deep within the earth, or so she told him.


“That sounds awful…” Alexia giggled. That was the first time she’s joked about anything. Could it be because she merged with Alexis? He could feel her influence growing weaker. “But, at least in the last millennia, nobody’s ever given them a name. I salute you, Jonathan.”

“Yeah, well, you give this Agnostic too much credit.”

“Is that so? I thought you said you were a Catholic.” Her curious stare was too much for Jonathan to resist.

“I don’t believe in most of the church’s teaching but I believe in a God. Well, now anyways… Meeting you confused me somewhat.”

Again, he saw Sabrina closing by. He needed to hide Alexia. “Hey, will you go get me a doughnut?”

“A doughnut? Why a doughnut?” She drew a circle in the air, with her index finger.

“Yes, those. I’m somewhat hungry… I’ll be back in a few seconds.”


The idea is to keep those two from meeting. Damn it, why did I meet such a bothersome angel? Why couldn’t it have been Michael or Gabriel? Sabrina stopped midway, and ran the opposite direction. What the hell? Alexia grabbed his hand. 


“Don’t go after her. Her aura is different.” She whispered.

“Her aura?” Jonathan was confused by the comment.

“Everyone has an aura, it can be one of the seven colors of the rainbow or a variation of each, but hers is different. Her aura has two wings. She isn’t an angel or anything spiritual, but her aura is of pure white; snow white… untainted by man.”

“Is she possessed?” He was afraid that something might have happened to her, seeing that Mariel did the same to an innocent bystander.

“No, not at all. That’s her natural aura. It’s as if she was made, not born. The only beings that are capable of having such an aura are the first of God’s creation.” She was serious. That was unlike her.

“So, you’d have to be hand made by God for you to possess that aura?” Jonathan asked. “Well anyway, she’s my friend. We’ve been together ever since kindergarten. There is no way in hell I’d leave her alone.”


He ran after her, though she wouldn’t slow down. What’s wrong? Is she angry? Checking his watch: it was ten past six in the afternoon; it was already dark. The hallway of each building was overrun by the darkness emanating from a sky missing a sun, illuminated by a few light fixtures. She ran all the way to the third building after the one they were at. This structure happened to be behind the whole university.


He caught up to her.


“Sabrina! What’s wrong?” He was afraid she wouldn’t respond.

“It’s nothing. I was just having a nice afternoon jog.” Sabrina tried to evade his eyes.

“It’s not what you think it is, okay?”

“Why are you keeping secrets from me?” she quickly replied.

“Secrets? You mean Alexia? She’s just a friend.” Jonathan tried to keep his composure; a false move could escalate the situation.

Sabrina’s eyes overflowed with tears. “I haven’t been honest with you, either.”

“About wha—“A growl startled them.


They quickly turned around, a man wearing a coat stood in the middle of the hallway. All they could see was his long hair and his glowing red eyes. The fixtures exploded one after the other till they were enveloped by darkness. He could feel Sabrina’s hair on his face. He grabbed her hand. They dared not talk, staring straight down the hall; in hopes that the ‘being’ would reveal itself. The footsteps grew closer and closer, as if it was in a dash, they held each other’s hands even tighter; praying that someone might save them.


“It’s my fault. Run Jonathan! He’s looking for me!” Sabrina pushed him way.


“Well, I won’t let you have your way, Eve!” A bright flash seared the floor of the hallway, leaving several scorched marks along its path. Alexia stood there before them. She performed some sort of a dance. Before they knew it, a bright wing appeared upon Alexia’s left shoulder. It’s that wing again! “I know your identity, oh treacherous descendant of Enoch! Obey me, Zamzera!” She plucked several feathers and tossed them all around us. The feathers began to burn like torches.


“Forgive me, milady, but I’m on a noble hunt.” The thing spoke. His body took the appearance of a great black wolf, with a single grey wing on its right shoulder.

“Zamzera! Do not defy me! In my arms, I held your ancestors. What made you defy your father’s mother? Cease this fruitless quest and go back from whence you came!” Jonathan had never seen her so enraged.


A few days ago she had expressed her indignation at beings born after the rise of the angels; false angelic creatures born from human will.


He growled, “I cannot go back if I fail. Burn my flesh and crush my bones, but Zamzera shall fall honorably!” He pounced, at that very moment the tiny feathers turned into crystalline sapphire swords. They swooped by, skewering him in midair. His blood dripped over Jonathan and Sabrina, soaking their clothes and hair.

“I pray that you shall find true peace, Zamzera.” With a snap of her finger, Alexia turned the swords into flames, burning him till nothing was left behind.




That night, Alexia called for Jonathan. Sabrina was asleep in his room. He was still shaken from the fight, not to mention the fact that such a ‘thing’ existed.


“Alexia, this is crazy! I never thought this would escalate this rapidly! We had a colossal mutt chasing us, not to mention that Sabrina is the first Eve?”


Jonathan couldn’t believe that his childhood friend was the first Eve in one of her many cycles. When she was too old, she’d be born again by invading a suitable womb: her body would revert back to the first stages of gestation. How this was done still remained a mystery.


“If she did not tell you first is because she wanted to protect you.” Alexia responded.

“Protect me from those big dogs!?” He couldn’t contain his exasperation.

“She wanted to protect you from yourself. What would you have done if she had told you earlier?”

“If she had told me that she’s God’s second creation? I’d still cherish her.”

“You’re lying.” Alexia seemed disappointed. “I thought you were more mature.”

“Well, I’d be mature if I hadn’t just seen a big one-winged wolf! Who was he after? Me or Sabrina?” He was curious. Why the Zamzera did not wish to fight Alexia?

“I’m not sure.” She replied.


“But be careful, he is the least of our worries.” She interrupted him.


The night sky was starry today as well, just as it had been three days ago. Each star, like a tiny glowing grain of sand upon a dark canvas, twinkled with such beauty. The moon was high above the sky, glorifying the night with its elegant silvery glow. The wind was chilly, it was almost the end of September and the elevation of this city made the cold breeze slightly unbearable.


He turned towards where Alexia was standing, and to his amazement, they had split. Alexis was staring at the moon, all the while Mariel was bathing in the moon’s light, both arms extended, her hair dancing in the cold breeze of the night. Alexis turned to Jonathan, her eyes were so small, yet he could see every tiny twinkle reflected in them. They both are beautiful in their own way, kind of like ying and yang; two pieces of the same puzzle.


Mariel walked toward him, smiling. If I didn’t know better, she’s cooking something up. “What’s the matter, Mariel?” She came so close to his face that they were sharing the same breath. She is gorgeous. “Jonathan, you are my right hand. Do you wish to know more about me?” Her voice had changed. It was only natural since she was no longer a part of Alexis.

“Yes, I do.” Though in his mind, he wanted no part in any of her schemes.

“Close your eyes, young one,” she whispered. “Now open your mind.”

He closed his eyes. He felt her warm moist lips upon his. Voices echoed inside his head, growing louder and louder, till he found himself floating in a vast abyss.

“This is the darkness before creation.” He could hear her voice echo around him.

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