The Work Continues!

So, I’ve been uploading Haven and The Village Standing on God’s Feet… but, my love belongs to Adagio for Canon. Here’s a fragment of chapter 14… a few more to go and the book will be finished… probably before my vacations end.


Twelve more hours to go; her hands were shaky as the tension of the situation settled in. Amelia closed her eyes and took a small sip from her glass, shaking its icy contents, rattling as she struggled to her feet. Whiskey had never been a vice she took lightly, furthermore, she’d try to never indulge in anything that would consume her control over any situation – she was determined. The small ice cubes rattled as she placed the glass on the smooth mahogany desk now covered in papers and maps. A small drop fell on a location she had highlighted in red. Holding her head with both hands, she sighed; a light headache was settling in.

“Am I doing the right thing?” she whispered to herself, taking a step back. As she fixed her slouching posture, she combed her hair and played with the mirror for a while – her face wasn’t that of a Premier, not yet anyway.


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