Adagio for Canon: Chapter 15 – Fragment-

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Yes, I’ve been gone for quite some time… I’ve been busy. Very busy. Mostly due to personal reasons but here I am, enjoy this tiny piece. It’s sort of rated R, if you dislike mild written nudity. Okay, maybe PG-13. I mean, seriously, who’d get offended by some descriptions… P.S. It’s not edited.


I looked at the report but while most rejoiced, it baffled me. The report made no sense: to attack a location of little to no tactical importance when this base was the real threat. Was Amelia bluffing? Had our mole betrayed us? I couldn’t put my mind at ease.  Closing my eyes, I rested my head on the table, taunted by a strange feeling. Something was off.

A soft warm touch slid down my back; brushing my sides and up to my shoulders. I touched these soft hands that caressed my skin, as my shirt slid off my arms. Finger nails gently yet barely scratching the surface of my skin; it was like therapy for my stress.

“Why don’t we have our very own private meeting in my room?” Michelle whispered into my ear. Wrapping her arms around my chest, “it’s been a while since I’ve reported you… personally.”

I couldn’t open my eyes, my head felt so heavy, “I’ll need to freshen up a bit, if you don’t want me to suddenly fall asleep.”

“You worry too much. The report’s from a reliable source. I knew him personally, he’s a good fellow.”

“I know but still… something doesn’t sound right. Mother’s power hungry but that’s never gone to her head. This is clearly a red flag,” I muffled through my teeth as dust dispersed into the air.

“If you’re so worried, why don’t you with the next team? They’re going to monitor the situation from a closer vantage point. If you smell trouble, we’ll evacuate.”

I yawned, “That’s not a bad idea… it’s a pretty damn good idea. The best I’ve heard in a while.”

“What can I say? I kick ass,” Michelle kissed my cheek.




The baby was still asleep inside his crib.


I slowly slid my cover to a side. Michelle was sound asleep as her hair covered her face. I tried sliding off the bed but her arm suddenly wrapped around my waist, throwing herself on top of me. I wrestled with her till I found myself on top of her, holding her back against my chest.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She whispered, careful as to not awaken the baby.

“I need to get ready, Benque Viejo’s six hours from here. If we don’t get going soon, we’ll lose the cover of the night.” I wrapped my arms around her naked body, as I gently kissed the back of her neck, holding her long hair to a side. “I’ve always loved your neck, did you know that?”

“Love, I’ve heard that so many times.”

“It’s your fault for being so damn beautiful.”

“A year ago you didn’t like me.” She turned to me as her breasts pressed to my chest, “that little devil was the best relationship counselor nature could muster.”

“That little rascal’s got spunk like his mother,” I kissed her lips.

I could feel her soft leg rubbing against mine; gently holding mine, her heel on the back of my leg. Her warm embrace and the scent of the sweat running down her chest were intoxicating. She smiled as her lips slid down my neck, kissing my chest.

“Honey, I need to get going,” I slid off the bad and walked to the bathroom. “I’ll be back, don’t you worry. It’s just recon. I’d rather feel safe by seeing it with my own eyes than to walk into a trap.”

“Won’t we defend them?” Michelle asked.

“They refused to join us or our aid,” I slipped into my pants all the while searching for my belt. “We asked on separate occasions but they refused even to accept our letters. They’ve got some balls standing up to a whole nation, being only two towns and five measly villages.”

“Should I go with you? I could send the baby to the Corozal base.” Michelle seemed worried, probably scared that I’d do something brash if anything happened.

“If push comes to shove, we’ll retreat. No use staying if we’ve got no backup. Queen Sophia won’t provide support either.”

Queen Sophia. I could never stand that title, and soon enough, her name started to annoy me. It wasn’t hate; God knows I’d never hate her, but it was a distinct desire to forget her. After a while, seeing that neither of us would disappear for each other’s life; much to the dismay of Michelle and Janet, I had to focus on my family. Michelle was my family. Mother and father were never there for us; I had to become that person they should have been and Sophia had no place in my future. It was difficult at first, but after several months, I became numb: numb to her smile, her voice, her eyes, and her spirit but I was sure that to her… I was that unreachable star she’d never be able to hold.

It hurts if you pay too much attention to it.




Anastasia stared at the rotating blades of the ceiling fan, passing by every second as the soft breeze brushed her skin. The bed was uncomfortable, the same could be said about the pillow. Stiff and cold; it smelled clean but cheap hotels were far from sanitary. She sat up and looked at the watch, it was still two in the morning. The sun wouldn’t be out for at least four more hours; not that she really wanted to see the sunlight. Today was the day. Today she’d get rid of that stain in her past, yet, why did it hurt so much?

Anastasia crawled to the drawer by the foot of her bed, taking out a small golden cross. Kneeling on the floor, she cried. Begging God to forgive her for ever falling victim to her jealousy. Praying for a miracle: that Alexander might escape the ensuing hell that would soon befall them.

She suddenly stood, bare feet on the floor, as her tears fell down her cheeks. Holding the cross in one hand, she tossed it against the wall. Closing her eyes, she continued crying. Anastasia wanted to warn him by any means necessary but she knew that it was already too late. A miracle comes to those who desperately need it but she was not more worthy than Alexander was. She was as guilty as he was of treason. Anastasia was an even bigger hypocrite and that was what hurt her the most.


The Work Continues!

So, I’ve been uploading Haven and The Village Standing on God’s Feet… but, my love belongs to Adagio for Canon. Here’s a fragment of chapter 14… a few more to go and the book will be finished… probably before my vacations end.


Twelve more hours to go; her hands were shaky as the tension of the situation settled in. Amelia closed her eyes and took a small sip from her glass, shaking its icy contents, rattling as she struggled to her feet. Whiskey had never been a vice she took lightly, furthermore, she’d try to never indulge in anything that would consume her control over any situation – she was determined. The small ice cubes rattled as she placed the glass on the smooth mahogany desk now covered in papers and maps. A small drop fell on a location she had highlighted in red. Holding her head with both hands, she sighed; a light headache was settling in.

“Am I doing the right thing?” she whispered to herself, taking a step back. As she fixed her slouching posture, she combed her hair and played with the mirror for a while – her face wasn’t that of a Premier, not yet anyway.

Ciudades Do Destino – 4 – Sapphire Frosted Wings


Finally part 4/5! One more to go and we’re ready! 🙂 again, this might have a few mistakes because I seldom edit when I upload it to my blog. Grammar Nazis… beware.


She had already become accustomed to walking around her home, talking on her cellphone, waiting for the right moment to escape from her home. The first instance she noticed she could move her legs, Pricilla became terrified and confused, thinking it was all just a bad dream she walked over to where her mother was. The kitchen seemed so much smaller, probably because she wasn’t restricted to her old wheelchair. She was tall, something she’d never felt before, reaching right over the counter, taking down a bag of cereal. She swore by her own grave that she was probably taller than your average twenty-year-old.

Shuffling through the kitchen to the living room, she stared at a small oval mirror hanging neatly over the portrait of her mother and father. Her eyes, her hair, everything was as it should be: she was color blind. It was a worthy trade for something like her independence and mobility.  Something was off, a portrait of her mother and father? He’s been dead for as long as she could remember… That was the reason why she was wheelchair bound.

“Wait a second,” She shouted out, “If I am not wheelchair bound then that would mean that the accident never happened…!” Looking around for traces of her father, she found them… Carvings, wooden sculptures and clay pots: he was here. “So, we’re a happy family?” Tears fell from her eyes.

Suddenly the darkness of the shallow empty room had been illuminated by the opening of the front door; a familiar figure took a step forward, uncertain as to what awaited him inside the home. Probably, that was all that transpired within her mind, but the reality of the situation was another. Everything played insider her mind, like an old VHS tape, scrolling, and rolling, black and white strips of pictures zooming by till a continuous progression of events linked with the fragments of her memories. Things had to change for this new outcome to prevail upon her reality… now, what happened to that other girl?

Her father walked up to Pricilla, smiling he hugged her. She grabbed on to her shirt and held him in her embrace. Startled, he stiffened. It was as if she hadn’t seen him for the longest time. “Is everything alright, princess?”

“She wiped away her tears. No, nothing’s wrong dad… It’s just, I’m so happy to see you.” She hugged him even tighter.

“Are you crying Pricilla? What’s going on? Are you sick? Is something the matter?”

“It’s nothing…”

“Okay, I’ll be here if you need to talk to me. I’m going to get some stuff that your mother wanted me to buy… gosh; she’s like having Caesar as a wife.” He laughed and walked into the kitchen.

That bad sense of humor, she knew it all too well. He was alive; Pricilla not only got the independence she desired but her father as well. Gazing at the ceiling, she smiled. “Today I should probably take a nap outside, for the first time in ages.” She whispered to herself.

Her eyes were still misty, but she had a new lease on life. Something had started that day, she could feel the gears moving forward as they should, and at the same time, she could feel that something wasn’t right. Everything’s as it should be, right? Then, what’s this strange longing? As she laid on the grass, gazing up at the passing fluffy-white, summer clouds, she yawned. “It’s probably nothing…” Her vision faded into darkness.


She woke up to the sound of tiny brittle crystalline shards shattering and scraping on a surface. Looking around, she remembered the place: a cave with massive quartz crystals. Not quite, this place had changed so much since she was here. The massive quartz crystals have been replaced with small crystalline flowers, and the cave was now a sinkhole with a grand view to the massive moon that shone over them. Its silvery light fragmented into a spectrum of colors as they filtered through every flower’s crystal petals. Reflected in every petal, were still images of her memories… a few she could no longer remember. Too many, she could no longer remember. Taking a step back, she realized that there was a lot of her life that she did not know off, in this reality, and she was slowly losing those she already had.

Looking around, she spotted a massive root running beneath the centermost location in the sinkhole. “A root?” She placed one finger on her lips, tapping slowly, thinking as she walked around it. It hit her… The massive tree in her dream!


Everybody’s sacrifice is different, and we all bear what we can, both, physically and mentally tolerate but she was scared. Though three days had passed, she’s still very much scared of her newfound burden. She gave up her legs for seeing in color? That was ridiculous. It was a rip-off; she was swindled. Why in the world would she give-up that which was indispensable to her life by obtaining a solution to her color blindness?

Getting out of bed was already a hassle, not to mention having to look across the room to an empty space dotted with candles and incense. Her little brother had taken the full blow of the exchange… she had messed up her whole life. The deal was off but she had already tried contacting the tree. It was all for naught, she was unable to enter that realm.

Dragging her lifeless limbs over her bed and down into the ground, she missed the freedom of being able to move around on a whim. What was a world filled with colors if she was restrained to the full force of gravity? Light was no longer an issue, the spectrum of reality was no longer a situation; it was the unifying force that holds us down that now seemed to act like a ball and chain to her free spirit.

The bed sheets covered her numb limbs; how she longed to feel the slight tickled of the material as it slowly slid across her feet, she wanted to get off and run to the kitchen, pour a glass of her favorite cereal and walk over to the bathroom to get prepared for classes. Apparently, those were privileges she had given-up for seeing a measly world dominated by three colors.

Holding out her hand, grabbing a hold of the edge of her bed, she slid down to her wheelchair. She sighed, looking up at the ceiling. Her vision was still very much heavy, why did she wake-up so early? She looked over at her cellphone: 5:00am, Saturday. Yes, it’s too early for her to be putting up with a world made for the physically able. Her hair fell down her shoulders as she rested her head on the back of the chair. Cassandra had never noticed how blonde her hair was, or that it was blonde, for that matter. As she held on to the long strands of hair, she played with the tip of her long hair, as her blue nail polish hid amidst the gold that shone with the rising sun. Smiling, a bitter shallow attempt at joy, she grabbed a pillow and placed it on her back. The darkness of the sun, glimmering with a faint light of a sunrise, sang to her a song of deep dreams and hopes. She fell asleep.


Everything had changed, the open field filled with flowers had been replaced with small lonely stalks covered in icy-cold petals… swirling around like a rollercoaster, around its one and only green support. A field covered in ice and life, a strange combination. The field was no longer alone; it was surrounded by mountains whose far distant peaks were covered in a familiar white. A cold breeze maneuvered through the crystalline semi-living structures as the field rose and fell with the passing air current. Slight elevations made this realm so distant to the place she knew before.

The sun was obscured by a slight mist as a large root structure revealed itself with the passing mist. Images zoomed by, memories she knew were not hers. Whose was it? Were these memories of this new life? No, impossible… Why are they in black and white?

Heißen of Eternity – Chapter 1: Part 3


Part III a little late… Again, there are typos (hopefully less than before) and well, it’s a work in progress.



Three days have gone by; Jonathan is still perplexed by everything that has transpired. Even though she has explained some of her story, the idea of a supernatural being from a place called ‘Heaven’ was something he had left behind along with his faith. Alexia had yet to return from her ‘field investigation’ and Jonathan felt as if someone was watching him; growing paranoid with every passing hour.


He’d get goose bumps at the very thought of demons and monsters haunting him. These past days, he kept Sabrina and Abby at a distance. Endangering their lives was the last thing on his mind, plus if they saw him with Alexia, they’d probably skin him alive. They were overprotective, possibly even jealous of his female friends. He’d keep busy at the university, telling himself that nobody would attack him in such a crowded place.


“Jonathan!” He knew that voice all too well. He turned up the volume of his mp3 player and kept on walking, hoping she’d give up if he lost her amidst the crowds of students.

“Jonathan.” That voice, it’s as if the voice was deep inside my head. Why now of all times?

“Alexia?” He turned around, and there she stood. She had a beautiful brown sweater on, “Where did you get that?” He pointed at the sweater.

“Alexis lent it to me.”

“What exactly have you been up to?” Turning around he caught a glimpse of Sabrina.

“There seems to be a problem. I’ve sensed a descendant of Enoch.” She seemed worried.

“A Lyenochean?” Jonathan added.


A descendant of Enoch was a being born from Enoch’s flesh. He was neither an angel nor a demon, but a false copy of divinity. Their birth was a mistake. They broke most of the ancient divine laws and after they got caught by the heavenly authority, they were bound deep within the earth, or so she told him.


“That sounds awful…” Alexia giggled. That was the first time she’s joked about anything. Could it be because she merged with Alexis? He could feel her influence growing weaker. “But, at least in the last millennia, nobody’s ever given them a name. I salute you, Jonathan.”

“Yeah, well, you give this Agnostic too much credit.”

“Is that so? I thought you said you were a Catholic.” Her curious stare was too much for Jonathan to resist.

“I don’t believe in most of the church’s teaching but I believe in a God. Well, now anyways… Meeting you confused me somewhat.”

Again, he saw Sabrina closing by. He needed to hide Alexia. “Hey, will you go get me a doughnut?”

“A doughnut? Why a doughnut?” She drew a circle in the air, with her index finger.

“Yes, those. I’m somewhat hungry… I’ll be back in a few seconds.”


The idea is to keep those two from meeting. Damn it, why did I meet such a bothersome angel? Why couldn’t it have been Michael or Gabriel? Sabrina stopped midway, and ran the opposite direction. What the hell? Alexia grabbed his hand. 


“Don’t go after her. Her aura is different.” She whispered.

“Her aura?” Jonathan was confused by the comment.

“Everyone has an aura, it can be one of the seven colors of the rainbow or a variation of each, but hers is different. Her aura has two wings. She isn’t an angel or anything spiritual, but her aura is of pure white; snow white… untainted by man.”

“Is she possessed?” He was afraid that something might have happened to her, seeing that Mariel did the same to an innocent bystander.

“No, not at all. That’s her natural aura. It’s as if she was made, not born. The only beings that are capable of having such an aura are the first of God’s creation.” She was serious. That was unlike her.

“So, you’d have to be hand made by God for you to possess that aura?” Jonathan asked. “Well anyway, she’s my friend. We’ve been together ever since kindergarten. There is no way in hell I’d leave her alone.”


He ran after her, though she wouldn’t slow down. What’s wrong? Is she angry? Checking his watch: it was ten past six in the afternoon; it was already dark. The hallway of each building was overrun by the darkness emanating from a sky missing a sun, illuminated by a few light fixtures. She ran all the way to the third building after the one they were at. This structure happened to be behind the whole university.


He caught up to her.


“Sabrina! What’s wrong?” He was afraid she wouldn’t respond.

“It’s nothing. I was just having a nice afternoon jog.” Sabrina tried to evade his eyes.

“It’s not what you think it is, okay?”

“Why are you keeping secrets from me?” she quickly replied.

“Secrets? You mean Alexia? She’s just a friend.” Jonathan tried to keep his composure; a false move could escalate the situation.

Sabrina’s eyes overflowed with tears. “I haven’t been honest with you, either.”

“About wha—“A growl startled them.


They quickly turned around, a man wearing a coat stood in the middle of the hallway. All they could see was his long hair and his glowing red eyes. The fixtures exploded one after the other till they were enveloped by darkness. He could feel Sabrina’s hair on his face. He grabbed her hand. They dared not talk, staring straight down the hall; in hopes that the ‘being’ would reveal itself. The footsteps grew closer and closer, as if it was in a dash, they held each other’s hands even tighter; praying that someone might save them.


“It’s my fault. Run Jonathan! He’s looking for me!” Sabrina pushed him way.


“Well, I won’t let you have your way, Eve!” A bright flash seared the floor of the hallway, leaving several scorched marks along its path. Alexia stood there before them. She performed some sort of a dance. Before they knew it, a bright wing appeared upon Alexia’s left shoulder. It’s that wing again! “I know your identity, oh treacherous descendant of Enoch! Obey me, Zamzera!” She plucked several feathers and tossed them all around us. The feathers began to burn like torches.


“Forgive me, milady, but I’m on a noble hunt.” The thing spoke. His body took the appearance of a great black wolf, with a single grey wing on its right shoulder.

“Zamzera! Do not defy me! In my arms, I held your ancestors. What made you defy your father’s mother? Cease this fruitless quest and go back from whence you came!” Jonathan had never seen her so enraged.


A few days ago she had expressed her indignation at beings born after the rise of the angels; false angelic creatures born from human will.


He growled, “I cannot go back if I fail. Burn my flesh and crush my bones, but Zamzera shall fall honorably!” He pounced, at that very moment the tiny feathers turned into crystalline sapphire swords. They swooped by, skewering him in midair. His blood dripped over Jonathan and Sabrina, soaking their clothes and hair.

“I pray that you shall find true peace, Zamzera.” With a snap of her finger, Alexia turned the swords into flames, burning him till nothing was left behind.




That night, Alexia called for Jonathan. Sabrina was asleep in his room. He was still shaken from the fight, not to mention the fact that such a ‘thing’ existed.


“Alexia, this is crazy! I never thought this would escalate this rapidly! We had a colossal mutt chasing us, not to mention that Sabrina is the first Eve?”


Jonathan couldn’t believe that his childhood friend was the first Eve in one of her many cycles. When she was too old, she’d be born again by invading a suitable womb: her body would revert back to the first stages of gestation. How this was done still remained a mystery.


“If she did not tell you first is because she wanted to protect you.” Alexia responded.

“Protect me from those big dogs!?” He couldn’t contain his exasperation.

“She wanted to protect you from yourself. What would you have done if she had told you earlier?”

“If she had told me that she’s God’s second creation? I’d still cherish her.”

“You’re lying.” Alexia seemed disappointed. “I thought you were more mature.”

“Well, I’d be mature if I hadn’t just seen a big one-winged wolf! Who was he after? Me or Sabrina?” He was curious. Why the Zamzera did not wish to fight Alexia?

“I’m not sure.” She replied.


“But be careful, he is the least of our worries.” She interrupted him.


The night sky was starry today as well, just as it had been three days ago. Each star, like a tiny glowing grain of sand upon a dark canvas, twinkled with such beauty. The moon was high above the sky, glorifying the night with its elegant silvery glow. The wind was chilly, it was almost the end of September and the elevation of this city made the cold breeze slightly unbearable.


He turned towards where Alexia was standing, and to his amazement, they had split. Alexis was staring at the moon, all the while Mariel was bathing in the moon’s light, both arms extended, her hair dancing in the cold breeze of the night. Alexis turned to Jonathan, her eyes were so small, yet he could see every tiny twinkle reflected in them. They both are beautiful in their own way, kind of like ying and yang; two pieces of the same puzzle.


Mariel walked toward him, smiling. If I didn’t know better, she’s cooking something up. “What’s the matter, Mariel?” She came so close to his face that they were sharing the same breath. She is gorgeous. “Jonathan, you are my right hand. Do you wish to know more about me?” Her voice had changed. It was only natural since she was no longer a part of Alexis.

“Yes, I do.” Though in his mind, he wanted no part in any of her schemes.

“Close your eyes, young one,” she whispered. “Now open your mind.”

He closed his eyes. He felt her warm moist lips upon his. Voices echoed inside his head, growing louder and louder, till he found himself floating in a vast abyss.

“This is the darkness before creation.” He could hear her voice echo around him.

Heißen of Eternity – Chapter 1: Part 2


Here is part II. Again, work in progress but still, I’m really happy with the direction the story is taking.


“Sheesh, you’re a wreck! Are you sick?” Sabrina’s arms akimbo, tapping her shoe on the surface of the pavement. It’s been a week now, and he still can’t comprehend the story. Was it a vision? Or was he so drunk that his imagination went on overdrive?

“I’m not… leave me alone Sabrina, go and do… whatever you normally do.” He was anxious; his heart was beating faster at the sound of Sabrina’s voice.

“That hurt! Why are you such a stick in the mud?” Her girly mannerisms would always irritate him. All of a sudden, she grew serious. “Jonathan, what is it? Tell me. I’m your right hand gal!”

“It’s that dream—“Jonathan was immediately interrupted by her abrupt squeal.

“Damn you Abby! Why do you always creep up behind me like that?” Sabrina’s smile made her lose all seriousness. She was just too happy-go-lucky.

“It’s your fault for being so jumpy!” Abby quickly replied. Jonathan got up and walked away.

Sabrina ran up to him, grabbing his hand, and giving him a quick smile, “I’m here, and I’ll always be here for you. If you need to talk, I’m your girl, okay?”

He blushed, “I’ll think about it.”

“You better!”


Maybe the soft breeze had finally seduced him into finding his apartment or was it the lack of sleep? He was drowsy, searching for his den and sleeping for the whole afternoon. That’d be nice. A well-deserved rest, after all, the air had grown cooler with each passing week. He really wanted to crawl under his bed sheets and take a long well-deserved nap.


His room was dark as he flicked the light switch on, but to no avail. The electricity is out? Or have they cut the services? Wait, I’ve paid my bills. He took out his cellphone and turned on the little LED light. With that he found his way to his room, but alas, he was not alone.


“Greetings.” She sat on the edge of his bed, swaying her legs up and down. Her eyes glowed with a golden sun-like radiance.

“Who are you? Wait, don’t tell—“

She shushed him. “I’ve come to give you my eternal gratitude. You freed me from my prison.” The light turned on as if an invisible hand flipped the switch.


She was so beautiful; her face wasn’t that atrocity from before. Light pink lips, silky smooth clear skin and two beautiful hyacinth eyes.


“Gratitude? I don’t know why someone like you would thank me…” He took a step back.

“Do you fear me? I am, in a sense, the keeper of all of mankind. I took care of the young Adam and the young Lilith.” She stood, curtsied and walked towards him. “My name is Ankamarathaniel, one of the three grand celestial emperors, second only Adam Kadmon. I nursed the many angels that have existed, and saw to it that mankind would be brought up with the outmost care.”

“Angel’s don’t look like creatures with many eyes and covered in blood.” Jonathan took a few steps back, trying to evade her stare. As he looked away he could sense the tension in the atmosphere. It had grown cold and eerie.

“I made a grave mistake in the past. That was my punishment. Have you ever done something so wrong for the person you love?” her voice grew somber.

“Ankathiel? Anka- ankar… Can I call you Mariel?”

“Yes, you may.” She smiled.


Is she really an angel or am I being tricked? Maybe they paid her to come and scare me or perhaps there’s a camera hidden around here.


“I have no reason to lie.” Mariel commented. Did she read my mind?

“Yes!” Mariel sat on the bed.

“I don’t really think you came just to thank me. Seriously, o great angel or whatever you are, why are you here?” He had grown suspicious of her motives. Yes, why would a divine being feel compelled to thank him? He’s the inferior species, he’s the slave.

“Humans are so impressive! You saw through me immediately! Something I’d expect from God’s greatest creation.” She lunged herself unto his bed. “I ask for your help. If I stay like this any longer, the other humans will come after me, and so will the angels.”

“Are you running from someone?”

She pursed her lips. “From my brothers. I’m too weak, you see. If the young ones came after me, I could evade them, but angels and other entities would be far too troublesome! And my brothers are too strong.”

“And who exactly are your brothers?” Jonathan swallowed hard.

“Agnostias and Lucifer.” She lowered her head. “Agnostias was the angel whose duty was to defend the heavens from the old ones and Lucifer was given the task to govern over everything as God’s right hand.”

“And who are the Old Ones and Young Ones?”

“That tale is for another day. Come! Lead me to a place where many come together to adore God.” She stood up again, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him all the way to the street. She had an immense strength added to her already impressive height.




They took a bus to the cathedral in front of the central park. It was smack-dabbed in the middle of the city. The place was filled with people, even at this late in the evening. Lights dotted the landscape and the beautiful sound of the choir singing hymns filled the air. She stopped midway across the park and stared at the heavens. The night was starry; the moon was still hidden in the horizon.


“Why did we stop? I guess the most important question here is: What are we doing here?” Jonathan crossed his arms and stared at Mariel. She still wouldn’t move from there. Hypnotized by the heavens, she was in a deep trance. He tried to hide from the stares of each passerby.

“They built this grand cathedral as a powerful beacon and a place where demon hunters congregate,” Mariel replied. “The Catholic Church and its Holy Inquisition would dispose of me and you if they were to sense us.”


A chill ran down my spine. “Then, why did we stop?”

“I remembered…” She let out a long sigh. “I remember what it was to be free of fear. Now, for someone like me, the Malleus Maleficarum would be dispatched.”

“Malleus Maleficarum?” He was perplexed by such an ominous name.

“-The Witch’s Hammer- I’ll explain it later.”

“And just how do you know all this? Weren’t you imprisoned?” He questioned her. Is it possible she was lying about her identity?

“I’ve been watching over you ever since the beginning of time. I used these little friends.” A beautiful blue butterfly flew over to her hair and just stood there, wings unfolded. “They have been my eyes and ears for millions of years even before the dawn of the third creation.”

He felt disoriented and distraught! “And why have we stopped here exactly?” Fear was settling in.

“There are seals around the perimeter of the cathedral. If I was to step on them, they’d sense me, seeing that I’m trying my best to keep this body the way it is.” Her voice was still as calm as ever.

“And if that was the case, then what are we doing here?” He asked again.

“There, amidst the many believers, there is always someone whose spirit has awakened in a special way. I need that body to rest in and hide from seals like these.” She explained. It all seemed like a badly written plot for some Sunday morning cartoon.


After taking a look around, they rested on a small wooden bench. The wind was growing chilly, and yet, how did she manage in such a thin white dress? That’s barely any protection. She sure is lovely, though. It’s almost as the heavens carved her out of the very fabric of existence.


The church bells rang; it was already nine in the evening. Couples passed by, holding hands or making out under the shades of the many trees adorning the park; it was already that time of the evening. Out of nowhere, Mariel stood up and pointed at someone.



“Who? That girl?” He asked her.


There was a young lady, perhaps a few years younger than him, sitting near a bench, close to the cathedral. She was reading a book. Her short brown hair swayed to and fro, from time to time, when the breeze grew stronger.


“I need to get to her,” she sat again on the bench.

“Can’t you keep your powers or whatever under control?”

“It’s not that simple.” She stood, once again, and walked towards her. Jonathan walked closely behind. He was confused by her actions. She’d say one thing and do another. It’s as if she fears nothing.


As she kneeled on the ground, she bit her finger. A red bead of blood popped from her wound. She drew a small swastika-looking cross. It disappeared into the ground, and just like that, Mariel’s body became whiter than snow. Mariel resumed her march towards the girl.


The girl was sitting there, reading her book. She paid no attention to them. She’s quite lovely, but young too, probably six to seven years younger than him. That’d make her what, sixteen or seventeen years old? He continually stared at Mariel and at the girl sitting on the bench. What are they doing? Mariel’s just standing there and that girl is just sitting there reading. It’s as if they refuse to acknowledge each other’s existence.


“Alexis.” Mariel finally spoke.

“Hmmm?” As the girl looked up, Mariel quickly leaned over and kissed her lips.


What’s she doing! That girl’s expression is the last thing I remember. It was a mixture of fear, shock, and shame. At that moment Mariel disappeared in a burst of red particles. He looked around, hoping nobody had seen this. Everyone was standing still, as if time had stopped. The girl’s olive colored skin turned into a creamy clear complexion, her hair grew to shoulder length, and her eyes became light hazel.


“Mariel?” Jonathan called her name.

“Call me Alexia; it’ll make both of us happy.” Her voice was different: an echo of two voices entwined into one.

“What’ll happen to her? What about her family? They’ll start looking for her.”

“I’ve taken care of that. She’s a psychic. I couldn’t have asked for a better body.” She placed the book inside her bag, closed her eyes and lowered her head. Placing both hands together, she said, “I thank you Alexis, for your help. I shall remember you in the afterlife and no harm shall ever come upon your body or soul.”

As Alexia made her way to the cathedral Jonathan stopped half way. She stopped, turning her gaze at him. “Just who in fuck’s name are you?”


“Don’t give me that shit! Stop acting stupid! You think you’ve got me fooled?” He tossed his phone to the ground, a move he’d probably regret later on. “Who in the hell are you? Tell me, and I won’t take any of that stupid guardian shit any longer!”

“Very well, what do you wish to know?” She stretched out her hand, inviting him over to where she stood.

“Tell me what’s going on! Why are you here? What do you want with me? Who was she?”

“She’s just a vessel.” She sighed, walked over towards him. “Would it surprise you if I told you that God is no longer with us? That for the past 10,000 years, he’s nowhere to be found?”


“There is a complex hierarchy that controls heaven… God is not in it but there is something akin to him. You could say that he’s a replacement God, or a being who happens to be an afterimage of God.”

“I don’t understand…”

“Shhhhh,” she placed a finger on her lips and with that, her voice became a whisper. “All you need to know is that you are an important piece and now that I’m out, we need to stop this false God from destroying everything God created.” She smiled. “Bear with me, okay?”

Heißen of Eternity – Chapter 1: Part 1

1184.Yoishi - otherside

This is a very old story which I recently edited and revamped from my Horrible-disasters folder. It was a mess, I couldn’t believe I was that bad, or has my criteria moved up a notch? This was a project I started with a friend but it soon was forgotten and it gathered dust and regret. Initially called: Through An Angel’s Eyes, this was later turned into something more sinister. Well, I’ll check that out for myself but meantime, you can indulge in a very strange story. Comments would be appreciated but if not, then, wait for the other piece.


“Hello? Hello? Where’s everyone?!” His voice echoed through the darkness. It was pitch black, nothing beyond this blind veil. He could feel a solid surface behind him, what was it? He felt around for something that could pop an image into his mind, anything that would help him or keep him at ease… nothing, there was nothing. Waving one hand then the other before him, believing his sight had finally vanished, he panicked.


“If memory serves me right, I was at a party—”small tremors shook the place. Holding on to nothing but a dust covered ground, he sat on the floor. “What’s going on in here? Am I lost? Is that it?” Footsteps echoed in the distance. “If I can hear it, then this place must be a big empty room, right? Was I kidnapped?” His hands trembled with fear.


He was at a birthday party though things quickly got out of hand ;Drinks pouring down into his system, a bit too much for him to handle, as he walked away from the place. His clothes reeked of alcohol, a pulsating headache that would not leave him and a beating heart that would not cease to race. He knew the level of drunkenness he was in; it was too early to even believe that he had lost consciousness and had been captured by someone. This has to be some sort of a bad prank.


“Guys! This isn’t funny!” A small light, ever so faint, flickered a distance away from where he was standing. “Hey! I mean it! What is the matter with you—“ He felt nauseous, all of a sudden. At a loss for words, he held on to his stomach. Churning, rumbling, he kneeled as everything emptied out from within his body; Bitter and smelly, that’s the payment for indulging in that which is harmful and sick.


As he wiped his mouth, with the sleeve of his t-shirt, the light became brighter and brighter till it completely engulfed him. Blinded, he struggled to his feet. They were wobbly; the effects of the alcohol were still going strong. The light soon faded, his surroundings became clear. A football field? What am I doing here? He knew the place; it was the old football field from his hometown. What was this doing here? There was nothing around him, the air was too thick to breathe without any difficulty and the grass was sharp, almost as if they were covered with needles.


“This has got to be some sort of a dream…” He rubbed his eyes with the heel of his palm, trying to wake up. “But, if I’m dreaming, why am I still drunk?” He saw the blood dripping from the tiny punctures in his palms. There was no pain, just tiny droplets of scarlet life-giving fluid. As they fell on the floor, the grass became soaked with it, turning red.

“This is no dream, young one.” A voice echoed inside his head. It was soft and pleasant but why did it make him shudder with fear?

“Who are you? Where are you?” He shouted, but no one responded. His voice echoed; something was definitely wrong. He could feel it. An open space couldn’t possibly produce an echo. After a while he heard her voice again. “Young one, come to me, follow my voi—“

“It’s easier said than done. I don’t know where you are!” He looked around, but to no avail.

“Follow my voice.” It was that voice again.

He was skeptical. “Right.”


He got off his back, and walked around for a few minutes till a figure appeared. Never had he imagined he would feel so disoriented and scared. It was clear this was the same lady that had been calling out to him though her silhouette was too far away to distinguish her. The closer he got, the more he could see, though his vision was still fuzzy. She wore a white semi-transparent dress, the front piece, from her legs to her feet was uncovered, it had no sleeves just strips of some unknown translucent material wrapped around her arms, and a big bulky metallic mask. Her long golden hair touched the ground. She opened her arms. Is she hoping for an embrace? Just who is she?


“Again, who are you? I hope this isn’t a prank!  I know I’m inside something… Just let me out, okay?” His voice made her giggle. It was at that moment that an idea hit him. That voice, so familiar it made him burn red with frustration. Sabrina’s always been a trickster.

“The tiny itsy bitsy prank fooled you, huh! Come here and give me a big hug.” Sabrina? She sounded just like her. Damn you! I almost fell for it.


As he walked towards her, she hugged him. Her body was soft and warm, like the embrace of a plush toy… and just like a plush toy, she had no heartbeat. All of a sudden, massive chains bound her arms and legs, dragged her and restrained her; each chain had emerged from the ground entwined around her slender arms. A crimson cross fell from the heavens. Nails surged from the ground, piercing her extremities, securing her to the cross. He fell on the ground, as the tiny, sharp edges of the grass pierced his skin.


The chains were old and rusty, filled with barbs; the cross oozed a blood-like substance and the nails were blazed brightly as they burned through her flesh. The smell of burned skin filled the air; each chain was seeping blood from the gashes they had opened throughout her body. She struggled, screamed and cried but couldn’t manage to free herself. The chains ripped each gash further apart.


He was in a state of shock, unable to move, frightened that he would be met with the same fate; his hands and legs were shaking uncontrollably. Cold sweat slid down his body. Is she really Sabrina? Can’t be, can it? There is no way that she is slowly dying before me…! No way! I can’t believe it, I won’t believe it. Damn it! Damn it! I need to do something, but what? Move, damn it, move! He was reluctant to suffer the same fate and still, he struggled to move on and save her.


The cross turned upside down, inverting her body. Blood fell down the mask that covered her face, staining her hair. He slowly walked up to her, afraid, powerless to save her. He grabbed her mask in his hands and kissed it.


“Please, oh please, don’t go, I need you. I need you more than you’ll ever know.” As he finished saying this, the mask shattered. The tiny fragments became white roses as soon as they touched the ground.


He screamed out in horror. Trying to crawl away, slipping and falling flat on his chest as the grass ripped through is skin. What was that thing? Is it even human? A monster! The nails popped out, falling on the ground, burning the grass; the chains broke and the cross turned to blood. She appeared. He checked his clothes; they were stained with his own blood. The grass was sharp yet he still felt no pain.


Her face was bloody; her lower jaw had been ripped out by some unknown force and a deep laceration across her face oozed a tar-like fluid. Blood spewed forth from her mouth and seven eyes that gazed at him, all organized in two columns of three and four. A single snow-white wing grew from her left shoulder. In a single flap, the white roses had turned red all burning in a crimson flame. With every petal that touched his skin, it instantly became liquid and burned his flesh. Running away, he grabbed on to something long and hard, covered in dirt and dust… a bone. Soon, he was standing before a field covered in the bones of beings with wings protruding from their backs. Impaled and butchered, it looked like the scene from a massacre.


“Young one, why do you fear me?” She asked. How could such a sweet, soft voice emanate from such a monstrosity!

“What do you want? Who or what are y- y- y- you!” His voice was shaky. Is she going to eat me? Or maybe she’ll steal my soul? Is she even a she?


She looked towards the sky; a majestic moon appeared above them, turning the ground into a great crystalline lake. A drop fell from the moon’s surface. She descended; touching the lake with the tip of her ornamented boot, creating a ripple that glowed in several colors, like a prism. With that he awakened.

Nova Prima Donna – 01 – The Swan Princess


This is a mini-project so my brain doesn’t stop working… It’s about a girl chosen by the Universal System, which guards and controls the fourteen realms, to close the final gate and stop the destroyers of realms (a sort of a clean-up program that ran amok). It’ll be different from anything I’ve ever written because the main protagonist isn’t a delicate flower, she’s more like a dandelion… She’s versatile, she’s rough and tough, and above all – she won’t take no for an answer.


Mother would read these stories to me – stories about princesses living in beautiful kingdoms, constantly in trouble. They were damsels in distress who would need a prince to save their hearts, or princes who needed the help of a princess, even princesses who would become queens and never need saving. She’d brush my hair every night, I was probably five or six years old, and she’s take out this big book. Every other day, it was a different story: she’d ask for a summary, for what I understood from it and what it meant to me as a growing girl. Puberty was still a long way away, she was proud of what she had achieved.

Then, when I was ten years old, she passed away. She suffered a great deal, she cried every night. She wasn’t the hero I expected her to be but she was my mother, and that meant a lot. When she was buried, I placed the big book inside her coffin and we buried her with it. Maybe she would have fun reading it wherever she went. It was a dream, a lovely idea… Too bad that was all it was.

By the age of sixteen, I had forgotten all about those stories but Hollywood would attract me to them, once again. I was like a fly buzzing around a bright light. Revamping the old stories I cherished the most and shedding new light, I was overwhelmed, no, thrilled. It was a fun time, like being with my mother again.

Now, I’m here, sitting in my apartment’s window sill, hoping that something good might happen before I die of boredom. Life zoomed past me; it certainly wasn’t the life I was hoping for. Two four-hour-shift part-time jobs and a morning filled with class activities, not to mention the evenings spent with my textbooks and homework. It wasn’t an enjoyable time.




“Not this again…” I stared outside the window, hoping this was my chance to escape the lecture on human sexuality. “I already know what my sexuality is and how to preserve it, thank you very much.”

“Just sit by it, hold up.” Marie whispered. I wasn’t about to wait for her.

“No, I’m bailing on you today. This isn’t what I want to waste my morning on.” Placing what little I had in my arm-chair, inside by bag, I slowly and gently tiptoed outside the classroom while the teacher took out condoms.


The sky was blue, like an ocean with nothing but water and not a speck of land in sight. No clouds, no distractions, just blue… plain ol’ blue. I was stretched out on the grass, beneath a small tree; its branches constantly struggled with the incoming gusts of cold air. I couldn’t blame it, the wind was strong, the atmosphere was cold and the sun wasn’t doing its job properly today. As the cold wind blew, I struggled to find warmth. After giving up on the idea of being at peace here in the campus, I made my way home.

The concrete floor was dotted with green moss, it was raining every evening, and it didn’t seem to want to let up. It was that time again: the rainy season. Birds chirping, almost like calling their young ones back home, away from the incoming rain. I was hesitant to wander outside my home, if I got wet, I could get sick, and if I got sick, then I’d miss classes. I couldn’t miss any more classes… I’ll be kicked out if I did.

Tying my hair back, a pony-tail seemed like the most attractive work of art I could do with it, as I fell atop a pile of clothes. Why was the bed so soft? I didn’t need a man; I needed a big bed with a warm comforter and a hot cup of tea or coffee, whichever got here first.

The room shook when a heavy vehicle passed by; the street was just two apartments away. Looking outside my window, I saw it again: a bright light beneath a tiny tree. Was it a firefly? Do fireflies shine in a prism-like order? Do fireflies even exist here? I was overflowing with curiosity. I could still indulge in child-like wonder and awe; thought curiosity wasn’t a very good reason for me to wander off outside, especially in the middle of the night. Could I let that little bug, or whatever that was, slip from my fingers after I was so close to it?

Picking up some old, blue slippers from beneath my bed, I tucked in my dress and walked out of the apartment. Scared, yes, excited, yes, paranoid, you betcha’ but overall, I was curious. The night was cloudy, no stars in sight, not even the moon. Tomorrow was going to be the fabled harvest moon and the sky didn’t seem to want to let go. A light drizzle continued, nothing I couldn’t handle. My footsteps echoed in the night but I managed to check every direction before I made a move. Slowly walking over to the light source, I noticed something… It was a ring. A small ring but a ring, nonetheless. Strange, it was silvery, plane, with a small stone, probably zirconium. Not wanting my adrenaline to go to waste, I grabbed the ring and brought it back home, as I skipped over puddles and along muddy paths. Home is where the warmth is.




People were playing with a guitar outside the classroom. Again with those guys? How long will they keep at it? Nobody likes an acoustic lone-ranger… We’re into the lead guitarists or the lead singer, not the acoustic backup singer. Looking away, I tried paying attention to the chalkboard but I could barely understand anything. Math wasn’t my forte and neither was paying attention. Taking out the ring from my pocket, I kept on looking at it, examining every nook and cranny. It didn’t seem like the genuine thing a guy would give a girl or a girl would buy in an afternoon of reckless spending.  Plain silver, if it even was silver, with a stone, probably a fake, and an inscription that read: “Heed ye, lest ye fall in a deep sleep. Thou must awaken that which slumbers beneath thine eyes.” Such a poet, no wonder the ring was underneath some bushes, the guy must have been quite the loser. Besides, it read more like a threat that an ode to love. Yeah, he must have been a poor sucker.




The night was cold, once again, but the sky was wide awake. The stars glimmering under the darkness of the dark blue celestial ocean; the moon overpowering the shadows that formed in the streets – the blue moon was well outside its warm confines deep within the horizon. It was a lovely sight, a feeling of security and peace sunk in. As I held the ring in my right hand, warmth overwhelmed my palm. What was going on? I dropped the ring, it began to glow. Not a shadow peaked from the corners of my room; everything was illuminated by an unearthly brightness. Voices echoed through my head, they were calling me… they were saying my name… it was as if I was needed somewhere. As strange as it sounds, the feeling of being somewhere to help someone I hadn’t met before was nothing short of a déjà vu brought about by everyday activity. Something everyone has felt at the very least, once in their lifetime.

The light dissipated but everything was not normal. The room wasn’t my own; the bed was mine alright, just not in the room I had last seen it in. Had I gone mad? That must be it, being alone for so long must have finally gone to my head. For all I know, I might have snapped in the process and now I’m schizophrenic. Yes, that must be it.

There were two wooden doors carved with a beautiful golden engraving. They looked pretty expensive. Shaking in fear, I closed my hands and held the ring firmly in my grasp. Maybe, if I repeated over and over again that I wanted to go home, it would work again? Far-fetched but it was worth the short. I knelt on the floor and prayed and prayed and prayed, I had become religious in the blink of an eye. Welcome to the cult of the ring, population: me. It was pretty pathetic but that was all I had. Nothing happened. Strange, it should have worked… It always works in movies… and fairytales.


“Maybe I’m in some sort of dream, yeah, that must be it. And if I’m in a dream, exploring won’t hurt now would it?” I whispered to myself. It had become pretty common for me to talk to myself; that was desperation working its magic. You can’t be a single college girl without losing your mind first. “So, having said that… I can just waltz over to the door and explore, right? Yeah, I can.” Answering my own questions? Had I sunk that low?


My slippers were nowhere to be found, screw it, I could walk barefooted. The floor was made of, what seemed to be, marble tiles, perfectly square and joined with impeccable precision. There were flowers painted on the white tiles and swans on the black tiles. Almost like a chessboard. As I neared the window, I noticed that this was no normal room. I was in a tower, probably a few stories above ground. The place was surrounded by tiny houses and a far-off lake could be seen in the distance. Struggling to catch my breath, I calmed down for a bit.


“Come on, you can do it… It’s nothing out of this world. It’s just a dream, like flying or free-falling. Your mind has seen one too many animated movies and is giving you a hard time… shit, it might even be something in that tuna that is making me see things.” Taking a few steps to the door, I slowly grabbed its swan-shaped handle. It was probably made of gold, and if this was my dream, its most certainly made of gold. I was a girl with high standards in my creative processes.

There was a large hall outside the door, armors dotted the sides of the hallway, as well as large portraits of older men and women; probably people of importance. Slowly, walking down the hall, I heard a noise… No, it was music, an orchestrated piece I hadn’t heard before. The violin was very prominent but it was so different from anything I had seen before. Slowly walking towards the source of the music, the door opened. Its golden handles pushed away from my grip as a beautiful lady appeared before me. She bowed and grabbed my hand, slowly kissing it. I blushed, this had never happened before in my dream.


“My name is Odette; I am the princess of this kingdom. I am so sorry I dragged you to my realm without prior information. We need you, our kingdoms need you.” Her voice was soft, with a hint of uncertainty. She was unsure, I could sense that. “Sit down, please. Let me tell you the story of the thirteen kingdoms – protectors of the living realm. I am the keeper of the swan key, the princess of the swans.”

“Oh, my god… You’re the Swan Princess!” Holding my mouth with both hands, I was on the verge of screaming with excitement. “Holy fuck-” Quickly stopping in my tracks, I regained composure. “Shit, I almost lost it.” I whispered.

“There is a legend, of a day when the sky will turn red and the fourteen realms will fall into oblivion. There is unspeakable evil living beneath the floor your currently stand on.”

I observed intently as she managed to bring out a drawing. There was a dragon beneath a large tree whose branches were spread out into thirteen different directions. In the middle other branches was the fourteenth dimension: the realm of Eve. “I gather the dragon is the bad guy?”

“The dragon is the support for the fourteen realms.”

“So, if he moves, we disappear?”

“If he moves, he’ll tear everything into nothingness.”

“Why do you need me?”

“We need you to enslave the dragon, once more.”

“Why? I mean, how?” She scratched her head for a while, “What do you mean, once more?”