Adagio for Canon: Chapter 15 – Fragment-

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Yes, I’ve been gone for quite some time… I’ve been busy. Very busy. Mostly due to personal reasons but here I am, enjoy this tiny piece. It’s sort of rated R, if you dislike mild written nudity. Okay, maybe PG-13. I mean, seriously, who’d get offended by some descriptions… P.S. It’s not edited.


I looked at the report but while most rejoiced, it baffled me. The report made no sense: to attack a location of little to no tactical importance when this base was the real threat. Was Amelia bluffing? Had our mole betrayed us? I couldn’t put my mind at ease.  Closing my eyes, I rested my head on the table, taunted by a strange feeling. Something was off.

A soft warm touch slid down my back; brushing my sides and up to my shoulders. I touched these soft hands that caressed my skin, as my shirt slid off my arms. Finger nails gently yet barely scratching the surface of my skin; it was like therapy for my stress.

“Why don’t we have our very own private meeting in my room?” Michelle whispered into my ear. Wrapping her arms around my chest, “it’s been a while since I’ve reported you… personally.”

I couldn’t open my eyes, my head felt so heavy, “I’ll need to freshen up a bit, if you don’t want me to suddenly fall asleep.”

“You worry too much. The report’s from a reliable source. I knew him personally, he’s a good fellow.”

“I know but still… something doesn’t sound right. Mother’s power hungry but that’s never gone to her head. This is clearly a red flag,” I muffled through my teeth as dust dispersed into the air.

“If you’re so worried, why don’t you with the next team? They’re going to monitor the situation from a closer vantage point. If you smell trouble, we’ll evacuate.”

I yawned, “That’s not a bad idea… it’s a pretty damn good idea. The best I’ve heard in a while.”

“What can I say? I kick ass,” Michelle kissed my cheek.




The baby was still asleep inside his crib.


I slowly slid my cover to a side. Michelle was sound asleep as her hair covered her face. I tried sliding off the bed but her arm suddenly wrapped around my waist, throwing herself on top of me. I wrestled with her till I found myself on top of her, holding her back against my chest.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She whispered, careful as to not awaken the baby.

“I need to get ready, Benque Viejo’s six hours from here. If we don’t get going soon, we’ll lose the cover of the night.” I wrapped my arms around her naked body, as I gently kissed the back of her neck, holding her long hair to a side. “I’ve always loved your neck, did you know that?”

“Love, I’ve heard that so many times.”

“It’s your fault for being so damn beautiful.”

“A year ago you didn’t like me.” She turned to me as her breasts pressed to my chest, “that little devil was the best relationship counselor nature could muster.”

“That little rascal’s got spunk like his mother,” I kissed her lips.

I could feel her soft leg rubbing against mine; gently holding mine, her heel on the back of my leg. Her warm embrace and the scent of the sweat running down her chest were intoxicating. She smiled as her lips slid down my neck, kissing my chest.

“Honey, I need to get going,” I slid off the bad and walked to the bathroom. “I’ll be back, don’t you worry. It’s just recon. I’d rather feel safe by seeing it with my own eyes than to walk into a trap.”

“Won’t we defend them?” Michelle asked.

“They refused to join us or our aid,” I slipped into my pants all the while searching for my belt. “We asked on separate occasions but they refused even to accept our letters. They’ve got some balls standing up to a whole nation, being only two towns and five measly villages.”

“Should I go with you? I could send the baby to the Corozal base.” Michelle seemed worried, probably scared that I’d do something brash if anything happened.

“If push comes to shove, we’ll retreat. No use staying if we’ve got no backup. Queen Sophia won’t provide support either.”

Queen Sophia. I could never stand that title, and soon enough, her name started to annoy me. It wasn’t hate; God knows I’d never hate her, but it was a distinct desire to forget her. After a while, seeing that neither of us would disappear for each other’s life; much to the dismay of Michelle and Janet, I had to focus on my family. Michelle was my family. Mother and father were never there for us; I had to become that person they should have been and Sophia had no place in my future. It was difficult at first, but after several months, I became numb: numb to her smile, her voice, her eyes, and her spirit but I was sure that to her… I was that unreachable star she’d never be able to hold.

It hurts if you pay too much attention to it.




Anastasia stared at the rotating blades of the ceiling fan, passing by every second as the soft breeze brushed her skin. The bed was uncomfortable, the same could be said about the pillow. Stiff and cold; it smelled clean but cheap hotels were far from sanitary. She sat up and looked at the watch, it was still two in the morning. The sun wouldn’t be out for at least four more hours; not that she really wanted to see the sunlight. Today was the day. Today she’d get rid of that stain in her past, yet, why did it hurt so much?

Anastasia crawled to the drawer by the foot of her bed, taking out a small golden cross. Kneeling on the floor, she cried. Begging God to forgive her for ever falling victim to her jealousy. Praying for a miracle: that Alexander might escape the ensuing hell that would soon befall them.

She suddenly stood, bare feet on the floor, as her tears fell down her cheeks. Holding the cross in one hand, she tossed it against the wall. Closing her eyes, she continued crying. Anastasia wanted to warn him by any means necessary but she knew that it was already too late. A miracle comes to those who desperately need it but she was not more worthy than Alexander was. She was as guilty as he was of treason. Anastasia was an even bigger hypocrite and that was what hurt her the most.


Nanowrimo: Day 12!


Okay, first part of the third story in my novel: The Everlasting Rondo. As I’ve said before… It’s unedited and might have tons of grammar mistakes. Heed this warning and read at your own risk. If you’re not a grammar junkie… step right up! 😀


The frame creaked and vibrated as the machine took a steep left turn, scratching the building’s outside structure, holding on to a stone statue for leverage. An empty cartridge fell on the ground, crashing on top of a brand new beetle. Each step made every alarm go off, the engine whirred as the machine dashed onwards, once again. Surrounded by the familiar hums of comrades, he shuddered at the sight of devastation; urban warfare was a sick affair.


Running down the street, he saw it; an Automaton’s silhouette poking from the corner of the Irk Museum. Loading his rifle, he waited patiently for the machine to walk out from the security of the building’s shadow. Just a glimpse, that’s all he needed; after all, he is Britannium’s finest sharp-shooter. The gears creaked as his Automaton positioned itself for the ensuing recoil. I’ve got you now! Three shots, a trinity of punishment racing down the boulevard, piercing the cold, hard metallic casing of the Automaton; falling lifeless on the street, victory was his.

Dashing down the road, the echoes of the machine’s footsteps upon the hard asphalt was drawn to close as bullet fire scrapped his armor casing. Amateurs. He glanced to where the retaliation was coming from, as expected, there are three remaining units. It’s time for Plan B. Smoke poured out of his machine, engulfing the whole block. As bullets trailed across the smoke, he fired once, twice, till one machine was down.

He prayed for some backup, two against one wasn’t fair neither was being low on ammo. He was a sniper, not a frontline soldier. Holding his own against seven units was bad enough, but the last two could be too much for his overwhelmed machine. The gears are creaking, his battery is low, the frame is encrusted with debris of shattered machines; things were looking grim. Either God will send me a couple of angels or I’ll have to look for higher ground.

A loud beeping alerted him of incoming Automatons… Friends or foes? There was nothing on either side of the road. Finally, he realized there was only one place they could come from: the sky! As he gazed into the sun-light heavens, the familiar parachutes etched with his squad’s coat of arms. A sigh of relief escaped his lips, another day another fight he’s had to prolong till the cavalry finally reached.

Gazing at the photograph of a young blonde beauty, he smiled.


                “Miss, there is a letter for you.” The maid tried to catch-up with her mistress’ speedy pace. “I believe it’s another love letter.”

“Oh god… not again. Please, don’t tell me it’s from him…” She shoved the doors of her room, open.

“Yes, miss, it’s from Alessandro.”

“That man never gives up!” He took the letter from her maid’s hand and tossed it on the fireplace. “I told him I’m not interested in him.”

“He is persistent; you have to give him credit for that.”

“I told him I hate older guys.”

“Miss, he’s only twenty-five years old and the heir to the Pastore bloodline.”

“I’m only seventeen; he’s seven years older than me.”

“Need I remind you that the Mistress is twenty years younger than the Master?”

“Geraldine was forced to marry Viktor out of necessity and greed.”

“Miss Patricia! Do not speak ill of the heads of the family.”

“Cynthia, don’t tease me into speaking ill of them… After all, I was bought by you people.”

She sat on the small chairs lying outside on the backyard. The sky was clear, but her mind was flustered. Patricia gazed at the small silver ring around her finger, the feeling of captivity and helplessness could be cured by Alessandro’s constant requests for a relationship; she wasn’t sure anymore. Marriage was a scary thing. They were waiting on her eighteenth birthday, like a fruit on the verge of ripening, right for the picking. Her parent’s had no future and as such, decided that Patricia should have one. Living a middle-class life was a torment royals would never even dream of.

The quite tranquility of the evening breeze and the sound of birds chirping away, this was paradise. Patricia needed to find a way to escape her present situation and run as far away as she could. Today she would formally meet her fiancée and husband to be. How was he? Tall and handsome, suave and witty; she’d hang herself if he was a spoiled child. After today, her days of adventures and travelling were officially over. Britannium is such a cruel kingdom, even for people who seem to have everything.

Londinium, the center of the Britannium Kingdom, a city filled with modern structures and medieval architecture all in a mesh of culture and technology; no wonder it was known as the De facto King of Europa. The smog that filled the skies was filtered out by massive structures knows as Sky Blowers, and energy was provided by Tesla Energy Transfer Systems. Dr. Tesla lived his last days in this city, remembered forever as the man that made Britannium a present day Rome; a land of scientific and cultural understanding.

Patricia took a bite of her apple and giggled. She wondered what it would be like to have a title such as Your Majesty, or Your Excellency, probably even Mistress would suffice. She wasn’t greedy, she was curious as to how the life of luxury was. Like Lucifer, it might even go to her head… She shook her head slowly, it was a stupid idea. She had great ambitions but not the type spoiled-royals could comprehend.  The apple and cinnamon tea was splendid, so were the crackers and the grapes. A few more hours to go and she’d be holding the hand of a complete stranger.

Flipping through her magazine, she looked at different wedding dresses. All unappealing, looking like spider webs saturated with jewels and rare metals. She needed something different, well, what Patricia needed was freedom. Silk cages aren’t really her thing, she had always wanted to become an Automaton pilot and work for the Royal Forces. A dream that is now so distant.

Nanowrimo Day 6!


Okay, so far, 12,000 words have been written. That’s 12,000 of the 50,000 goal. Yes, I’ve been absent for a while now. So, before you grow impatient, here goes… Fragment number two of The Everlasting Rondo.


Renardine couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing! Large clouds of smoke filling the sky, bathing the ground in flames and screams. Her ears could pick up screams and cries for help. Her smell was dulled by the scent of death and fear. What was going on? John dragged her down the stairs.

“What’s going on?” Renardine asked. Her fingers were cold as ice.

“It’s nothing you should concern yourself with.” He replied.

“John! You clearly are filled with fear, I can smell it. Now, how should I not concern myself with this?”

He sighed. “It’s nothing…”

“John! Tell me!”

“The members of Canis Minor have started an uprising. They are marching into the city as we speak.”

“What? How come?”

“The Familiaris and Hyenas are spearheading this insurgency. Now, let’s get you to somewhere safe.”

She could smell something different. It was acid, no, it was sour. Treachery? Treason, perhaps? It was emanating from him. Deadly intent, yes, he was planning something against her. She pushed him away. He stood still, never once did he try to look into her eyes. They were filled with guilt.

“What are you going to do to me?” Renardine asked.

“We need to preserve your bloodline and ensure that there will be successors.” He stared at the three copper tails that adorned her figure. “You’ll breed with one of us and ensure the purity of the race.”

“No! I won’t allow that!”

“It’s not a choice.”

“I’ve imprinted someone. If I must breed with someone, then it’ll be him! It’ll be Kayleb!”

“That mutt?”

She closed her eyes and screamed out, “He’s not a mutt!”

Her mind invaded his. John fell on the ground, screaming in pain. Renardine was dealing out extreme mental torture to the person who had tainted Kayleb’s reputation. She probed for information and noticed something. The Dirus Clan, a clan of mercenary wolf creatures, had been contracted to kill the entire Outer Rim Operations squad. How could he do such a thing? I must warn them! She transformed into her fox form, leaving everything behind, running out the front door; past blood covered wolves, growling dogs, brawling hyenas, running coyotes and fleeing jackals. She needed to stop the Dirus Clan from doing anything rash. She could buy them and if her money wasn’t enough, then her body would have to do.

Flames sprouting from windows, fallen debris on a ground filled with blood, ash and death. Her smell went berserk. Renardine needed to find him with the gift she had hated for so long. The so called ‘miracle’ everyone called Divine Unity. Her mind needed to find him amidst the great pool of consciousness that enveloped reality. She was pretty young but there was one person she could find even if she’d been stripped of her senses, and that was Kayleb. For years, she’d astral project into his dreams, that’s where she saw it… a memory of a past before his own existence ever came to be. A white medical bed, a girl and a pocket filled with chocolate bars.

She shook off those images, and continued rummaging for something that could give away his location. His mind was in chaos, there was something bad happening. Fear and regret, surprise and relief, these conflicting emotions surged through her mind and down her spine. What happened? I can’t read him! 

Just In!

Here is a fragment of what I have from the latest chapter of my work-in-progress: Adagio for Canon. It’s still very rough and could be subjected to massive modifications. So, enjoy!



The pills were tasteless; nothing tastes the same as they did many years ago. My pressure was 137/87 and my intraocular pressure was 15.5 mmHg. I guess these medications were really doing their job.


“Hmmmm, how are you feeling today?” The doctor lifted the thermometer infront of the light fixture. “98.2° F, you’re normal. Let’s take a look at the chemical analysis.”

“Doc, the pain in my left arm is returning.” I tried adjusting the apparatus strapped to my arm.

“Yes, it’s connected to the sensor within that arm. We can’t stop the analysis midway.”

“Well, can’t you speed it up?”

“If I did that, the analysis would be inconclusive.”


The device beeped. It sprouted like a mechanized drill, spinning till it was halfway out, projecting a hologram with various graphs and percentages.


“So, how does it look, doc?” I could make sense of a few numbers, but the others were beyond my knowledge.

“There is a sporadic increase in certain chemicals and the abnormal cellular growth has seen an increase of 10% from last month.”

“So, I’m pretty much doomed.”

“Not entirely, we’ll give you a few other medications to slow it down and manage the residual elements—”

“—Which are a side-effect of the same medications that are being used to halt the cancerous cells.”


“Good grief. Well, do whatever you have to do, doc.”

“You have to place more trust in us, Victor.”

“What I don’t trust is the fact that I have to take eight different pills every day, three times a day, and four injections two times a week.”


I got off the hospital bed and walked out of the room, the doctor followed behind. His white lab coat was fairly primitive, seeing that nowadays doctors used no coats whatsoever. Was it because he was old? Old habits die hard? Or are we truly that behind in these modern times?


“We could help you more if we had access to better medical equipment.” He played with his long gray beard.

“And risk being butchered by the lovely Premier?”


I know what he’s trying to do. His Hippocratic Oath came before the fear of death. That was pretty noble, coming from a sixty year old man, but we couldn’t risk getting caught. Our operations extended over to the Honduran, Guatemalan and Petén territories. We can’t risk it.


“Just make sure you take your pills and drink this.” He tossed a bottle with a murky green aspect. Tiny blue particles suspended in the fluid and small green flakes floating around, collecting on the bottom of the bottle.

“It looks disgusting.”

“It’s a supplement to help you stay healthy and normalize other bodily functions.”

I looked at it in disgust, sniffing it from time to time. “It smells nasty.”

“Drink it or –”

“—I’ll make you drink it!” She stood by the doorway.

“I’m leaving Victor to you.” The doctor greeted her, turned around and returned to his room.


“I know what you are going to say and I have a very good expla—”

“Shush and drink it up.” Michelle grabbed the bottle and unscrewed the cap. “Or I will be forced to have that made into a suppository.”

I swallowed hard.


We walked out of the base, into the soft white sand of the beach. The waves were small, the day was sunny, and the ocean breeze had a mixture of the same familiar salty sea smell and a depressing death-like scent. Just beyond these coasts, my people were being enslaved. The seagulls glided through the strong wind, wandering aimlessly into the setting sun. Michelle held my hand, our fingers entwined, I could feel her stare. “What are you thinking?”


How could I tell her that my thoughts echoed with the idea of death, revenge, and sex? Anger, ecstasy and pain, the three deepest emotions that have engulfed by body since the day of the explosion; this was dreadful way to live one’s life. I would wash these feelings down with liquor, much to the dismay of my doctor.


Michelle tucked her light blue skirt between her legs; the small white frills on the edge of the skirt shook violently as the wind battered our bodies. Letting go of my hand, she wrapped her arms around my waist, hugged me tightly, and pressed her breasts against my chest. Looked into my eyes, she kissed my cheek and quickly resting her head on my shoulder.


“A month from now, I have to proceed with the mission.”

“So?” she asked.

“I have to seduce Anastasia.”

She sighed. “And why should I care about that? I know who you are, inside and out.” Running her hands down my back, she grabbed my belt. “I know you more than anyone else. I’m not the jealous type.”

“Your hands say something completely different.”

She giggled, “Maybe they want something else.”

“Our biggest benefactor is something else.”

“Your biggest benefactor needs physical contact too, not just lovey-dovey emotions.”

“As you wish, ma’am.”


I gently ran my fingers through her orange hair. Kissing her forehead, we headed back to the base. San Pedro was exempt of Amelia’s influence but for how long? This island was slowly overrun by more and more propaganda from Amelia’s Administration. Michelle Langley was the only person who still had enough power and influences to sway the public, even if her family had all died during the battle of St. George’s Caye.


“So, what’s the new mission?” she asked.

“Guide the Petén governor into starting a war.” I replied.

“How are you going to do that?”

“I’ll persuade her, Sophia is a very impressionable lady.”

Adagio for Canon – Chapter 4 (Fragment)

Another fragment from my work-in-progress: Adagio for Canon.


The early morning sunlight managed to filter through the brown closed curtains, much to my dismay.  My head was still spinning from last night’s awful migraine. My eyelids were heavy and the only thing in my mind was returning to sleep. I was determined that nothing would get me to wake up.


Everything was so still. Everyone must have left the room; finally able to enjoy a little alone time, in contrast to the events of last night. Anastasia wouldn’t leave me alone for a second and Sophia wouldn’t let me fall asleep. Was I in such a bad shape?


As I moved my arms around, I felt something soft, warm and smooth with my right hand. Perplexed by what it could be, I continued to feel around till a hand gripped mines.


“If you go any lower I will kick you off the bed.” I instantly opened my eyes, only to meet Sophia’s gaze and a mischievous smirk on her face.


She wasn’t upset; it was more of a serious expression with a hint of surprised amusement. I quickly rolled to my side and slipped off the bed. There, on the floor, questions ran through my mind. How did she get there and when? What had I just touched?


She rolled over to where I lay and looked down at me. “Good morning! How was your night?”

“When did you invade my bed? And how long have you been awake?”

She smiled, sat up and wrapped the bed sheet around her slender body. “Don’t worry, I just woke up. I felt someone touching my waist.”



I rubbed my eyes, everything had happened so fast.



“You little pervert,” she whispered, tossed the bed sheet over to a side and walked up to the window, “you collapsed yesterday. Anastasia and I dragged you to your bed. You were trembling! We thought you had a fever.”

“That’s never happened to me before. Wait, what do you mean ‘dragged’ me?”

“I was up all night watching over you.” She tied the curtains and opened the windows. A gentle breeze filled the room.

“When did you fall asleep?”

“I’m not sure. All I did was close my eyes for a minute.” She was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday.



I sank back into my pillow. She kept on talking.



“The morning is so beautiful and I feel like doing something fun! You know? Like going downtown—”

“How about we stay inside and go out tomorrow? I told my friends I’d meet them down by the old mall.” I could hear her walking all over the room. “I need to rest, I’m still pretty exhausted.”



She sat down on the edge of the bed. “We have so much to talk about.”

“Yes! We do. Now go and freshen up, you need to relax a bit. After all, you watched over me all night long.”



She got up and moved towards the window, turned around and smiled. Her dress danced with the passing breeze. “Okay, so would you give me a chance to change?”

I looked up, the frills in her dress swayed with the passing wind.  “What?”

She pointed at the door. “The guest room is occupied, Anastasia is still sleeping, and I never change in the bathroom.”

“Are you serious?” I buried my head beneath the pillow.

“Or I’ll tell Anastasia that you wanted to sneak a peak of me changing.” Her face was full of mischief as she tapped her boots repeatedly on the wooden floor. That twinkle in her eye made me realize that she was up to something.


I grabbed my pillow and shuffled out of the room. Leaning against the door, slowly, I was falling asleep when a familiar ring awakened me. The door opened, falling back on the floor. Sophia quickly took a step back. “I presume this is yours.” My cell phone was on her hand. She tossed it on my stomach, pushed me out and closed the door.



Alex? Is that you?

I yawned and replied, yes, it’s me. What’s with the early morning call, Sam?

You sound so worn out.

Tell me about it.

Are you free today? Richard says that we should go to that new game place downtown.

I yawned again, I’d love to, but I’ve got a visitor who just won’t leave me alone.


It’s an old acquaintance but thanks to her; I wasn’t able to wake up properly.

Oh… I see, well, you go get’em tiger.

Wait! It isn’t like that! But too late, Samantha had already hung up.


I got up, still drowsy, trying to fully awaken. Anastasia came by with a tray and on it, two cups of coffee. “Here brother, drink the one on the right, it’s stronger.”


I thanked her for it, and took a sip. The smell of coffee, early in the morning, was one of life’s tiny pleasures.


“Where’s Sophia?” She asked.

“Her? She’s in the room.  Somehow she managed to kick me out.” I replied.

“She hasn’t changed one bit.” she giggled.

“I’m not sure, I don’t remember much.”

Adagio for Canon – Chapter 2 (Fragment)

Ana had fallen asleep on the sofa. It was only seven twenty in the evening, but she has been through hell. I was too hard on her; she’s my only sister, I need to care for her. Maybe I deserved this, the bruises and stripping of my position. I’ve been an asshole ever since she started high school.


I walked towards her, bending down over the sofa to kiss her forehead. She opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around my neck.


“I knew you wouldn’t leave me,” she whispered. Her eyes were bloodshot red. She must have been crying all afternoon.

“Of course not, silly. Now let go of me, my back hurts,”

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Sorry about the whole mess. I’ll make it up to you.”

“No, don’t worry about it. It’s time for me to act like a real brother. I’ll be there for you. Trust me.”

“Thank you,” she smiled, wiping the lingering tears in her eyes.

Adagio for Canon – Chapter 1 (Fragment)

Here is another fragment, this time for chapter 1 from my work in-progress: Adagio for Canon.


Outside the door, I could hear Anastasia’s footsteps as she lazily walked by. Each step was soft, carefully measured. She was almost like a cat, a small kitten hissing at anyone who dared get too friendly.

Upon hearing the gate open, I peeked from my window; they always seemed to be the morning attraction. Orion would run, in a hysterical game of cat and mouse, Anastasia would chase right after him, with almost no success and a few slips and falls in the process. She would take a quick glance, from time to time, at my room to see if my window was open. I would always wave at her. She’d act as if she didn’t see me.

Still oblivious to the dog’s strategy, she stepped out the door. All the while, Orion had run around the perimeter and sneaked behind her. It wasn’t long till Orion’s victory was assured. All I saw was her body falling completely on its back over some of the neatly cut ornamental trees around the fence, legs still in the air.

She gave up in her failed attempts at freedom, still hanging upside down from the elegantly box-trimmed Thuja trees. The clever little monster stood nearby and watched as she struggled to her feet after such a tackle. I had never laughed so hard, and all at the expense of my sister’s misfortune. It seems to me, that this day has already started with some home entertainment.