Nuclear Winter

A short love story? I’m not sure. I did enjoy writing this piece. As always, this has not been edited so it’s filled with mistakes. You have been warned. ———————————————— Waving crashing on the road leading to the nearest town, tiny stars glimmering in the darkness of the night sky; mother was right – this…

The Smog

Okay, here you go. A new short piece. As always, it’s unedited… you’ve been warned. ——————————————————————– There was a light in the distance, amidst the dense fog. Her footsteps echoed as she made her way across the street. Whispers, voices called her name; beckoning to get closer – she hurriedly made her way to the…

Haven – 01

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog. I might be a little rusty, feel free to comment and/or reprimand me. Okay, as always, it’s unedited and I’m not sure how long I’ll stretch this story… so, enjoy while it runs. ******************************************************************************* DAY 1 Sunlight shone on my face, disturbing my sleep….

The Village Standing on God’s Feet – 00

This is a new project! 😀 Finally, in a very long time! As alwasy, I don’t edit this stuff so Grammar Nazis beware. ——————————————————————— A single ray of light seeping through the ill-arranged pieces of wood that barely held together a roof; the wind was blowing with a peculiar ferocity, as it had done for…

A Cut That Will Not Bleed

It’s been a while since I wrote a stand-alone story. It’s made from something that happened to me recently, yes, I’m a dick but I’ve learned my lesson and so should the reader. Things aren’t always what they seem. There is no good and bad, just appropriate and inappropriate. It’s unedited, so beware the typos….

Heißen of Eternity – Chapter 1: Part 1

This is a very old story which I recently edited and revamped from my Horrible-disasters folder. It was a mess, I couldn’t believe I was that bad, or has my criteria moved up a notch? This was a project I started with a friend but it soon was forgotten and it gathered dust and regret….

Ciudades Do Destino – 3 – Girl with the Prism Wings

So, here it is… Part 3/5 is finally out. I’m excited and as I get closer to the end, I jump for joy. As before, this is unedited so hold your horses, Grammar Nazis. I’m being anarchistic today, enjoy the freedom and read on. ————————————————————– “Do you know where this road leads to… emmm… Pricilla?”…

Ciudades Do Destino – 2 – Girl with the Ivory Wings

Okay, this is part two. Again, this is unedited and posted just so I could hear some thoughts about it… The voices in my head don’t count as ‘other’ thoughts either. ———————————————————————————— “Pricilla, honey… I’m going out, dinner is at the table and there is some orange juice in the fridge.” Her mother called out….

Cara Mia Addio – 04 – Golden Stardust, It Falls on Thee

I’ve been absent for a while… Yeah, I know… but, here is something new! With exams looming over the horizon and homework still pouring in – the only way for me to have some quality time with my writing materials will be summer. ———————————————————————————   The wind, there was as no wind, there was no…

Cara Mia Addio – 03 – Jade, Like Stagnant Water.

Okay, it’s been really quiet around here. The reason for the lack of activity is due to school (damn pre-calculus) but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about this place. Here we have part 3 of the short horror story. —————————————————————————- “It’ll be okay.” The nurse grabbed a bottle and gave him a tiny pink pill….

Cara Mia Addio – 02 – Sapphire, Like A Solemn Sky

Okay, part two of the horror story. It’s about to get weird. ************************************************************** She looked over her shoulder; there was nobody to be seen down the street. It was dark and gloomy, the sidewalk was very humid and moldy, and it had not stopped raining that whole week. Small puddles reflecting the light of the…

Cara Mia Addio – 01 – Ruby, Like Tears of Blood

Okay guys, this is something that had been bothering me for the past weeks. This was going to be added on The Everlasting Rondo, novel that I wrote for Nanowrimo, but I scrapped it and turned it into a stand-alone project. What is it about? Well, it’s about someone trying to forget someone else but…